107 Best Dollar Dance Wedding Songs (Money Dance 2024)

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The dollar dance (or money dance) is a fun tradition to include at your wedding reception. You might be asking, “What is a good dollar dance song to use during the money dance?”

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

Here is what we will cover:

A bride getting money thrown at her during the dollar dance. This is for the article called best dollar dance songs for a wedding
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Funny dollar dance songs (that reference money in some way)

This is where you will find a good dollar dance song if you want to keep it more light-hearted and fun. Most of these songs reference money or making money in some way. Have fun with it!

Traditional money dance songs (slow dollar dance songs)

For couples who just want a nice song to dance to, we have some great music choices for you:

A maid of honor collection money for the dollar dance at a wedding recpetion. This is for the article called best dollar dance songs at a wedding.

Country dollar dance songs

If you are having a country or rustic-themed wedding, you might want to consider one of these country songs for the dollar dance:

*For more country wedding songs, check out this fun article: 470 country music songs for your wedding day.

Upbeat and unique songs for the money dance

For couples who are looking to do something non-traditional, play one or two of these fun upbeat dance songs. Get your guests out on the dance floor showing off their best dance moves during the dollar dance. This will definitely be great for wedding photos and video.

A bride and groom dancing to an upbeat song during the dollar dance at their wedding recpetion.

Frequently asked questions about the dollar dance/money dance (FAQ)

How many songs for the dollar dance?

How many songs should you choose for the dollar dance (money dance)?

This depends on how many guests you have at your wedding reception.

For the average wedding size (around 150 guests), you can expect your DJ to play 2 songs for the dollar dance. Once the line starts getting towards the end, your DJ can simply fade the last song and go back to open dancing

*Tip: Since your dance floor will be empty when the dollar dance is over, we recommend having your DJ play a slow song for couples to get them all back on the dance floor.

What is the dollar dance?

The dollar dance, or money dance, is a tradition where guests offer the newly married couple money to dance with them.

To learn about the history of the money dance, check out this article from Brides.com.

How do you do the dollar dance?

There are many different ways to do the money dance since it has roots in many different cultures and countries.

In the United States, we typically do the dollar dance like this:

  • Your DJ announces the dollar dance and let’s guests know that they can give whatever amount they want to share a quick dance with the bride or groom (or two brides or two grooms).
  • The best man and maid of honor hold a basket or box (this is where the money will go) and form two lines.
  • Guests get into the line for the person that they want to dance with.
  • Each guest puts their dollar (or whatever they want to give) into the basket/box
  • They head onto the dance floor and dance for a while (the amount of time will depend on how many guests are in line). If there are not a lof of people waiting, you can let them dance longer. If there is a huge line, the best man or maid of honor can send the next person in line out to cut in.
  • The goal is to keep the dollar dance to about 2 songs.

Is the dollar dance tacky?

Some people consider the dollar dance outdated and tacky, but it can be a fun tradition if you want to keep your wedding more traditional (doing things like bouquet/garter, shoe game, anniversary dance, etc.).

We personally love to see when couples opt for a fun upbeat song instead of a slow song. The reason we like it so much is it gets your guests out there having a great time (better photos and video too!).

If you haven’t already, check out the upbeat song list above.

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