List Of Family Wedding Photos (Ideas To Do Them Fast)

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Posed family wedding photos are one of those traditions that are not going away (and they shouldn’t) anytime soon. The wedding day is all about two different families coming together to celebrate two extraordinary people getting married (hey, that’s you!). In this article we will cover the following: Family photos to take on the bride’s…
A bride walking down the aisle from behind with her father

Wedding Photography Shot List (147 Photos You Really Need)

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Your wedding day is filled with so many amazing moments. We have put together a wedding photography shot list to help you get the most out of your photos. Tip on using this shot list: Don’t just hand this to your photographer and ask them to capture all of these photos. Your photographer most likely…
A bride and groom doing a wedding reception exit with glow sticks

49 Send Off Ideas For Wedding Exit At Night (Glow Sticks)

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It’s your wedding day and you are about to do your grand exit. You may be asking yourself, what can I use instead of sparklers at a wedding? Or what do you throw at weddings instead of rice? Well, the good news is that there are many fun options to choose from (glow sticks are…
a groom and groomsmen walking down the street

97 Practical Groomsmen Gifts (Unique Ideas for 2021)

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If you are looking for some fun and unique gifts to give your best man and groomsmen on the wedding day (or at the rehearsal dinner), we have the perfect collection for you! Your wedding party is filled with friends and family who are some of the most important people in your life. We have…
a photo of a brother dancing with his sister at a wedding. They are dancing to the best songs.

67 Best Brother and Sister Wedding Dance Songs (Siblings)

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If you have a special bond with your sister or brother, we have put together the perfect song list for your sister and brother wedding dance. Many siblings share a very special relationship and we think that we have found the best music to express that brotherly-sisterly love. What is a Good Song For The…
A wedding guest jumping high in the air to catch the bridal bouquet after the bride tossed it

145 Funny Garter Removal and Bouquet Toss Songs (2021)

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What is a good garter toss song? Well, we talked with hundreds of couples and DJs and here is a complete list of every song that was mentioned. Some are more popular than others, but we included each song suggestion to give you a big variety to choose from. In this post we will cover…
The bride being walked down the aisle by her mom and dad. They are walking in to the bride's favorite song

109 Best Wedding Songs For Bridal Processional (2021)

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What is a good song to walk down the aisle to at your wedding ceremony? That is the million-dollar question. We took a poll with over 400 brides and 25 DJs in early 2021 and this is the list we came up with for the entrance of the bride. Obviously, you can use any song…
Two brides walking back down the aisle after being married. They are walking out to a modern instrumental song.

49 Instrumental (Modern) Songs To Walk Down The Aisle To

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When choosing a song for the wedding processional, sometimes we want to pick a popular song that we love (like a favorite song we listen to on Spotify or Apple Music). The main problem is that some of these songs don’t feel like they belong in a wedding ceremony. We have put together an awesome…
A bride and groom dancing to their favorite songs for the first dance at the wedding reception.

167 Best First Dance Wedding Songs (Popular For 2021)

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Choosing the perfect song for your wedding first dance does not have to be overwhelming. We have put together the ultimate list of music that we know you’re going to love (updated for 2021). Choose Any Link Below To Go Directly To That Section Classic Wedding Songs For The First Dance (Oldies But Goodies) Everybody…
a backyard wedding ceremony

Best Backyard Wedding Planning Guide (And Checklist)

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Are you thinking about having your wedding in your backyard (or in someone else’s backyard)? Backyard weddings are amazing! I feel like I can offer some unique insight since I planned my own backyard wedding (85 guests) Here is what we will be covering in this article: How do you plan a backyard wedding? Figuring…
A bride and groom dancing their first dance together at their wedding reception

637 Best Wedding Songs For Ceremony And Reception

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Trying to choose the best wedding songs for each part of the wedding day can feel a bit overwhelming. We have put together our favorite music for each part of the day. We update this every month with new songs and ideas. Just added: 145 funny songs to use for the garter removal and bouquet…
The Beatles Abbey Road photo. Shows the band walking accross the street. I am using this photo as the cover photo fro my post on the best wedding songs by The Beatles

43 Best Wedding Songs By The Beatles (First Dance)

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One of the unique things about The Beatles is that they wrote songs that appeal to all ages, young and old. That’s why it’s so easy to choose music that will work for your wedding ceremony and reception when listening to these amazing songs below. Whether you are looking for slow romantic love songs or…