50 (Fun and Popular) Bridal Shower Games For 2024

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If you are looking for the perfect game to play at your bridal shower, we have plenty to choose from!

In addition to a bunch of fun and hilarious games, here are a few other things you will find in this article:

A group of bridesmaids playing bridal shower games with funny face cards

What Games Do You Play at a Bridal Shower

We will start with a few bridal shower games that are easy to play. All that is needed for most of these are a game card, pen or pencil, and a few prizes. These are perfect for almost any size bridal shower, no matter the location.

He Said, She Said

Why people love it: This game gets people laughing. It’s definitely a crowd-pleaser.

What you need: A game card and pen/pencil for each guest.

How to play: Before the bridal shower, ask the couple (separately or together) to answer each statement on the card. A few sample statements are: Who takes the most selfies? Who leaves the bigger mess? Who is most likely to cry at the ceremony?

The couple can either choose bride or groom. If they don’t agree, choose both.

Now that you have your answer key, hand out a game card and a pen to each guest. Read each statement and have the guests mark which person they think matches the statement. The one with the most points at the end wins the prize.

*** Check out our detailed page for the He Said, She Said Game (including a free printable for you to download).

A funny statement from the office. It says That's What She Said!

What’s in Your Purse?

Why people love it: It’s hilarious to see the random things that people carry in their purses.

What you need: A game card for each guest, pens/pencils, and your purse/bag.

How to play: Hand out a game card and something to write with to each player. Each card will have a list of random items with a point value given for each item (typically 1, 5, or 10 points). The players will go through their purses or bag and award themselves points for each item that they have. The player with the most points is the winner.

Bonus Tip: This is the perfect game to play while the bride-to-be is opening up gifts. This way each player can fill out the game card at their own pace. You can choose the winner as soon as the gifts have been opened.

*** Check out our detailed page for What’s in Your Purse (includes a free printable to download)

Emoji Game

Why guests love it: This game is super simple to play. It’s also a perfect game to play while the bride is opening gifts.

What you need: An emoji game card and something to write with for each guest.

How to play: Pass out a card and pencil to each guest. Each card will have 10-15 emoji/picture puzzles to solve

Example: An emoji of a pot of honey next to an emoji of a full moon would be a honeymoon. Some are super easy, but some are harder and a bit more creative. Score 1 point for each correct answer. The person with the most points wins.

*** Check out our full post for the Emoji Bridal Pictionary Game (we provide a free printable and the answer key)

A bride and bridesmaids making funny faces at each other

Would She Rather

Why people love it: It puts all of the focus on the bride-to-be. Friends and family might even learn a few fun facts about the star of the show!

What you need: A game card (and pen) for each player and some fun prizes.

How to play: This one is simple. Guests have to guess what the bride would pick when given 2 choices. Each player gets a card and something to write with. Pick a prize or 2 for the player with the most points. That’s it! Before the bridal shower, sit down with the bride and fill out an answer key.

Some examples are: Mexican or Asian food? Vegas or the beach? Early bird or night owl?

*** Check out our detailed page for Would She Rather (you can download a free printable that we put together for you)

Disney Love Songs

Why people love it: Um, hello, it’s Disney! Not only is this the perfect game for Disney fans, but it’s also a great way to get guests to interact with each other. Everyone (almost everyone) loves to talk about Disney movies!

What you need: Game cards, something to write with and a few prizes for the winners.

How to play: Set a timer for 3-5 minutes. We recommend playing your favorite Disney love song (or songs) on your phone as the actual timer. Choose 1-2 songs so that you get 3-5 minutes of play. Each guest tries to match the love songs on the game card with the correct Disney Movie. The person with the most points after the timer goes off wins the prize.

Examples: Some Day My Prince Will Come would match up with Snow White. Can You Feel the Love Tonight would match up with The Lion King. 

*** Check out our full page for Disney Love Songs (and download a free printable)

Who am I (Memory Lane)?

Why people love it: Who am I is one of the most interactive games that you can play at a bridal shower. Friends and family love it because they get to learn a few new things about the bride-to-be. It also gives each guest a little insight into the relationship between the bride and the other guests. They will love hearing the stories!

What you need: A game card and something to write with for each player. A few prizes would also come in handy.

How to play: Each player gets a card. They will write down their name and a personal memory between them and the bride-to-be. The bridal shower host will read each one out loud to the group. If the bride can’t guess the correct guest, that person wins a prize.

*** Visit our full post on the Who Am I game (plus download a free printable)

Bridal Shower Bingo

Why people love it: It’s an easy-to-play game that gets guests interacting with each other.

What you need: A set of game cards, pens/pencils, and multiple prizes.

How to play: When guests arrive, give each player a bridal bingo game card and something to write with. Have them randomly fill in each square with a gift that they think the bride-to-be will receive at the shower. As the bride starts opening gifts, players will mark each correct guess. The player who gets 5 in a row first wins a prize (this can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal). To keep guests playing after the first winner is called, have prizes for 2nd and 3rd place.

Tip: You can also give the guests a copy of the shower registry. This way they can be sure that most of the gifts on their card are something that bride might be receiving.

*** Check our full page about Bridal Bingo (multiple versions of the game plus 2 free printables)

Lillian from Bridesmaids movie playing bridal shower games next to a giant cookie

Over or Under

Why people love it: Guests get to learn more about the bride and groom-to-be.

What you need: All that you need to play is an Over or Under game card for each player, a few prizes, and something to write with.

How to play: Before the bridal shower, ask the couple to answer the 15 questions that are on the game cards. Guests will be given a card with those same questions and will try to guess whether the answer is over, under, or an exact match. The person who gets the most correct wins a prize.

Examples: On the card, it might say: The age gap between the bride and groom is 4 years (is the correct answer more than 4 years, less than 4 years, or is 4 years the correct answer?). On the card it might say: The couple looked at 9 different wedding venues before picking one (is that answer over, under, or an exact match?)

*** Check out the full post on Over or Under and download the free printable for the game.

The Ring Game (Put A Ring On It)

Why people love it: It’s a pretty silly game, but some people love traditional bridal shower games like Put A Ring On It.

What you need: A box of play rings, a welcome/instruction sign for the game, and small gift bags to keep the rings in.

How to play: As guests arrive they take one of the plastic rings from the box. Each time they use a forbidden word at the shower (“bride” or “wedding”), any guest who hears them say one of those words, can take their ring and put it in their bag. The guest with the most rings at the end of the bridal shower wins a prize. Silly but simple.

*** Check out the full post on The Ring Game and download 3 different printable signs.

What’s on Your Phone?

Why people love it: What’s on your phone is a fun & easy interactive game that will get your friends and family sharing fun photos and apps with each other. Plus it gives everyone an excuse to pull out their phone!

What you need: A game card (plus something to write with) for each player and a cell phone.

How to play: Each player gets a game card that includes random apps and photo requests. Players get points for each item that they have on their phones. The player with the most points wins a prize.

Examples of game card items: The Tik Tok app, A photo with the bride-to-be, a meme of Schitt’s Creek, etc…

*** Check out our detailed page for What’s on your Phone (including a free printable download)

The cell phone game is also a great game for a bachelorette party.

Why Do We Do That?

Why people love it: It’s really fun to learn where some of the most popular wedding traditions came from.

What you need: A game card for every player, something to write with and a prize for the winner.

How to play: At the start of the game, players are given a Why do we do that game card and a pen/pencil. Players must match the wedding tradition to the original origin. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Examples: Q: Why do we designate a specific ring finger? A: It contains the vein of love. Q: Why does the groom toss the garter? To keep unruly wedding guests from ripping parts of the bride’s dress off 

A bride hugging bridesmaids after playing bridal shower games

Wedding Word Search

Why people love it: It is an easy game that almost everybody already knows how to play (most of us have been doing word searches since we were little kids)

What you need: A word search game card, pencil, timer, and a prize for the winner.

How to play: Give each player a game card and something to write with. Set a timer. The guest who can find the most wedding-related words wins the prize.

***Download our free wedding word search game card printable.

Wedding Word Scramble

What you need: A bridal word scramble game card, pencil, timer, and a prize or 2 for the winners.

How to play: Each player gets a game card with scrambled words related to weddings or the bridal shower. Guests try to unscramble as many of the words as they can. The person who gets the most correct wins.

***Download a free wedding word scramble game card (and answer key).

Bridal Shower Scattergories

What you need: A bridal shower scattergories game card, something to write with, and a prize for the winner.

How to play: Players try to come up with unique answers to the wedding-related statements/questions on their game card. Every player is given the letters that their words have to start with.


If the statement is “Words to describe a wedding” and the given letter is “E”, all guests try to come up with words that describe a wedding that begins with E.

  • Exciting
  • Expensive
  • Energetic
  • Eloquent

Players then read their answers out loud and score 1 point for answers that nobody else has. If two or more players have the same word, everyone crosses it off and they receive no points.

Learn more about Bridal Shower Scattergories (and download a printable free game card)

Bridal Shower Jeopardy

Why your guests will love it: Everybody is already familiar with the game show Jeopardy, so it makes it a very fast game to learn and understand.

What you need: To play Bridal Jeopardy, you will either need a pre-made Jeopardy board (lots of DIY ideas in the Jeopardy link below), or one of our free game card printables.
You will also want something to write with for each guest and a prize for the winner of the game.

How to play Bridal Jeopardy: There are 4-5 different categories (wedding-related). Each category has 5 questions (worth $100, $200, $300, $400, and $500).

As questions are asked, each team buzzes in and tries to answer correctly. If they are correct, they get the points for that question. If they answer incorrectly, they lose the points for that question.

The team with the most points at the end of Final Jeopardy wins.

You can also use a pre-printed game card that has categories and questions on it. Each player fills the card out. The player who gets the most correct wins the prize.

We have over 100 questions and answer to use for your Bridal Jeopardy game (plus a free printable game card). Check out the article and download your game here.

The Price is Right

Why people love it: It’s an easy game to play and does not take much time.

What you need: A Price is Right game card, a pen/pencil, an answer key, and a prize for the game-winner.

How to play:  Each player receives a Price is Right game card and something to write with. Each card has a list of common items that you would find at your local grocery store or Target. Each player tries to guess the price of each item (without going over the price). The player whose guess is closest to the actual price gets the points for that item. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins a prize.

Alternate version: Another version of this fun game is The Price is Right (Celebrity Wedding Edition). In this version, game cards have items from celebrity weddings instead of household items.

Example: Flowers at the wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West ($136,000).

*** Download our free printable and get more info on The Price is Right

Pass the Poem Game

Why people love it: Pass the Poem is a traditional bridal shower game that can be played very quickly. It’s the perfect game when you need to fill in a little bit of time.

What you need: All that is needed is a single copy of the poem game card. You can download our free printable or simply make your own.

How to play: Gather all of the guests together and have the bridal shower host read the first line of the poem. Each line of the poem will have instructions on who to pass to next. That player then reads the next line of the poem and passes it to the correct person. The player holding the poem at the end of the game wins the prize.

Example line from the game: Don’t despair here’s the next clue… this must be handed to the lady with the largest shoe. 

*** You can get the full text of the Pass the Poem game and download our free printable.

Right Left Game (Pass The Gift)

Why people love it: Guests love the Right-Left game because it does not require anything but sitting in a chair and listening to a story. They don’t have to write anything down.

What you need: All you need is a printable Right-Left poem card, a circle of chairs, and a few gifts/prizes.

How to play the Right-Left bridal shower game: Guests are seated in a circle of chairs. The hostess hands out 1-3 gifts.

A poem is read that has the words LEFT and RIGHT mentioned many times throughout the story.

Guests pass the gifts in the direction that they hear. When the poem is finished, the guest holding the gift gets to keep it.

We have two different Right Left bridal shower game printable cards that you can grab for free. Enjoy!

Bridal Shower Mad Libs

Why people love it: Bridal Shower Mad Libs is a party favorite because it’s hilarious and every single response is different and unique.

What you need: To play the game you will need a Mad Libs game card and an answer key card for each guest. Every player will also need something to write with.

How to play Bridal Shower Mad Libs: Each guest fills in the words on their answer card and then transfers those answers to the Mad Libs game card. The result is a funny version of the couple’s wedding vows.

For a complete list of instructions and a free printable game card/answer card (print as many as you need for your shower), you can check out our post here.

Some additional games that we will be covering in the next few weeks are:

  • Bridesmaids, The Game
  • The Apron Game
  • Where Were We?
  • Two Truths and a Lie
  • Save the Date
  • Famous Couples
  • Name That Cake
  • Find the Guest
  • Wedding Movie Charades
  • How Old Were They?
  • Date Jar
  • Guess How Many Kisses
  • The Newlywed Game
  • Who Said It?
  • Crossword Puzzle
  • Wedding Trivia
  • Bridal Shower Pictionary
  • Ring Hunt
  • Pass the Presents
  • Candy Bar Game
  • Newlywed Tip Jar
  • Candy Match
  • Movie Love Quotes
  • Toilet Paper Game
  • Drop Your Panties! (Panty-Underwear Game) – This game might be considered a little Naughty/Risqué so know your audience. If the bride-to-be has a grandma coming who might not appreciate this game, maybe save it for the bachelorette party.

A bridal party wearing robes talking about the funny bridal shower games they played at the bride's shower

How Many Games Should Be Played at a Bridal Shower?

Choosing how many games to play at a bridal shower will depend on many things including how long the shower will last, the location, the number of guests, and the personality of the bride (and the rest of the group).

Typically, you should plan on one game per hour. Most bridal showers last between 2-4 hours so 2-4 games would be considered normal.

What Are Some Good Prizes for Bridal Shower Games? Do you Even Need Prizes?

Prizes are a fun addition to add to your games. I mean who doesn’t love free stuff?

If you are going to offer prizes for the game winners, try to make it something that your friends and family will actually use.

Here are a few ideas for bridal shower game prizes:

  • Gift cards (Amazon, Target, Starbucks, or your favorite restaurant)
  • Coffee mugs
  • Candles
  • Wine
  • Homemade treats (cookies, candies, or local food items are great ideas)
  • Gift baskets

Update: We just put together an article with 50 amazing ideas for bridal shower game prizes.

You might want to consider having a cool prize for 1st place, and then smaller prizes for 2nd and 3rd place.

Do I have to give out prizes to the game winners?

Absolutely not! Your guests are there to have fun and spend time with you. If you prefer a more minimalistic approach to the bridal shower, do not feel bad about skipping prizes. Your guests will not care.

Bridal Shower Activities That Aren’t Games (What can you do instead?)

But what if we think bridal shower games are lame?

If bridal shower games are not your cup of tea, here are a few ideas to try with your friends and family:

  • Our #1 tip for your shower no matter whether games are played or not, is great food. Spend some time planning this out.
  • Have a custom jewelry station (guests will leave with a one-of-a-kind keepsake)
  • Enjoy a little wine tasting (get a few bottles of wine from wineries that are local to you)
  • Set up a mimosa bar
  • Lawn games (Giant Jenga, croquet, cornhole, etc…)
  • Cocktail competition (have guests team up in small groups and create their best recipes)
  • Cookie Decorating
  • Selfie/Photobooth station (set up a small printer and album so guests can’t print photos to put in your book with a nice personalized message)

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