57 Best Songs for Parents Entrance at Wedding Receptions

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We have talked to many couples who were having a hard time picking a good song for the parents entrance at the wedding reception.

We put together an awesome list of our top music picks (these will work for grandparents too!).

best songs parent entrances wedding reception fun

Here are the best songs for parents entrance at a wedding reception:

Depending on the personality of the parents and/or grandparents, you might be looking for something a little more fun and light-hearted for the parents when entering the wedding reception.

Funny songs to use for the parents entrance into the wedding reception:

best parent entrance song for wedding reception top picks

Popular songs (by decade) that your parents might love to use when walking into the wedding reception.

If you are having trouble picking out a good parents entrance song, show your parents this list and see if there is a song that grabs their attention.

Popular songs of the 1950’s:

Popular songs of the 1960’s:

parents entrance gif

Popular Songs of the 1970’s

Popular Songs of the 1980’s

If you love songs from the 1980s, we put together an article containing over 300 wedding dance songs to use on your big day.

best songs for parent entrances wedding reception 1

***Are your parents walking into the wedding reception separately? If so, you can simply use one of the song choices from above, or you if your parents want to be more playful, the songs below could be really funny.

Song’s for moms to enter wedding reception solo:

Songs for dads to enter wedding entrance solo:

Additional wedding reception and ceremony songs to use on your big day:

***Do you have an awesome wedding reception entrance song that you are using for your parents? If so, let us know in the comments and we will add it to the list.

Just in case the gif above (from The Office wedding entrance) was not enough. Here is the entire scene (you’re welcome!)

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