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A cute older couple smiling. This is the cover photo for the article called love songs about growing old together
Couples | Wedding Music

100 Best Love Songs About Growing Old Together Forever

We have put together the perfect music playlist of love songs about growing old together. Here are the different categories that we cover: Wedding songs about growing old together Country songs about growing old together R&B songs about spending your life together Rock songs about growing old with the love of your life Songs about…

this is the cover photo for the pa bridal shows and wedding expos article. This is just a blue box with a pink heart.
Bridal Resources | Eastern PA Wedding Vendors | Harrisburg Wedding Vendors | Lancaster Wedding Vendors | PA Wedding Venues | Philadelphia Wedding Vendors | Pittsburgh Wedding Vendors

PA Bridal Shows | Wedding Expos in Pennsylvania

You just engaged! Congratulations! One of the first things you might want to do is to walk around a few PA bridal shows or wedding expos to see what awesome wedding vendors are available in your area. We have put together a list of wedding fairs and shows in the state of Pennsylvania. Here are…

A bride walking down the aisle with her dad. This is the cover photo for the articles called do you wear your engagement ring down the aisle.
Planning Tips | Uncategorized

Do You Wear Your Engagement Ring Down The Aisle?

We have photographed and planned over 500 weddings, and one common question we hear from brides on the morning of the wedding is: “Should I wear my engagement ring when I walk down the aisle?” You wear your engagement ring down the aisle but temporarily transfer it to your right ring finger. This allows your…

A close up of a couple holding hands. This is the cover photo for the article called what if my engagement ring is too small.
Planning Tips | Uncategorized

What If My Engagement Ring Is Too Small (How To Fix)

I just engaged, but I think that my engagement ring is too small. Getting engaged is one of the most exciting times in your life, but finding out that your engagement ring is too small can put a damper on the mood — but don’t worry! An engagement ring (or wedding band) that doesn’t properly…

The cover photo for the article called how to buy an engagement ring without knowing her size. This photo shows a girl showing off her new engagement ring.
Engagement Sessions | Planning Tips | Uncategorized

How To Buy An Engagement Ring (Without Knowing Her Size)

Planning a proposal is very involved. You have to figure out the perfect time and location without letting your partner know. One of the most challenging aspects of planning a proposal is choosing the perfect engagement ring, especially if you don’t already know the ring size. Buy an engagement ring without knowing your partner’s size…

The cover photo for the wedding shoe game article. This shows a bride and groom holding up a show while playing this fun game.
Planning Tips | Wedding Reception

150 Funny Wedding Shoe Game Questions To Ask (Best Tips)

The wedding shoe game (also called the newlywed game) is a quick and fun wedding reception activity to play while your guests are finishing dinner. It will make your family and friends laugh and give your photographer a chance to capture some awesome candids of your wedding reception. We have put together over 150 wedding…

77 He Said She Said Bridal Shower Game (Sample Questions)
Bridal Shower | Planning Tips

77 He Said She Said Bridal Shower Game (Sample Questions)

The he said, she said bridal shower game is our top choice for fun games to play at your bridal shower, bachelorette party, or lingerie party (free printable below). It is a great way to get your guests laughing and having a great time! Other variations/names for he said, she said (we cover the other…

A bride and groom dancing to an acoustic song. This is the cover image for the articles called best acoustic wedding songs
Wedding Music

150 Best Acoustic Wedding Songs (Walk Down The Aisle)

Wedding acoustic songs can add the extra romance to your wedding day that you are looking for. Something about the sound of acoustic guitar makes people smile and cry happy tears. Whether you are having a live acoustic performance done by a singer/guitar player (maybe the groom, bride, family friend, or family member), or if…

A Titanium wedding band and wedding rings on a table. The men's wedding band has a blue center. This is for the article called men's wedding bands titanium vs tungsten
Planning Tips | Uncategorized

Men’s Wedding Bands: Titanium vs. Tungsten (Best Ring)

When it comes to shopping for the perfect wedding band for a man, you want to consider things like durability, cost, and comfort. Men’s wedding bands can be made from a big variety of materials; two popular options are titanium and tungsten. So when it comes to titanium vs tungsten, which is best for men’s…

A really awesome wedding band for the groom sitting on a table with the bride's wedding ring.
Planning Tips | Uncategorized

Best Material for Men’s Wedding Bands (Gold Metal Ring)

What is the best material for a man’s wedding band? Is there even a difference between the different metals? The material of the wedding band is important because it determines its price, maintenance, and durability, so you may wonder; when it comes to men’s wedding bands, what is the best material? The best material for…