Fun Bridal Shower Mad Libs (Free Printable Wedding Game)

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Bridal Shower Mad Libs is one of the most hilarious games to play at your bridal shower or wedding shower.

It is a great game for guests of all ages.

The object of the game is to complete the couple’s wedding vows (without knowing what you’re actually writing).

Here is what we cover in this post:

  • What you’ll need to play
  • How to play mad libs at a bridal shower
  • A free printable that includes two different mad libs game cards.
  • More bridal shower game ideas and planning tips
Three bridal shower mad libs game cards
Download your free printable Mad Libs game cards below

Free Bridal Shower Mad Libs PDF Game Cards

Download two free printables for your Mad Libs game. We included a game card for the groom’s vows and a game card for the bride’s vows in the downloadable PDF. We also included the answer card for each.

Grab Your Free Printable Bridal Shower Mad Libs Cards

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    Overview of Mad Libs

    In case you have never played a Mad Libs game, here are a few of the basics so you understand the game:

    Wedding Shower Mad Libs is more of an activity for a good laugh than it is a game.

    Mad Libs are short stories (or wedding vows in the case of this wedding day version) where specific words have been left out.

    Whenever there are blank spaces in the story, the game card will tell you what kind of word needs to be filled in (noun, adjective, verb, etc.).

    But the game would not be much fun if you were allowed to simply write in words wherever you wanted.

    To make it a lot more fun, you are given a separate answer key card that has a numbered list.

    Each numbered line will ask you for a kind of word (noun, verb, adjective, color, etc.).

    So you are filling in the game answers without knowing where in the story those words will go.

    Once you are finished filling out your answer card, you then transfer those answers to the main story card.

    The results are typically hilarious and your friends and family members will love the results.

    Okay, now that you know what the game of Mad Libs is, let’s make sure you have everything you need.

    What You Need To Play

    Here are the items that you will need to play Bridal Shower Mad Libs:

    • Two Bridal Shower Mad Libs game cards for each guest (one card with the wedding vows and one for the answers that you will transfer to the wedding vows card)
    • A pencil or pen for each guest to write with

    How To Play Bridal Shower Mad Libs

    Mad Libs is a great bridal shower party game. It’s easy to play and your guests will love it.

    Here is how to set up and play this fun game:

    • Hand out a Mad Lib answer key card to each guest (and something to write with)
    • Have each player write their name at the bottom of the card
    • Instruct the players to fill in each line with the type of word that the card is asking for (noun, adjective, names of the bride and groom, etc.)
    • Once all guests have finished filling in their answers, hand out a Mad Lib wedding Vows card to each player.
    • Have the guests transfer their answers to the wedding vows card.
    • At the end of the game, have each player read their card or hand in all of the cards and have the bride or maid of honor read them out loud.

    Wedding Shower Mad Libs (Vows for Bride and Groom)

    Here is a really funny mad libs story to use for your party game. It’s your chance to write the couple’s wedding vows for their big day:

    I, (Bride’s name) take you (Groom’s name), to be my (Adjective) husband, my constant (Noun),

    my (Adjective) partner, and my love from this day forward.

    In the presence of (Famous person), our (Plural noun), and (Proper noun), I offer you my (Adjective) vow to be your (Adjective) (Noun) in sickness and in (Noun), in good times, and in (Unpleasant adjective) times.

    I promise to (Verb) you unconditionally and to always (Verb) and (Verb).

    You have made me the (Adjective ending in est) person in the world.

    I look forward to holding you by the (Body part) and looking into your (Body part) for the rest of our lives.

    *Other versions of this awesome game include Wedding Mad Libs, Mad Libs RSVP Card, and How They Met (A Funny Love Story)

    A bridal shower mad libs game card and the answer key card
    Download your free printable for wedding shower Mad Libs (Towards the top of this post)

    Downloading and Printing Your Mad Libs Game Cards

    You can download our free Mad Lib cards towards the top of this article.

    Once you download your printable digital file, you can print as many game cards as you want using a home printer, or you can take it to your favorite print shop (like Staples or Office Max).

    Canva also has an online print shop that I have heard great things about. Another place that does high-quality printing is Prints of Love

    If you want your game cards to have a rustic look, I recommend printing them on brown kraft paper

    We have put together a great resource for different kinds of paper and nice heavy card stock if you plan on printing your cards at home using your own printer.

    If you want more than the free version that we offer in this download, we sell a 28-game bundle that can be completely customized and personalized using a FREE Canva account.

    Each game bundle that we sell in our shop comes with editable templates.

    All of the game bundles come with an instant download link so you can personalize your own cards right away.

    Some of the games included in the bundle are:

    • Memory Lane
    • Bridal Bingo
    • He Said She Said
    • Bridal Jeopardy (A fan favorite of bridal shower guests)
    • Scattergories
    • What’s in Your Purse?
    • Emoji Pictionary
    • Over or Under
    • Disney Love Songs
    • And so much more!

    We also offer Mother of the Bride planners, Maid of Honor planners, bridal shower planners, full wedding planners, and more. All of the items in our shop are inexpensive and all of them can be printed as-is, or you can customize/personalize them in Canva using a free account.

    You can check out our shop here.

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