37 Combined Parent Wedding Dance Songs (Joint Reception)

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Some couples choose to do the father-daughter & mother-son dance at the same time, using the same song at their wedding reception.

By doing a combined parents dance, it allows you to share the dance floor as a group. This is a good option for couples and parents who do not like to be the center of attention.

a mother and son doing a combined wedding dance with a father and daughter to their favorite songs at a wedding reception.

What Is A Good Song For A Combined Parent Dance At A Wedding?

The key to choosing a great song for a joint parent dance (father-daughter/mother-son) is to pick a song that does not mention daughters or sons specifically.

You also want to try and stay away from love songs that are obviously talking about two people who are romantically involved.

Here are our favorite combined parent wedding dance songs:

a mother and son doing a dance together at a wedding reception.

A few tips on doing a combined (joint) parent dance at your wedding:

  • Make sure you choose a song that is at least 3-4 minutes long (and don’t have your DJ cut it short) – The reason for this is because your wedding photographer and videographer will need the time to get some really nice photos and video of everyone on the dance floor. You want to give them enough time to get the footage and photos that you need. Trust us, you will really appreciate these photos later on in life.
  • You can extend the dance by inviting other family members to the floor – Have your DJ play 2 full songs. During the first song, it will be the father-daughter & mother-son. Then for the 2nd song, the DJ can announce all parents and siblings (even grandparents) to the dance floor. Each person dances with their significant other. This can make for some amazing moments and photos.

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