100 Best Bridal Shower Songs (2024 Music Playlist)

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Including some great music at your bridal shower will make the experience even better for all of the guests (and the bride-to-be). We have put together an amazing list of bridal shower songs to use at this once-in-a-lifetime party.

Here is what we cover in this article:

A group of girls toasting at a bridal shower. This is for the article best bridal shower songs
Putting together the perfect playlist of songs can really elevate your bridal shower experience to the next level (For the guests and the bride-to-be)

Bridal Shower Playlist (Perfect For All Guests)

The songs in this list are great for all audiences and all ages. They would be perfect to add to your bridal shower playlist.

4 girls toasting at a bridal shower
Don’t forget to put together a fun playlist of bridal shower songs

Country Songs

If you are having a country-themed wedding shower or rustic bridal shower, putting together a fun country music playlist will really tie everything together.

Here are our favorite country songs to use for your bridal shower:

Modern Songs For Your Shower

Here are some of our new favorite songs to include on your wedding shower playlist:

Upbeat Bridal Shower Songs

Make sure to throw in a few fun and upbeat songs at your bridal shower. Here are some of our favorites:

R&B Songs

There are some other great r&b songs to use for your bridal shower in the lists above, but here are a few more of our favorites:

A pool party themed bridal shower. Three girls posing for the camera. This is for the best bridal shower songs article.
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Music That Fits Your Theme

If you are having a themed bridal shower or wedding shower (couple’s shower), choosing a song list that fits the theme could be a fun idea and really help set the mood.


If you are having a tropical, pool, or beach-themed bridal shower, you could put a few of these songs on your playlist:

If you are having a Disney themed bridal shower, here are a few sample songs that you could add to your playlist:

More Bridal Shower Planning Tips

Here are some more of our helpful articles if you are planning or hosting a bridal shower or wedding shower:

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