470 Best Country Wedding Songs (First Dance) For 2024

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You are in the right place if you are looking for the best country songs for your wedding ceremony or reception!

Find the perfect country song for any part of your wedding day by visiting the following sections:

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Country First Dance Songs

Check out these country songs that are absolutely perfect for the first dance on your wedding day. You can’t go wrong with any of these. There won’t be a dry eye in the house.

We also have an entire article dedicated to first dance songs (a variety of music styles).

A bride and groom with cowboy hats. This is for the best country songs for your wedding first dance.

New Country Songs To Use On Your Wedding Day

These are the newest country hits (from the past few years) to include on your wedding day.

Classic Country Wedding Songs

For fans of older country and western songs, you will find some popular choices for any part of your special day. This list is also perfect for couples looking for 80’s country wedding songs.

If you love songs from the 80s, check out this article: 350 wedding songs from the 80s to use on your big day.

We are thinking of adding some old outlaw country songs to this list. Send us a quick message on Instagram if you would like us to add a few of these to the article.

Country Songs For the Father-Daughter Dance or The Mother and Son Dance

If you are having a hard time choosing the perfect father-daughter dance or mother-son dance, these amazing choices should help you get started.

If you are looking for more songs for the parent dances (lots of different music styles), check out our articles on the best father-daughter dance songs or the top mother-son dance songs.

A bride and bridesmaids wearing cowboy boots

Country Songs To Walk Down The Aisle To (Processional Music)

We absolutely love these song choices to start your wedding ceremony.

Country Wedding Recessional Songs (Walking Back Down The Aisle As Newlyweds)

You did it! You are married. Time to walk back down the aisle as your family and friends cheer you on. Let’s make sure we give them the perfect song to fit the mood.

A bride and bridesmaid dancing to cotton eyed joe at a wedding reception. that is one of the best country songs to use for a wedding reception.

Acoustic Country Songs For Your Wedding

Here are a few acoustic songs to use on your wedding day.

Feel Good and Fun Country Songs For Getting Ready With Your Wedding Party

You definitely want to start the day off with a fun vibe. These songs are perfect for putting smiles on the faces of you and your bridal party while getting your hair and makeup done (or doing whatever it is the guys are doing. Let’s be honest here, the guys have it pretty darn easy on the wedding day morning).

We recommend making a playlist ahead of time with your getting-ready music. Then grab a small portable Bluetooth speaker like this or this on Amazon, and turn it up in the getting-ready room.

Country Line Dance Songs That Are Perfect For Your Wedding Reception

Get those cowboy boots on the dance floor and have your DJ play one of these songs (or all of them).

If you want more ideas for line dance songs, check out this new article we published: 97 Best Line Dance Songs For Weddings.

Wedding guests dancing to footloose at a wedding reception.

Upbeat Country Songs For Your Wedding Reception Dance Floor

The fun upbeat country songs are perfect for getting your family and friends out on the dance floor.

Looking for some fun inspiration for your first dance, or a group dance between you and some of the bridal party? Check out this fun final scene from the newer version of Footloose. So fun! (If this video is not loading on your phone, you can check it out on YouTube here).

Country Slow Dance Love Songs for Couples

If you are looking for romantic songs to use for your wedding reception (or any other part of your wedding day), these country love songs are perfect to set the mood.

If you are looking for more awesome song ideas, check out these love songs made for him.

Cowboy boots on the dance floor at a wedding.

Perfect Songs For The Bridal Party (And Newly Married Couple) Reception Entrance

Get the party started right with one of these fun songs.

You can also check out our full list of bridal party entrance songs (lots of different styles of music on this list).

Country Songs For The Wedding Exit Or Last Song

Well, it’s time to say goodnight, but let’s make sure we end the wedding reception with the perfect song. We love these popular choices.

Additional Wedding Planning Tips and Resources

Here are a few more wedding-related articles that you might fin helpful:

More Country Wedding Resources

We asked.
You answered.
We listened.

You want more resources for your country and rustic-themed weddings, and more ideas and resources you shall receive!

In the coming weeks, we will be putting together multiple articles that cover the following:

  • Country-style wedding dresses.
  • Rustic wedding table decorations, centerpieces, and cake toppers.
  • Country-themed wedding decor.
  • Rustic wedding ideas by season (fall, winter, spring, and summer).
  • How-to videos on popular country line dances for your wedding.
  • Rustic wedding details like cakes, invitations, shoes/boots, etc.
  • And lots more!

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