50 Best Bridal Party Pajamas (Bridesmaid PJs and Sets)

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If you are looking for matching (or non-matching) bridal party pajamas for your wedding day morning, we have put together some amazing options for you.

Getting ready with your bridal party is such a fun part of the wedding day. There will be so many amazing photos of you and your girls getting hair and makeup done. Matching pajamas make these photos look even better.

Here is what you will find in this article (feel free to browse all of the pajama sets, or you can simply use these links to go to the section you are looking for):

A bride and five bridesmaids posing in PJs. This is for the article best bridal party pajamas.
Matching pajamas for the bride and bridesmaids make your getting-ready photos look amazing!

Silk and Satin Bridesmaid Pajamas (Bridal Party PJs)

We have put together a collection of our favorite satin and silk bridal party pajamas. We have included PJ sets with long pants, shorts, long sleeve tops, and short sleeve shirts (something for everyone!)

Here are some of our favorite bridesmaid satin pajama sets:

Satin Silk Plaid Short Pajama Set For Bridal Party

We love this plaid pajama set from BellesDesignShop on Etsy.

These cute bridal party PJs come in 5 colors (mauve, dusty blue, cherry red, champagne, and sage).

Available in sizes S-2XL

Purchase them plain or with personalization for each member of the bridal party.

Bridesmaids wearing plaid sating silk short pajamas. This is for the article best bridal party pajamas.
These satin silk short pajama sets with a plaid pattern are one of our favorite getting ready outfits for 2022

Long Pants and Long Sleeve Top Pajama Sets For Bridesmaids

We love these long pants/long-sleeved shirt satin silk pajama sets from BellesDesignShop on Etsy.

Available in the following colors: Black, white, navy, maple, sandalwood, evergreen, dusty rose, burgundy, and champagne.

Sizes: S-2XL

Bridesmaids wearing long sleeved long pants satin pajamas while getting ready for a wedding
These amazing satin silk pajama sets come plain or they can be personalized for the bridal party

Satin Pajama Sets For Bridal Party (4 Styles and 18 Colors)

These satin pajama sets from SelineLounge on Etsy are so comfortable!

Choose from a big variety of colors: Blush, dusty blush, baby pink, sangria, white, champagne, ecru, lilac, plum, sage, grey, charcoal, black, dusty blue, royal blue, navy blue, maroon, and deep wine

Bridesmaids wearing sating pajamas. This is for the article called best bridal party pajamas
These bridal party pajamas come in 4 different styles to mix and match

Floral Print Satin Bridal Party PJs

We love these floral print satin pajamas from LeRoseGifts on Etsy.

These PJs come in white floral, blush pink floral, and dust blue floral.

bridesmaids wearing floral satin pajamas
These floral satin pajamas are so beautiful and comfortable.

Satin Pajama Sets with Long Pants

We love these satin pajamas from CamelliaAndLove on Etsy.

The pajama set includes long satin pants and a long-sleeve satin button-down shirt. You can add a monogram to the front, back, both back and front, or none at all.

The colors available for these gorgeous pajama sets are white, navy, burgundy, blush, dusty rose, champagne, dusty blue, maple, and black.

These satin pajamas come in sizes S through XXL.

three bridesmaids wearing silk and satin pajamas. This for the article names best bridal party pajamas. One of these photos shows the 3 bridesmaids satanding up and thr other shows the girls sitting down.

Bridesmaid Satin Silk PJ Short Set

These satin silk PJ shorts sets from BellesDesignShop on Etsy are super cute and really comfortable.

Sizes available: S, M, L, XL, 2XL

Colors available: White, burgundy, taupe, navy, sage, black, evergreen, maple, champagne, sandalwood, blush, and dusty pink.

bridesmaids wearing satin pj shorts sets
You can purchase these satin-silk shorts sets plain or you can have each set personalized for your bridal party

Satin Bridal Party Pajamas With Shorts and Short Sleeves

These satin shorts/short sleeve top pajama sets from CamelliaAndLove on Etsy are gorgeous!

The short sleeve shirts are button-down and they can be monogrammed on the front, back, both front and back, or you can choose to have no monogram at all.

Available colors for these gorgeous pajama sets are white, nude pink, navy, burgundy, dusty blue, blush, dusty rose, champagne, maple, and black.

Most of the pajama sets are available in S, M, L, XL, and XXL.

3 bridesmaids wearing silk and sating pajamas. The bottoms are shorts and the tops are short sleeve

Satin-Silk Bridal Party Pajamas with Feathers

These satin feather PJs from BellesDesignShop on Etsy are so cute!

Available in the following colors: White, champagne, dusty rose, blush, dusty blue, and sage.

Sizes: S-2XL

Bridal party wearing pajamas with feathers.
Bridal party pajamas with feathers are such a fun trend for getting-ready outfits

Tie-Dye Satin Silk Bridal Party PJs

These satin silk tie-dye pajama sets from BellesDesignShop on Etsy are so cute and stylish.

Available colors: Purple, black, dusty orange, tiffany blue, evergreen, navy, dusty rose, nude pink, burgundy, dusty blue, and sage.

Sizes: S-2XL

Three bridesmaids wearing tie dye pajamas
These tie-dye bridesmaid pajamas can be ordered with or without personalization

Camisole (Cami) Set for Bridal Party

This satin-silk bridal party cami set is perfect for a wedding getting-ready outfit or a weekend bachelorette party.

Made and sold by BellesDesignShop on Etsy.

Available sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL

Colors: Maple, dusty blue, champagne, evergreen, black, sage, taupe, sandalwood, navy, dusty pink, burgundy, and white.

Three bridesmaids wearing satin cami sets

Satin PJs for Bridesmaids (Shorts and Top)

We love how stylish these pajama sets are from LeRoseGifts on Etsy.

They come in the following colors: White, black, champagne, pastel mauve, soft pink, blush pink, dusty blue, and navy.

Bridesmaids wearing satin pajamas
These satin pajamas look amazing!

Cotton Bridesmaid Pajama Sets (Perfect Bridal Party PJs for Winter)

These cotton pajama sets are perfect for brides and bridal parties who are looking to stay cozy while getting ready for the wedding.

Jersey Cotton Bridal Party Pajama Sets

These jersey cotton bridal party pajama sets are so soft and comfortable!

Made and sold by BohoChickBrides on Etsy.

Available in the following colors: White, dusty blue, blush, nude pink, and champagne.

3 bridesmaids wearing cotton pajamas on a bed. This is for this for the article best bridal party pajamas.
The floral monograms on these cotton PJs are absolutely gorgeous! you can get these pajama sets with or without the monogram and personalization.

Champagne Bottle Cotton Pajamas for Bridal Party

We love these champagne bottle cotton pajamas from LoveyDoveyDesignbyUs on Etsy.

They are so soft and comfortable!

These PJ sets are sold with or without a monogram and come in sizes S-XXL.

a close up photo of bridesmaid pajamas that have little wine glasses on them.

Wine Glass Corron Pajama Set For Bridesmaids

Another amazing set of cotton PJs with glasses of wine on them. These awesome pajamas are made by LoveyDoveyDesignbyUs on Etsy.

These pajamas are lightweight and really soft.

They come in sizes S-XXL and can be purchased with or without a monogram.

A bridesmaid sitting on a bed with cotton pajamas on that have wine glasses on them.

Striped Cotton Bridal Party PJs

These striped cotton bridal party pajama sets are really cute and super comfy!

Made and sold by SSWeddings on Etsy.

You can get these pajamas in pink striped, black striped, or dark navy striped.

Bridesmaids wearing striped pajamas
These striped cotton pajamas look so amazing and are really comfortable.

Flannel Bridal Party Pajamas For Winter Weddings

If you are having a winter wedding (or if you just like to stay warm), these flannel pajama sets are going to be perfect for you and your bridal tribe!

Bridal Party Flannel Pajamas (4 Styles and 15 Colors)

We love these flannel pajama sets from SelineLounge on Etsy.

Choose from 15 different flannel patterns and multiple styles:

  • Long pants with long sleeves
  • Shorts with long sleeves
  • Long pants with short sleeves
  • Shorts with short sleeves

These flannel pajama sets come in multiple sizes (kids, small, medium, large, and extra-large).

a bridesmaid wearing red and black flannel pajamas
These super comfortable flannel pajamas come in 4 different styles (Winterland, Midnight, Springster, and Shortie)
15 flannel swatch patterns with a photo of bridesmaids wearing flannel pjs in the middle
Plus these flannel pajama sets come in 15 different flannel patterns.

Flannel Pajamas For Bride and Bridesmaids

Another place we highly recommend is BlushBridesCo on Etsy.

These bridal party flannel pajamas come in 4 different styles (long pants, shorts, short sleeve top, and long sleeve shirt). You can also choose between 18 different flannel patterns/colors.

Their flannel pajamas come in a big variety of styles:

  • Kids (ages 2-12)
  • Adult (XS, S, M, L, and XL)
  • Plus size (1x, 2x, and 3x)

Flannel PJs can be embroidered with initials, names, or titles (or you can do no personalization at all)

bridesmaids wearing flannel pajamas while getting ready for a wedding
These comfortable bridesmaid flannel pajamas come in 4 styles and 18 different colors/patterns

Flannel Shorts and Tank Tops for Bridal Party

These flannel shorts from UniqueImpressions5 on Etsy are so comfortable (you can also get tank tops with them).

The shorts come in black and red or pink and red. (Sizes S-XL)

flannel shorts for the bridal party on a table
These flannel shorts are adorable!

Personalized Bridesmaid Pajamas

We have some great options for personalized bridal party pajamas but let’s go over something real quick…

Should you personalize your bridal party pajamas (names, monogram, team bride, bridesmaid, etc.)?

Who is paying for the pajamas?

If you are asking your bridesmaids to buy their own pajamas, then they should have a say in how they look.

If the girls are spending $20-$30 on pajamas, they are probably going to want to wear them more than once. Chances are, they will want a set of pajamas that does not say “bridesmaid” on the back (or even their name).

If the bride is paying for the pajamas and providing them to the girls, then the bride gets to do anything she wants, ha!

Maybe you love the idea of having all of the girls in matching pajamas with a monogram (or first names). If this is the case, look through photos and pick a style that you love.

Here are a few personalized bridal party pajama sets that we love (Note: you can personalize all of the pajama sets in this article that are sold on Etsy):

Modal Jersey Personalized Bridal Party Pajamas

These super soft pajamas from SSWeddings on Etsy are made of modal jersey fabric.

They are perfect for the entire bridal party since you can get PJs in the following sizes:
Infant, toddler, junior, teen, xs, s, m, l, and xl.

Mix and match the following styles:
Long pants with long sleeves, long pants with short sleeves, shorts with short sleeves, and shorts with long sleeves (everyone can get what they are most comfortable wearing).

You can order these pajamas with or without personalization.

brides wearing lots of different pajamas
There are so many options to choose from (all made from super comfortable modal jersey)

Rayon bridal party pajama sets

These super comfortable bridesmaid pajama sets are made by SSWeddings on Etsy.

Available rayon colors: Baby pink, sage, grey, cornflower, lilac, blush, and white.

These gorgeous pajama sets can be purchased with or without personalization.

bridesmaids laughing and wearing pajamas
These rayon pajamas are so comfortable!

Pajama Accessories For The Bridal Party (Slippers, Socks, Flip Flops, etc.)


Bridal Party Socks

We love these cozy bridal party socks from BlissfulSocks on Etsy.

These socks look really cute in photos, plus they keep your feet clean if you are walking around a hotel room for hours at a time while getting ready.

bridesmaids wearing socks
You can personalize and customize these bridal party socks however you like

Slippers For Bride and Bridesmaids

Check out these adorable bridal party slippers from HundredHearts on Etsy.

These slippers are perfect accessories for your pajamas while getting ready in the morning.

close up photo of feet in slippers that say bride and bridesmaids on them
These bridal party slippers are super comfy!

Bridal Party Flip Flops

These flip flops from CeramicallyFunny on Etsy are really cute.

These are perfect for wearing with your getting-ready pajamas.

close up of bridal party flip flops
These bridal party flip flops come in a big variety of colors

Cheap Bridal Party Pajamas and Alternatives

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on your wedding morning getting-ready outfit if it’s not in the budget.

If you want to save some money (but still have cute matching outfits), you can grab a cheap pair of cozy pants or shorts (we linked to two that we love below) and a simple t-shirt.

For the t-shirt, you can get one of the bridal party shirts with names printed on them (bridesmaid names, bride tribe, bride squad, brides babe, bride, maid of honor, matron of honor, flower girl, mother of the bride, mother of the groom, etc.), or you can simply buy a bunch of matching tops. We love these cozy tops from Amazon.

Bridal Party Shirts

A cheaper option for bridesmaid pajamas that still look super cute in photos would be a set of bridal party shirts.

Match the shirts up with a cute pair of shorts or cozy pants and you’re all set.

We love all of the shirts from SilkyWayApparel on Etsy.

bridal party shirts on a table
These bridal party shirts will look really cute in your getting-ready photos on the wedding day

Bridesmaids Pajama Sets (Bridal Party PJ Sets)

All of the pajama options above can be bought in multiple sets.

When ordering a pajama set (multiple PJ sets in bulk for your bridal party), make sure that you can order each set of pajamas in the size and style that you want. Most sellers offer this, but it’s a good idea to double-check.

The reason that this is important is if you have a large bridal party, some of the girls might want long pants and some might want shorts.

You might see lists like this:

  • Pajama sets of 2
  • Pajama sets of 3
  • Pajama sets of 4
  • Pajama sets of 5
  • Pajama sets of 6
  • Pajama sets of 7
  • Pajama sets of 8
  • Pajama sets of 9
  • Pajama sets of 10

Just keep in mind that even if a seller does not list the items in a “set of 6” or “set of 8”, all of the sellers above will sell you as many pajama sets as you like.

You will be able to order pajamas for yourself (the bride), the maid of honor or matron of honor, each bridesmaid, the flower girls, the mother of the bride, the mother of the groom, and anyone else who will be getting ready with you.

Who should you get pajamas for on the wedding day?

Anyone getting ready with you should get a pair of matching pajamas (you can get pajamas that match in color but are different in style if you like).

Most of the pajamas above can be ordered with pants, shorts, long sleeves, or short sleeves (and any combination of those four styles).

Here are some of the people that you might want to buy pajamas for:

  • The bride (you!)
  • Maid of honor or matron of honor
  • Each bridesmaid
  • The mother of the bride
  • The mother of the groom
  • Grandmothers
  • Flower girl
  • Anybody else getting ready with you

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