Wedding at Cira Centre Atrium at JG Domestic | Sara & Zach

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Sara and Zach were married at The Cira Centre Atrium at JG Domestic in Philadelphia, PA. Read all of the details below.

Here are some our favorite photos from J&J Studios, LLC:

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Here are a few of the amazing wedding professionals who helped make the day a success:

Here are a few dun details that went into the planning of Sara and Zach’s Cira Centre Atrium wedding:

Q: Tell us about your wedding! What was the inspiration behind your day? 

The inspiration came from tying together the bride’s love of “living life out loud,” and liking the color pallet of blue and green.

Additionally, we wanted the overall vibe to be elegant but also very fun and relaxed.

The groom loves animals, so incorporating peacock feathers seemed like the perfect vessel to build out the wedding décor and overall style.

The bride is a foodie and has eaten her way through Philadelphia.

The bride and groom have both been living in Philadelphia the last couple of years and recently bought a home in Fairmount.

The Philly “theme” was also incorporated by picking a venue that highlights the Philly skyline, a caterer that is well known in Philly (especially highlighted in the village whiskey sliders and distrito tacos,” and of course having federal donuts and Philly soft pretzels at the wedding.

Q: Do you have any wedding planning or marriage advice that you’d like to share with other couples planning their day?

When planning a wedding it is helpful to talk to your significant other and be on the same page for what you both want out of the special day.  

This will help when different family members and friends try to add in their input. 

Also keep in mind the purpose behind getting married and the long term game, this will help sweating the small stuff. 

I was really busy at work when I was planning my wedding and leading up to the wedding, so surrounding myself with a great support system was key.

My mom and sister worked with all of the vendors and finalized details, communicated timelines, thought through all of the last minute details and made decisions on our behalf. 

It was amazing having so much help.  

It was also nice that since I didn’t know every detail, I was experiencing the wedding through the eyes of the guests and being surprised about many things. 

I also had no idea if anything went wrong since I wasn’t involved in every single detail. 

It was helpful creating different folders in my email for each vendor working on the wedding to stay organized, google docs that were able to be shared between Zach and myself and excel documents with packing lists, to-do lists and follow up items. 

Here are some more wedding planning resources that can be found on the PA Unveiled website:

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