150 Best Father Daughter Dance Songs at Weddings (2024)

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Father-daughter dance songs come in a really wide range of styles.

We asked over 250 brides and wedding DJs what they thought were the best father-daughter dance songs for 2024.

We have put together an awesome list of their answers (with audio samples) to help you out.

Here is what we cover:

a father-of-the-bride sharing a wedding dance with his daughter to one of our father-daughter dance songs on the list
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Our Favorite Father-Daughter Songs

Check out this video to see how you can use free AI tools like ChatGPT to find the perfect wedding song for your father-daughter dance:

ChatGPT can come up with personalized wedding songs for the father-daughter dance based on the information you provide.

Slow Tempo Father-Daughter Wedding Dance Songs

An emotional bride and father of the bride doing a dance together at the wedding reception. They are dancing to their favorite song.

Medium/Upbeat Father-Daughter Wedding Dance Songs

Country Songs For Your Father-Daughter Dance

If you want even more country song ideas, we have put together the ultimate list of country wedding songs to use on your big day (over 400 songs!)

A bride hugging her dad after doing the father daughter dance at the wedding reception. They danced to two of their favorite songs.

The songs above got the most votes from our poll. Below are some of the honorable mentions that might give you a few additional ideas:

Acoustic Father-Daughter Dance Songs For A Wedding

These acoustic dance songs are some of our personal favorites from the entire list. Many of these songs are acoustic covers of some of the more famous father-daughter dance songs. Definitely give a few of these a listen.

A bride and father of the bride doing a fun wedding reception dance to their favorite songs. Both of them are wearing sunglasses.

Ask yourself a couple of questions when choosing the best song to dance to with your father:

  • Do you already have a favorite song that makes you think about your dad?
  • Do you want the song to be emotional?
  • Do you want a more upbeat and fun song?
  • Do you love country music?

By choosing the perfect dad-and-daughter dance song, there won’t be a dry eye in the room.

Once you are finished here, make sure you check out our best mother-son wedding dance songs. Plus you can check out our ultimate list of 197 of the best wedding reception dance songs.

A few brides that we talked to gave us some great ideas for those whose fathers have passed away. Here are some of the thoughts/ideas that they shared:

  • Have a mother-daughter dance instead (We are putting together a list this week for mother-daughter dance songs. Come back shortly to see it)
  • Dance with the person you chose to walk you down the aisle, or another important person in your life (your brother, uncle, godfather, etc.) “The Way You Look Tonight” by Frank Sinatra is a great choice for this.
  • Play one of your father’s favorite songs and have everyone join in on the dance floor for a celebration (we loved this idea!)

Frequently Asked Questions About Father-Daughter Dance Songs For A Wedding

Here are some of the most common questions that couples have about father-daughter dance songs for a wedding. If you have a question that you want an answer to, please leave a comment below and we will answer it for you.

Does the bride dance with her father first?

Typically the couple shares the first dance right after being announced into the wedding reception. The father-daughter dance happens next followed by the mother-son dance. If you want to space things out, you can also do the parent dances right after dinner.

What is the best Father-Daughter Wedding Song Dance?

The best song choice for the father-daughter dance at a wedding is the song that has the most meaning to you and your dad. If you can’t think of a good song, ask your dad if he has a song that reminds him of you. Or you can simply choose one of his favorite songs.

How do you choose a father-daughter dance song?

Choosing the perfect song for the father-daughter dance at a wedding can be a lot of fun. Think of a few songs that remind you of your dad. Or ask your dad if he has a few songs that remind him of you. Once you have your list, listen to the lyrics and pick your favorite.

What does the father-daughter dance symbolize?

The father-daughter dance is the perfect opportunity for the bride to honor her dad on the wedding day. It’s a very sweet moment that allows the bride and her father to share and show the special bond that they have together.

If you are looking to do something different and fun for your father-daughter dance, we found this amazing video! You should definitely watch it for some fun ideas:

Check out more of our wedding song choices and additional wedding planning resources:

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