200 Best First Dance Songs For Wedding (Popular For 2024)

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Are you looking for a list of first dance songs to use on your wedding day?

After polling 25 DJs and 200 couples, we have put together the ultimate list of music we know you’ll love for your first dance (updated for 2024).

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A bride and groom doing their first dance at the wedding reception. They are dancing to their favorite song

Classic Wedding Songs For The First Dance (Oldies But Goodies)

Everybody loves a great classic first dance song. Here are a few of our favorites:

Songs From The 80s

The 1980’s produced some amazing songs. Here are a few of our favorites that would be perfect for your 1st dance:

If you love songs from the 80s, you will love this article that features over 300 of the best 80s songs to use for your wedding!

90s Songs

The 1990’s was a fun generation for music. We love these hits to use for your first dance:

A bride and groom dancing to their favorite song at the wedding reception

Top Country First Dance Songs

If it’s one thing that country music artists do well, it’s writing great love songs. Use one of these for your first dance.

For even more country first dance songs (and songs to use on the rest of your wedding day), check our newest article: The best country songs for your wedding day (over 400 songs!).

Rock and Roll Songs (Including Alternative and Classic Rock)

Rock ballads and classic rock songs for the win!

Two brides doing a first dance at their wedding to a favorite song

R&B First Dance Songs (Including Motown and Old School Hits)

We love the amazing sound of these hits! They would all make a perfect song choice for the first dance.

Best Acoustic First Dance Songs

These acoustic songs are absolutely beautiful for any wedding.

A bride and groom doing a fun dance at their wedding. It is their first dance and they are dancing to their favorite songs.

New (Modern) Hits

We will be updating this section a few times each year with the newest hits for your first dance.

Funny and Non-Traditional First Dance Ideas That Are Truly Unique

If you are looking for something fun and unique, these are the funniest ideas we have seen:

A bride kissing the groom on the dance floor during their wedding first dance.

Most Romantic Love Songs To Play During The First Dance

If you’re a sucker for romance, these first dance songs will be a perfect fit for you.

If you adore romantic love songs, check out these articles:

Fun and Upbeat Music Choices

For couples looking for songs that aren’t so slow, try these out:

A couple dancing their first dance at their wedding. Tey are dancing to one of their favorite songs.

What Are The Top 10 Most Popular First Dance Songs At A Wedding? (Most Requested/Best Ever)

We asked DJs and couples what they thought were the most popular first dance songs. These were the top choices:

This is an awesome first dance using a really fun song mashup

If you are viewing this on your phone, you might need to click over to YouTube to watch. Here is the link.

And here is another amazing first dance

Click here if viewing on your phone (if the video does not open below)

Additional Wedding Songs and Music For your Wedding

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