Bridal Shower Ring Game (Free Printable) Put A Ring On It

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If you’re looking for a fun and interactive game to play at a pre-wedding shower, the bridal shower ring game is for you!

Here is what we cover:

Three different bridal shower ring game cards with a white background
Download all 3 of these 8×10 bridal shower ring hunt game signs below

Free Printable Ring Game (Put A Ring On It) Game Card Download

We have included three different printable Ring Game printable signs in this free PDF.

Download your free Ring Game signs below

Grab All 3 Of These Free Bridal Shower Ring Game Signs

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    How To Play The Ring Game At A Bridal Shower

    Here is a quick overview of The Ring Game (Also known as Put A Ring On It):

    Each guest starts with a ring and whenever someone says the no-no words that are listed on the game sign, such as “bride” or “wedding,” another guest who hears it can take their ring.

    The guest with the most rings at the end of the party wins!

    It’s a fun and exciting way to get guests engaged with each other.

    Here are the basic instructions for how to play the ring game:

    • Put your Ring Game sign and all of the fake rings on the welcome table where guests are coming in.
    • Have the hostess tell guests to take a ring on their way in (this way she can also quickly explain the game if they have questions).
    • Throughout the shower, guests take the rings from each other as they hear people say “bride”, “wedding”, or whatever words you choose as your no-no words.
    • Once the bride has opened her last wish, have the guests count their rings.
    • The guest who collected the most wins gets the prize (have a second prize in case of a tie)

    What Do You Need To Play The Bridal Shower Ring Game?

    Here are the basic things you will need to play the ring game:

    3 Different Sayings and Poems You Can Use For The Ring Game At A Bridal Shower or Wedding Shower

    Here are three different poems and saying that you can use for The Ring Game if making your own game cards (we also include these 3 in our free printable download above):

    Please take a ring. Hold on to it tight!
    Try not to say “bride” with all of your might!
    If you hear someone say “bride”, snatch up their ring.
    To win at the end, collect the most bling!

    Take one of these rings and don’t let it go.
    Saying the word ‘bride’ is a big game no-no.
    If you hear someone say ‘bride’, you get their ring.
    To win in the end, collect the most bling!

    Please take a ring and wear it with pride
    Try not to say ‘wedding’ or ‘bride’
    If someone slips up, they give up their ring
    The winner is the guest who has the most bling

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