35 Bachelorette Party Games (Best Game Ideas For 2024)

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Are you looking for the best bachelorette party games to play with the bride and bride tribe?

Well, get ready to pop the champagne and celebrate your bestie’s last fling before the ring!

We have put together a list of the most fabulous fun bachelorette party games for you and your squad.

These games are designed to bring out your wild side, create lasting memories, and ensure the bride-to-be has an absolute blast.

*Leave us a comment at the bottom of this post and let us know the best game you have ever played at a bachelorette party

Here is what we cover in this article:

3 different bachelorette party groups posing for the camera. This is for the article called best bachelorette party games.
Bachelorette party games are a great way to add fun and excitement to your weekend.

The Best (Most Popular) and Funny Bachelorette Party Games

Bachelorette party game ideas that’ll have you and your squad laughing, bonding, and making unforgettable memories!

Here are the 10 most popular games to play at a bachelorette party:

Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt

The most popular bachelorette party game is definitely the bachelorette scavenger hunt.

This fun game is a great way to add some excitement to bachelorette parties.

They typically involve the bride-to-be and her friends completing a list of tasks, finding specific items, or taking photos of certain things or specific people.

There are different versions of this game, including both clean and naughty versions, and they can be customized to whatever the bride and her guests are most comfortable with.

For an in-depth look at this awesome game and to download our free printable game card(multiple versions), check out this article.

Here are a few popular versions of the bachelorette scavenger hunt:

“Find the Item” Scavenger Hunt

How to play:

  • Divide the guests into teams.
  • Provide each team with a list of items they must find or tasks they must complete.
  • Set a time limit for the hunt.
  • Each time an item is found or a task is completed, a photo must be taken for proof.
  • The team that finds the most items or completes the most tasks within the time limit wins.
  • The losing team can buy the winning team a drink or meal (or you can have game prizes)

What you need:

  • A list of items or tasks for the teams to find or complete.
  • A phone that has a camera.
  • Prizes for the winning team (optional).
3 different bachelorette parties. All 3 photos shows a group of girls posing for the camera and getting ready for a bachelorette party scavenger hunt
Bachelorette party fun!

Bachelorette Photo Challenge Scavenger Hunt

How to play:

  • Divide the guests into teams.
  • Provide each team with a list of photos they must take during the hunt.
  • Set a time limit for the hunt.
  • The team that takes the most photos from the list within the time limit wins.
  • The losing team can buy drinks or a meal for the winning team (or you can give out fun game prizes)

What you need:

  • A list of photo challenges for the teams to complete.
  • Smartphones or cameras for each team to take photos.
  • Prizes for the winning team (optional).

Complete The Dare Scavenger Hunt

How to play:

  • Divide the guests into teams.
  • Provide each team with a list of dares they must complete during the hunt.
  • Set a time limit for the hunt.
  • The team that completes the most dares within the time limit wins.
  • The losing team buys drinks or meals for the winning team (or wins a prize)

What you need:

  • A list of fun dares for the teams to complete.
  • A camera to capture proof of you completing the dare

Many bachelorette party groups end up mixing the 3 variations together and making a unique game that makes the most sense for their group. Simply use the versions above as a starting point.

Download your free printable Scavenger game cards here.

3 different bachelorette parties posing for the camera.
Bachelorette party scavenger hunts are always fun for the bride-to-be and her bride tribe!

Prosecco Pong

Prosecco Pong is a fun and classy twist on the classic party game, Beer Pong. It’s perfect for a bachelorette party!

What you need:

  • 12 plastic champagne flutes or Prosecco glasses (6 for each side)
  • 2 ping pong balls
  • 1 long table
  • Prosecco or sparkling wine (or a non-alcoholic alternative)

Set up:

  • Set up 6 glasses in a triangle formation (like bowling pins) at each end of the table.
  • Fill the glasses with Prosecco or your chosen drink.

You can check out this article for Prosecco Pong game boxes and 50 more bachelorette party card games and board games.

How to play:

  • Divide your guests into two teams.
  • Each team takes turns trying to throw or bounce the ping pong balls into one of the opponent’s glasses.
  • When a ball lands in a glass, the opposing team must drink the contents of that glass.
  • Remove the glass from the table after it has been drunk.
  • The first team to eliminate all of the opposing team’s glasses wins!
Girls playing a game called Prosecco Pong at a bachelorette party
Prosecco Pong is an easy and fun game to play at your bachelorette party

Bachelorette Party Bingo

Bachelorette Bingo is one of the best bachelorette party games because it is so easy to play and a lot of fun!

There are so many different variations of this game. We will give you one here and if you want a few more variations, check out our Bachelorette Bingo post.

What you need:

  • Bingo cards for each player and something to write with.
  • The host will need a numbered list of 24 statements/facts on her phone (or a printed card)
  • You can have a prize for the winner (or you can just go with bragging rights)

How do you play:

  • Give each player a bingo card and something to write with.
  • Starting with the bride (and then moving to each player clockwise), have her call out a number between 1-24.
  • The host will read the statement for the numbered called and if that statement applies to you (you answered yes to it, you’ve done it, etc.), then you take a drink and mark that spot.
  • The first person to get 5 in a row (vertical, horizontal, diagonal) wins.
  • You can have a fun prize for the winner if you want (prizes always make the games a little more fun)

Sample statement/fact ideas of what you can put into the squares:

  • I’m wearing a thong
  • I got my hair done in the past 7 days
  • I’ve done shots with the bride
  • I had sex this week
  • I can touch my nose with my tongue
  • And so on…

For over 100 more bingo ideas and multiple variations of the game, check out our bachelorette bingo post.

Bachelorette Underwear Game (Drop Your Panties Game)

Get ready for a hilarious and memorable bachelorette party game – the Drop Your Panties game!

This game is perfect for breaking the ice and getting everyone laughing.

What you need:

  • A variety of panties (one pair from each guest)
  • A large bag or container to collect the underwear
  • Paper and pens for everyone
  • A game host (usually the Maid of Honor or a bridesmaid)

How it’s played:

  • Before the party, ask each guest to bring a new pair of panties that represents their personality or their relationship with the bride-to-be. Encourage them to be creative and have fun with it!
  • Have each guest discreetly place their panties in the designated bag or container.
  • The host will mix up the panties in the bag.
  • The bride-to-be will then pull out one pair of panties at a time, holding them up for everyone to see.
  • Guests will try to guess who brought each pair of panties and write their answers down. They should keep their guesses to themselves until the end of the game.
  • After all the panties have been shown, the host will reveal the correct answers. Guests will share their guesses and tally up their scores.
    The guest with the most correct guesses wins a small prize or bragging rights (A great prize idea for this game would be a $25 gift certificate to a store like Victoria’s Secret)
two different girls playing the underwear game at a bachelorette party
The Bachelorette Party Underwear game is always fun!

Drink If

Drink If is a really fun game that will teach you some things you might not have known about the rest of the girls at the bachelorette party.

Here is what you need:

  • A drink for each player
  • A game card that has statements/facts on it (you can either have a game card for each player, or you use just one card and have the Maid of Honor or a bridesmaid read the statements out loud).

How to play Drink If:

  • Make sure everyone has a drink
  • The Maid of Honor or anyone else picks one “drink if” prompt and reads it out loud (examples: “Drink if you’ve ever gone skinny dipping” or “Drink if you have ever been arrested”).
  • Everyone who fits the description in the prompt takes a drink.
  • The person to the left of the first player then gets to read the next “drink if” prompt and play continues in a clockwise direction (you can let each reader choose one that they think fits best, or you can simply go down the list of prompts/statements).
  • If the statement in the prompt does not apply to you or if it’s not true, then you do not have to drink.

Make sure that you have non-alcoholic drinks available for anyone who does not drink.

If you prefer to buy a drinking card game, we put together an article on the best bachelorette party card games and board games.

Drink If (Bride Edition)

Drink If (Bride Edition) is an easy game to play and is almost the same as the regular version of Drink If above with a few minor changes. This fun game is all about the bride.

Here is what you need to play:

  • A drink for each player
  • A game card for each player that has statements/facts about the bride

How to play:

  • Make sure everyone has a drink
  • Statements are read out loud about the bride-to-be
  • If the statement is true for you, you take a drink.

Example statements:

  • You have known the bride for more than 10 years
  • You have done shots with the bride
  • You’ve been to another country with the bride
  • And so on…
Girls playing games a bachelorette party
Playing games at your bachelorette party instantly adds fun and laughter.

Bachelorette Mad Libs

Mad Libs are one of the best bachelorette party games to play because it is hilarious and all you need is a printable game card.

Here is what you need to play Mad Libs:

  • Two printable Mad Libs game cards for each player (a story card and card to collect the words for the blank spaces)
  • Something to write for each player

How to play:

  • Each player fills out the game card that simply asks them for a list of words (such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.). Players will not know the context so the words will be random.
  • Each player then fills in the blank spaces of a pre-written story card with the words from their list. The results are typically hilarious.
  • Have each player read their story out loud.

There are many different Mad Libs story ideas that you can use:

  • The couple’s love story
  • The romantic night of the wedding
  • The honeymoon
  • Etc.

You can download our free wedding vow Mad Libs game card here.

Drunk Jenga

Drunk Jenga is a popular bachelorette party game that involves playing Jenga with a twist. Players have to complete certain tasks or drink alcohol before or after each turn depending on what their block says.

What do you need to play?:

  • A Jenga game
  • A drink for each player
  • An extra cup (the community cup)
  • A camera to capture the moments

How to play:

There are a few different variations and ways to play this game. For details on all the variations and over 100 ideas for prompts, dares, and ideas for your Jenga blocks, check out our full Drunk Jenga post.

Here are the basics:

  • Set the game up by writing a specific prompt, question, dare, etc. on each Jenga game piece (A few examples below. Over 100 hilarious ideas here)
  • The bride-to-be starts by removing a block
  • The prompt on the block is read out loud and she puts the block on top of the other Jenga blocks (just like in regular Jenga).
  • The bride then has to do whatever the block said. If it was a dare or question and she does not want to do it or answer it, she takes the number of drinks on the block.
  • The next player then goes (and it keeps going in a circle)
  • Throughout the game, a community cup is slowly being filled by the players (some of the blocks will say “pour some of your drink into the community cup”)
  • The player who is responsible for knocking down the Jenga blocks has to drink the community cup and the game is over (play again!)

Here are a few examples of things that could go on each Jenga block:

  • Until your next turn, join every player who has to drink
  • Drink if you had sex in the past week
  • Tell the group a weird thing that you actually enjoy
  • Everyone in the group gets to ask you a yes or no question. Drink for each one you won’t answer.
  • Take (x amount) of sips
  • Give (x amount of sips)
  • Nobody can use the word drink until the turn gets back to you. If they say “drink”, they drink 3.
  • And so on…
Girls playing a game called Drunk Jenga at a bachelorette party
Drunk Jenga is a great bachelorette party game that you can make unique to the personalities of your group

The Newlywed Game (Bachelorette Party Edition)

In this fun bachelorette party game, couples are asked a series of questions about their relationship, personal preferences, and each other. 

Players try to guess if the bride and/or groom know what the other said.

What you need:

  • A game card for each player
  • Answers to questions that the bride’s partner was asked before the bachelorette party
  • A prize for the winner

How to play:

  • The Maid of Honor should sit down with the groom (or bride’s partner) before the bachelorette party and ask them a series of questions (you can either write the answers down or even better, have the answers on video)
  • At the bachelorette party, the bride is asked the same questions that her partner answered.
  • Before the bride answers each question, players guess if the bride knows the correct answer, or if she’ll get it wrong.
  • After the bride gives her answer, the groom’s answer is read (or the groom’s video answer is played).
  • Each player who guessed correctly gets a point.
  • Have a fun prized picked out for the winner.

Here are some sample questions (you can make this game clean and innocent or a little dirtier/naughty):

  • What was the first movie you watched together?
  • What was your first real argument about?
  • How long does the sex normally last?
  • What does your partner waste the most money on?

For over 200 more question ideas, check out our full post on the newlywed game (includes other variations of the game).

A bunch of girls posing for the camera at a bachelorette party. This is for the article called bachelorette party games.

Bachelorette Charades

Bachelorette Charades is a hilarious game that you can customize for your audience.

You can make it super clean, really dirty, or somewhere in between.

What do you need to play the game?:

  • Two teams
  • A timer
  • Words/phrases on single slips of paper or cards (I recommend making 50-100 cards)
  • Something to keep the cards in where people can’t see them (a bag, box, hat, etc.)

If you are not familiar with the game charades, here is how you play:

  • Divide the players into two teams and decide on a time limit for each turn (2 minutes works great)
  • Each team will pick a “performer” each time it’s your team’s turn
  • When the timer starts, the “performer” will take a card from the bag and silently act out the word/phrase.
  • The other players on her team will try to guess the word/phrase.
  • Each time the team guesses one right, the “performer” takes another card and repeats the process.
  • Each team will have two minutes to get as many as they can.
  • Have a new “performer” every time it’s your team’s turn.

You can also check out this article for games like Act Out or Black Out and 50 more bachelorette party card games and board games.

Drinking Games For Bachelorette Party

Prepare to let loose with these fun party games! Perfect for the bachelorette weekend, these games promise endless laughter and lots of great memories.

Even though there are games in this article that are definitely designed for drinking, you can pretty much convert any game you want into a drinking game (so feel to make any of the games listed in the non-drinking section a drinking game version).

Here is a list from the “best of” section above that are considered drinking games (click on any link below to be taken back up to that game):

Here are some other bachelorette party drinking game options that are not listed above:

Bra-pong For Bachelorette Party

Bra Pong is the perfect game for indoor bachelorette parties.

It’s just like beer pong except you try to throw a ping pong ball into bra cups instead of beer cups! It’s Beer Pong with a fun twist!

What you need:

  • A few bras
  • Ping pong balls (you can also use crumpled balls of paper)
  • A large piece of poster board or craft paper (or you can simply use a wall)
  • Drinks

Game setup and how to play:

  • Attach 4-8 bras to the board/wall with tape or pins so that the cups are facing out (make sure to adjust/tilt them so there is space for the ping pong ball to land inside the cup and stay)
  • Assign a point value to each bra
  • Players take turns throwing or bouncing a ball (from 5-8 feet away) and trying to get it into the bra cups. 2 players go at a time
  • Each player gets 3 shots (add up the points)
  • Whoever loses the round, drinks!
  • The winner plays the next person in line
Two bra pong game set ups at bachelorette parties. Plus the photo shows a group of girls posing at the party.
Bra Pong is a really fun game to play at a bachelorette party

Shot Roulette

Shot Roulette is a really fun bachelorette party game and can be played with small groups or larger groups.

What is needed:

  • Shot glasses with your choice of drink
  • A roulette board game with a spinner (you can make your own spinner, but they are really cheap to purchase on Amazon and Etsy)

How to play:

This game is as simple as it gets…

  • The roulette board will have 6-12 different spaces (each with a rule or action)
  • Players take turns spinning and then doing the action that they land on.

Some of the spaces that you will see in store-bought spinners are:

  • Truth or dare
  • Take a shot
  • Pass a shot
  • Just a sip
  • Take a shot (no hands)
  • Twerk

Do-or-Drink Bachelorette Version

Do or Drink is one of those bachelorette games that are both fun and hilarious to play.

It’s super simple to play and you can either purchase a premade game on Etsy or Amazon, or you can make your own.

When the game begins, all you do is take turns drawing cards…then do what it says or drink up.

Here are a few sample prompts/questions that we have seen in other games:

  • The person to your right gets to choose your Facebook/Instagram profile photo for the rest of the night
  • Give your best impersonation of one of your ex-boyfriends
  • Stand up and do jumping jacks until your next turn
  • Show the group the most flexible thing you can do with your body
  • Set a timer and act out as many s*x positions as you can think of (keep your clothes on)
  • Give a lap dance to the person on your left

For the official Do Or Drink card game and so many others, we put together this article that includes over 50 bachelorette party card games and board games.

girls drinking on a boat at a bachelorette party

Sip Or Spill (Truth Or Drink)

This is a fun bachelorette party drinking game that can be played really clean, super dirty, or somewhere in between.

What you need:

  • Make a bunch of cards with questions (1 question per card). These questions can be rated G, PG, R, or higher(A few samples below). Whatever fits your party.
  • To cut down on printing costs, you can make a numbered list of questions and keep them on your phone. Then each player just says a number and that question is read. Whoever made the list should have someone else choose their number.
  • Something to drink

How to play:

  • The bride starts by pulling a card or picking a number from the list.
  • She either has to spill the truth and answer, or she has to take a sip of her drink.

Here are a few sample questions for Sip Or Spill:

  • What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done?
  • What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on and why?
  • Who was your first celebrity crush?
  • Where is the craziest place you have ever had sex?
  • What is your least favorite position and why?
  • And so on…

Beer Pong

Beer Bong is a classic drinking game that is a lot of fun to play with your bridal party and other bachelorette party guests.

What you need:

  • At least 20 cups
  • Some table tennis balls
  • Beer
  • A long table (A kitchen table or folding table)

Set up and gameplay:

  • Arrange 10 cups in a triangle shape at each end of a table, and fill them with beer (you choose how much but we recommend 1/4 filled to start).
  • Split players into two teams…with each team standing at opposite ends of the table.
  • Teams take turns throwing balls into the opposing team’s cups (typically each team gets 2 throws per turn. If they make it, they go again).
  • If the ball lands in a cup (but the ball did not bounce first), the opposing team drinks the beer from that cup and removes it.
  • (Bonus points) If the ball lands in a cup after being bounced, the other team drinks that cup plus a 2nd cup (but once a ball bounces, the opposing team can swat it away).
  • The first team to eliminate all of the opposing team’s cups wins the game.
A beer pong game set up on a table for a bachelorette party
Beer Pong is a classic drinking game to play at your party

Fun Games For Bachelorette Party (Non-Drinking)

To be honest, you can make almost all of the games in this article a non-drinking game but here are a few from the article that are common (click the link to be taken to that article):

Scavenger Hunt

The Hot Dog Game (Weenie in The Bottle)

Mad Libs

The Underwear Game

Ring Hunt

What’s In Your Phone?


The Newlywed Game

He Said She Said

Guess the Kisses

Pin The Kiss On The Hunk (you can use a large photo of anyone that your group will love)

Bachelorette Party Game Ideas (Dirty or Naughty)

Here is a list of bachelorette party game ideas that are considered a little more risqué or dirty:

Porn or Polish

Bachelorette Balderdash (R-rated)

Bachelorette Naughty Mind Word Scramble (R-rated)

Truth or Dare

Weenie In The Hole (The Hot Dog Game)

Weenie in The Hole or Weenie in The Bottle is one of those diy bachelorette party games that will keep your friends laughing from start to finish.

What you need:

  • A bunch of hot dogs
  • string to tie around your waist (and the hot dog)
  • A bottle or toilet paper roll for each player

What to do:

  • Have 4-6 girls go at a time (you know, so the others can take photos and video)
  • Tie a string around the waist of each player and then tie the other end to a hot dog (the hotdog should hang down behind the player and high enough so that it requires the player to squat down to reach the bottle opening.
  • Once all players are set see who can squat down and get their weenie in the hole first (it’s harder than it sounds…and hilarious to watch!)
  • Play some fun music during each round.
  • Film it and take photos.
Girls playing the hot dog game a bachelorette party. This game is also called weenie in the hole or weenie in the bottle.
Weenie in The Bottle is absolutely hilarious!

Clean and Classy Bachelorette Party Games

If you are looking for fun games to play at your bachelorette party that are toned down or clean, just know that you can convert almost any of the games listed above into a PG-Rated version (or even G-Rated).

Example: You can take the Drunk Jenga game above and simply make all of the prompts, dares, and questions light-hearted and clean. You can also make any of the games non-drinking games. Just drink with whatever beverage you feel like drinking.

Here is a list of bachelorette party games that are either clean or that you can adapt to make clean:

What’s In Your Cell Phone

This is a fun and easy bachelorette party game to play for any sized group. It only takes about 10 minutes to play.

It’s a great conversation starter because as people find photos or different items from the game card, it gets people showing and telling.

What you need to play:

  • Each player needs a cell phone
  • A printable game card and something to write with for each player (you can download our free game card here)
  • A game prize for the winner

How do you play:

  • Each player looks through their phone and gets awarded points for each item that they find from the game card.
  • The player with the most points wins the prize

Download a free printable “What’s in your Cell Phone” game card here.

Three What's on Your Phone bachelorette party game cards with a gray background
What’s On Your Phone is a clean non-drinking game that you can play at your bachelorette party

Finish the Bachelorette’s Sentence

Finish the Bachelorette’s Sentence is a really easy bachelorette party game to play. Players have to guess how the bride would finish each line or sentence.

What do you need to play?:

  • A game card and something to write with for each player
  • A prize for the player who gets the most points

How do you play?

  • Before the game, the bride answers a series of questions (just let the bride privately fill out a blank card…this way nobody knows the answers and everyone can play).
  • All players are given 5 minutes to fill in their game cards (trying to guess how the bride finished each line).
  • The player with the most points wins a prize.

Some samples questions that you can use:

  • Please buy me a (blank)
  • I hope I don’t lose my (blank)
  • The DJ better play (blank)
  • I hope I’m in bed by (blank)

Would She Rather

Would She Rather is another version of “How Well Do You Know The Bride” that is played with a printable game card. It is one of those bachelorette games that is also commonly played at bridal showers.

What’s needed to play?

  • A printable game card and something to write with for each player
  • Bachelorette party favors or prizes for the winner.

How do you play?

  • Before you start, have the bride fill out one of the game cards (these are your correct answers)
  • Each game card will have a series of questions (each question/statement will have two answers).
  • Players circle one of the two answers provided
  • The player with the most correct wins a prize.

Sample questions could include:

Would she rather…

  • Jeans or Yoga Pants
  • A Glass of Wine or Bottle of Beer
  • Grey’s Anatomy or Schitt’s Creek

You can download our free Would She Rather printable game card here

Ring Hunt

Ring Hunt is a very tame bachelorette party game (it is often played at bridal showers with guests of all ages).

It is a great game to play if you are looking to do something lowkey.

What you need:

  • A bunch of plastic diamond rings
  • A framed game sign (you can get a free printable game sign here)

How to play:

  • Have one person (the Maid of Honor) hide the rings around the area where the bachelorette party is taking place (hide them near food/drink stations, bags, seating areas, etc.).
  • Guests will collect the rings as they find them.
  • The guest with the most rings at the end of the party wins the prize.
  • As guests find rings, the MOH can put others down in that same area. That way guests are constantly finding them.

If you are looking for a bunch of inexpensive plastic diamond rings, we recommend these 3 options.

If you need a free printable game card, you can download one here.

Girls playing in a pool at a bachelorette party
Pool party!

DIY Bachelorette Party Jenga

There are plenty of other versions of Jenga that are Rated R but you can easily make a DIY option that is appropriate for all guests and all comfort levels. This is one of those bachelorette games that could also be great for a bridal shower.

Here are a few block ideas to get you started:

  • T-Rex…Must take their next turn with elbows touching the side of your body like T-Rex arms.
  • Player has to take their next turn and pull a block from the bottom 3 rows.
  • Show us your best “wedding ugly cry”
  • You must talk into a pretend microphone for the rest of the game
  • Say it now or forever hold your peace…Confess something to the group that not many know
  • You must talk in an accent for the rest of the game
  • Compliment the bride before you take each turn (for the rest of the game)

A few more games that we will cover and add to this list shortly:

Advice and wishes for the bride

How Well Do you Know The Bride?

Cold Feet

Printable Bachelorette Party Games

If you are looking for printable game cards for your bachelorette party games, we will be putting a full post together next week. The link will be right here.

Bachelorette Party Games: Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find or purchase bachelor party games?

We are putting together a full resource later this week. Amazon and Etsy are going to be your best bets but check back in a few days and we are going to have an amazing online resource for you.

Do we have to use alcohol for the drinking games?

No, you do not need to use alcohol for the drinking games. You can use any beverage that you want. In fact, even if most of the girls are drinking, we recommend having non-alcoholic drinks available for those who don’t want to drink. The main point of these games is to have an amazing time with your girls!

More Helpful Resources

Leave a comment below and tell us the best game you have ever played at a bachelorette party. Are there any games that we should add to this list?

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