67 Best Brother and Sister Wedding Dance Songs (Siblings)

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If you have a special bond with your sister or brother, we have put together the perfect song list for your sister and brother wedding dance. Many siblings share a very special relationship and we think that we have found the best music to express that brotherly-sisterly love.

What is a Good Song For The Brother and Sister Dance at A Wedding Reception?

How should you go about choosing a great song to dance with your sibling to?

You can simply pick one of the songs from our list below (there are so many great choices).

Another way to pick out music is to use a song that brings back great memories (of your childhood or even your relationship as you both got a little older). It could be a song from a movie that you both watched 100 times together or even music from the decade that you were in school together.

It doesn’t have to be a mushy-gushy song about sibling love. Choose a funny song if that fits your personality better.

A groom dancing with his sister at the wedding reception. they are dancing to the groom's favorite song.

Here are some song ideas to get you started (you can click the song title to listen to each song):

A bride dancing with her brother at the wedding

Country Songs

For more amazing country song ideas, check out this new article we put together: The best country wedding songs to use on your big day (over 400 songs!).

How do I Include My Sister or Brother In My Wedding?

There are many ways to include your brother or sister in your wedding day.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Do a special dance with them at the reception (choose one of the songs from above or come up with a great selection of your own).
  • Include them as one of the bridesmaids, groomsmen, maid of honor, or best man.
  • Have them do a special toast during the reception.
  • Make them one of the readers at your ceremony.
  • Ask them to get ready with you and your wedding party the morning of the wedding
  • Have funny shirts made that say “best-bro” or “sis-of-honor”

More Wedding Music Suggestion For your Wedding Day

A fun idea for the brother and sister dance (the entire wedding party joins in about halfway through):

Another awesome dance video mash-up of a brother and sister (other family joins in too):

A really fun brother and sister wedding dance video:

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