77 Best Mother Son Wedding Dance Songs for 2020

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Picking out the best mother son wedding dance songs from the millions of songs on iTunes can be a bit overwhelming.

We are here to help you find the best song for you and your mom.

We talked to over 100 couples and DJs and asked them for their favorite mother son wedding songs for 2020.

Mother son wedding dance songs. A groom and his mom dancing at a wedding
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In this article we will cover the following:

  • What is a good song for the mother and son dance at a wedding?
  • What is a good country song for a mother son dance at a wedding reception?
  • What are some short mother-son wedding dance songs?
  • What are some unique mother-son wedding dance songs?
  • What are some non sappy mother-son dance songs?
  • Are there any funny mother son wedding dance songs?
  • What are some classic rock mother-son wedding dance songs?
  • What is a good upbeat mother-son wedding dance song (non sappy)?
  • What are some good stepmother-son wedding dance songs?

What is a good song for the mother and son dance at a wedding?

When picking out your mother-son wedding dance music, it’s a good idea to choose a song that fits your personality, and also reflects the relationship that you have with your mom.

There are no set rules when it comes to music for your reception (or any other part of your wedding for that matter). Pick a song that you and your mom want.

The Perfect Fan

You’ll Be In My Heart – Phil Collins


“Days Like This” – Van Morrison


“Do I Make You Proud” – Taylor Hicks


“A Song For Mama” – Boyz II Men


“Because You Loved Me” – Celine Dion


“What A Wonderful World” – Louis Armstrong


“I Hope You Dance” – Lee Ann Womack


“Stand By Me” – Ben E King


“Somewhere Over The Rainbow” – Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo’ole


“93 Million Miles” – Jason Mraz


“In My Life” – The Beatles


“Forever Young” – Rod Stewart


“You Are The Sunshine Of My Life” – Stevie Wonder


What is a good country song for a mother son dance at a wedding reception?

“Just to See You Smile” – Tim McGraw


“Home” – Phillip Phillip


“Mother Like Mine” – The Band Perry


“The Best Day” – Taylor Swift


“Mother” – Sugarland


“Mom” – Garth Brooks


“Handprints On The Wall” – Kenny Rogers


“My Wish” – Rascal Flatts


“That’s What Mamas Do” – Jason Matthews


“You’re Gonna Be (Always Loved By Me)” – Reba McEntire


“Like Jesus Does” – Eric Church


“Don’t Blink” – Kenny Chesney


“I Called Mama” – Tim McGraw


What are some unique songs for the mother-son dance?

“Sweetest Devotion” – Adele


“Child Of Mine” – Carole King


“The First Lady In My Life” – Paul Todd


“House Of Gold” – Twenty One Pilots


“Wildflowers” – Tom Petty

“He Gets That From Me” – Reba McEntire

This is a beautiful song that touches on the relationship between a mother and son who have lost their father/husband.



Classic Rock Songs:

“Sweet Child O’ Mine” – Guns N’ Roses


“Simple Man” – Lynyrd Skynyrd

You will most likely want to have your DJ trim this song for you (This songs clocks in at 5 minutes and 50 seconds)


What is a good upbeat mother-son dance song?

“Mom” – Meghan Trainor

“Sweet Child O’ Mine” – Sheryl Crow


“I’ll Always Love My Mama” – The Intruders

Clocking in at 6 minutes 37 seconds, you will probably want to have your DJ edit this down to about 3 minutes or so.


“Thank You Mom” – Good Charlotte


“How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)” – James Taylor


“We Are Family” – Sister Sledge


“Count On Me” – Bruno Mars


“Loves Me Like A Rock” – Paul Simon


Are there any funny mother-son wedding songs?

A Biologist’s Mother’s Day Song – Cadamole

If you and your mom have a fun sense of humor, this might be the song for you 🙂 You can get the MP3 for your DJ from the link in this video.


“Your Mama Don’t Dance” – Loggins & Messina


“Your Mama Don’t Dance” – Poison


“Mama Tried” – Merle Haggard


Who picks the song for the mother-son dance?

The song for the mother and son dance is typically picked out by the groom or the groom’s mom.

Ask you mom if their is special song that she would like to dance to. You can even send her the link to this article to help her with making a decision.

If you are completely overwhelmed by the process of choosing a good song, you can ask your DJ to narrow it down for you (or they can even make the decision for you).

What song should I choose if I am dancing with my stepmom?

If you have a close relationship with your stepmom, any of the songs from this list will work.

If you are doing a dance with both your mom and your stepmom, just try to pick a song that reflects your unique relationship with each of those special people in your life.

A couple of tips for getting the best photos of the mother-son dance:

  1. Some grooms (and mother’s) cringe at the thought of being the center of attention, so they tell the DJ to cut the song after 30-60 seconds. We recommend having your song play for a minimum of 90 seconds. This gives your photographer plenty of time to get some awesome candid photos of the groom and his mom. If candid photos are important to you, we recommend having your song play for 2-3 minutes (that is the ideal range).
  2. We recommend doing the mother-son dance separately from the father-daughter dance. Some couples think that doing them together is a way to save time, but all it does is make it hard on your photographer. Do these dances back-to-back, but keep the separate to increase the number of candid photos from your wedding photographer.

Here are some additional wedding planning tips and resources:

Some fun mother and son wedding dance inspiration for those looking to do something a little different:



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