Accessories for Planners and Bridal Shower Game Cards

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This is your go-to resource for everything you might need for your planner, signage, or game cards.

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Cardstock For Signage and Game Cards

If you are printing your own bridal shower, signage, or bachelorette party game cards, you will want to use a bright white, thick card stock.

If you want the cards or signage to have a boho-style look to them, you should consider getting a cream color cardstock.

For bright white, we recommend this pack from Amazon (includes 75 (65lb) 8.5″ x 11″ white cardstock sheets).

If you want something even thicker, we recommend this 80lb cardstock from Amazon.

Either one of those is perfect for your game cards or signage.

If you are looking for a boho style, check out this cream/tan/brown tone textured cardstock on Amazon. We also love this option on Amazon for a boho style.

You can use the extra paper to make thank you cards, save the dates, invitations, menu cards, and misc. signage that you might want at your wedding.

If you do not own a printer, you can take the PDF that was given to you with your game card download to Staples, Office Depot, Office Max, or any other office supply store. They all do a great job.

Another great option that I have heard wonderful reviews about is Canva’s printing service.

Canva will print your planners, signage, invitations, and more. They have lower printing prices than almost all other print shops.

Planner Accessories

Here are a few planner accessories that you get on Amazon:

Mini pencils for game cards

Here are a few packs of mini pencils that we like:

We love these personalized mini pencils from ProjectPixieDust on Etsy.

mini pencils for a wedding or bridal shower that are personalized with a date and names.
Customize these mini pencils with the couple’s initials and the wedding date (or you can say something like “Kelly’s Bridal Shower”)

If you are looking for full-sized pencils, we love these from BluGrainCreations on Etsy.

white pencils for a bridal shower with wedding date on them
Full-sized pencils with the wedding date and initials

If you are only looking for mini pencils (with no personalization), we like these two options:

Printers For Planners, Game Cards, and Signage

If you do not already own a printer, this one has great reviews on Amazon:

If you are not printing at home, Canva offers printing for a great price.

They will print your planners, invitations, signage, and anything else you need.

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