50 Bachelorette Party Card Games (Accessories and Supplies)

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If you are looking for hilarious bachelorette party card games and board games, you have come to the right place.

We have put together an awesome collection of fun games below:

Here is what we cover in this article (feel free to use the links below to go directly to that part of the article):

A few different bachelorette party card games with a white background
There are so many great bachelorette party card games to choose from

Bachelorette Party Card Games (Dirty – Rated-R And Up)

These bachelorette party card games are for groups who don’t mind dirty jokes (sometimes really dirty).

If you like this kind of humor, one thing is for sure…These bachelorette party game cards will keep you and your squad laughing for hours:

Cards Against Humanity

A Cards Against Humanity Card Game set laid out on table
Cards Against Humanity is the perfect game for large groups

Cards Against Humanity is a classic card game that you have probably already played.

If you haven’t played it, you do not know what you’re missing. It’s amazing! And hilarious!

I have personally played Cards Against Humanity 6 times and it’s always a great time.

The basics of the game:

  • One player selects a black card with a sentence containing a blank space.
  • The other players choose a white card with a word or phrase to complete the sentence in the most hilarious or outrageous way possible.
  • The player who played the funniest white card earns a point.

Check out Cards Against Humanity on Amazon.

A few extension packs for the card game cards against humanity.
Add one of these extension packs (or both) to your Cards Against Humanity game for even more laughs!

Consider these two extension packs for your bachelorette party “The Ass Pack” and
The Period Pack(Note: These are extension packs. You still need the original card game).

For The Girls – Adult Party Game

A card game called For The Girls. This photo shows the box and two girls playing the game and laughing
For The Girls will keep you laughing from start to finish!

For The Girls is a great card game for bachelorette parties!

The basics:

  • Players take turns using a spinner and drawing cards for different piles of cards
  • Players do whatever the card tells them to do.
  • First to collect 25 cards is the winner.

Check out For The Girls on Amazon

Who’s Most Likely To…

A girl holding up a game card for the game called Most Likely To...
This game is milder than the others but still has some dirty cards in it.

Who’s Most Likely To… is not as dirty as the others but it still has some cards where sex is the topic. But it’s a pretty clean game that is a lot of fun to play.

The basics…

  • Players take turns drawing cards and then deciding who in the group should be tagged with the card
  • The game judge makes the final determination
  • The first person to get tagged and collect 7 cards loses (there are no winners…only losers)

A few samples cards:

Most likely to…

  • “Won’t stop talking about their trip abroad”
  • “Never text you back”
  • “Own more than one sex toy”
  • “Is allergic to everything”

Check out Who’s Most Likely To… on Amazon

Tell Me Without Telling Me

A Tell Me Without Telling Me Card Game. This is for the article called best bachelorette party card games.
Tell Me Without Telling Me is a fantastic card game to play at your bachelorette party.

Tell Me Without Telling Me is a great game to play at a bachelorette party!

The basics:

  • Two teams take turns trying to guess as many cards as possible within a minute
  • “Show Don’t Tell” category requires gestures but no words
  • “One Syllable” category allows only single-syllable words
  • “Freestyle” category allows any words except those on the card…but no gestures
  • Card categories include People, Traits, Things, Places, and NSFW

Check out Tell Me Without Telling Me on Amazon

Drawing Without Dignity

Drawing Without Dignity is hilarious! It is Pictionary meets Cards Against Humanity
Drawing Without Dignity is hilarious! It is Pictionary meets Cards Against Humanity

Drawing Without Dignity is Pictionary meets Cards Against Humanity. This game will keep you laughing nonstop.

The basics:

  • Pick a card
  • Try to draw what your card says in 60 seconds while others try to guess what’s on your card.

Here is what a few people said who recently played the game:

“This game is hysterical! I bought it for a bachelorette party and we played it for 2 hours.”

“Our stomachs hurt from laughing after about 30 minutes of playing this game. My only suggestion is to use a whiteboard for the drawings instead of the little notepads that the game includes. We put the whiteboard on an easel and it worked perfectly.”

“I bought 4 different games for my best friend’s bachelorette party and this was definitely everybody’s favorite. I can’t wait to play it again.”

Check out Drawing Without Dignity on Amazon

Drinking Card Games (And Board Games) for Bachelorette Party


You Laugh You Drink (The Drinking Game For People Who Can’t Keep A Straight Face)

A You Laugh You Drink card game
The prompts from You Laugh You Drink are absolutely hilarious!

You Laugh You Drink is my favorite drinking card game from this list

The basics:

  • Players draw cards that have a prompt on them.
  • That player has a target (the person who you are performing the prompt too)
  • If the target laughs, they drink!

Check out You Laugh You Drink on Amazon

We reached out to our community and got some really funny comments about this game from people who have played it:

“Many of these cards are definitely NSFW but that’s what made the game so funny. My sister (the bachelorette) drew a card and I was her target. Her prompt was ‘You’re a therapist and your target’s crotch is your deeply troubled patient’…OMFG! Such a great game for a bachelorette party!”

“This game was so much fun! The prompts had us laughing like crazy. We played this game for hours and it never got old.”

“I don’t think we got through one card without the entire group losing it!”

Get You Laugh You Drink on Amazon

Do Or Drink

A Do or Drink card set. This is for the article called bachelorette card games.
Do Or Drink is Truth or Dare without the Truth. These are all dares!

Do Or Drink is my 2nd favorite drinking card game from this list.

It’s a simple game to play. Draw a card and do what it says…or drink!

From the makers of the game:

“We were bored with playing the same old card games all the time. So we decided to make something more fun and exciting, which wouldn’t get boring after only 20 minutes. After trying different ideas, we made a game called Do or Drink! We’re happy that people all over can have fun with it.”

We talked to a few people who recently played Do Or Drink and here is what they said:

“We loved playing Do Or Drink at my sister’s bachelorette party. The cards were not boring like many other games. It had us doing prank calls, truth or dare, and a few really wild dares. Definitely not for conservative people lol”

“This game is the best but only if you are ok with being crazy. I bought this for a bachelorette party and the bride ended up with male body parts drawn on her arm and another girl had to play half the game topless. This was the most hilarious game I have ever played!”

Check out Do Or Drink on Amazon

Act Out Or Black Out

An Act Out or Black Out drinking card game set
Act Out Or Black Out is a drinking Charades game for adults.

Act Out or Black Out is

The basics:

  • A drinking charades game for adults.
  • Draw a card and act it out without using words.

We asked a few people who recently played the game what they thought. Here is what they said:

“This game was so much fun! We played a non-drinking version of the game and just acted out the cards. Luckily there is no video ha!”

“WOW! There are some wild cards in here. Such a great game for my friend’s bachelorette party”

Check out Act Out or Black Out on Amazon

Here is a great example of Act Out or Black Out being played:

Prosecco Pong

A Prosecco Pong game set for a bachelorette party
Prosecco Pong is a bachelorette party must!

Prosecco Pong is a bachelorette party classic! It’s a classy version of Beer Pong.

The basics:

  • Try throwing or bouncing ping-pong balls into the glasses.
  • If you make it, the other team drinks the contents of that glass.
  • A fun and competitive game for bachelorette parties

Check out this inexpensive Prosecco Pong set from Amazon

These Cards Will Get You Drunk

A These Cards Will Get you Drink card set
If you are looking to play a serious (and fun) drinking card game, this is it!

These Cards Will Get you Drunk is a great bachelorette party card game.

The basics…

  • Players take turns drawing cards with prompts
  • Choose to do the prompt or drink

Sample cards:

  • Switch shirts with the player after you or you both drink
  • Tell a joke. If nobody laughs, drink.
  • Everyone votes on who is most likely to get kicked out of a bar. The person with the most votes drinks.
  • Pick another player and guess the color of their underwear. If you guess correctly, they drink. If you guess wrong, you drink.

Check out These Cards Will Get you Drunk on Amazon

Clean Card Games For your Bachelorette Party

Here are some of my favorite clean card games that are really fun to play for any group (I personally own and have played all of these games):

Goat Lords

Goat Lords Card Game Set

Goat Lords is a really fun game for people who love card games but are looking for non-drinking and non-sexual games to play with family members and friends.

Check out Goat Lords on Amazon.

Happy Salmon

Two card games on a table

Unstable Unicorns

Farting Frenchies

Board Games For A Bachelorette Party

We will be adding this section in the next few days.

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