50 Game Prizes for Bridal Shower Guests Will Love

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Are you looking for the best game prizes for the bridal shower you are planning or hosting? If so, you have come to the right place!

When planning a bridal shower, you will most likely plan a few games for the guests and bride-to-be. We get asked many questions about what games to play, and if the game winners should get prizes.

Yes! Bridal shower games are a lot of fun to include at your party, but game prizes for the winners do not have to cost a lot of money. In fact, we have come up with some great prize ideas that are as cheap as a dollar or two.

Here is what we will cover (feel free to use these links to see the section you want most):

Unique Bridal Shower Prizes For Games

If you want your bridal shower or wedding shower guests to get excited about playing the games that you have picked out, you should consider offering some fun or unique prizes for the winners of each game.

You can always do simple prizes like gift cards (anyone can put a gift card to good use), but if you want a few unique ideas, these items below will get you started on the right track.

Handmade candles

We love these soy candles (handmade in Pittsburgh, PA) by SweetWaterDecor on Etsy.

A close up of a woman holding handmade candles. This is for the article called game prizes for bridal shower.
These handmade candles are amazing!

Wine-themed dish towels

We love these handmade wine-themed dish towels from DoTakeItPersonally on Etsy.

wine themed dish towels
These wine-themed hand towels make fantastic game prizes for a bridal shower

Coffee mugs

A custom-made coffee mug makes a great game prize at a bridal shower or wedding shower. There are tons of options in their store. Handmade and sold by EclipseMugs on Etsy.

coffee mugs with funny saying on them. This is for the bridal shower game prizes article
A great gift idea or game prize for a wedding shower or bridal shower

Flavored coffee bombs

The perfect gift for coffee lovers! They would be great to give out as a game prize at your bridal shower or wedding shower. Made and sold by MiasSweetsEmporium on Etsy.

A photo of flavored coffee bombs on a table
You can have these flavored coffee treats completely customized.

Fun card games

Fun card games are the perfect game prize for just about anybody. The great thing about these games is that they can be played with groups of friends or family.

Card games would be perfect prizes for a bridal shower, wedding shower, couples shower, or engagement party.

A collection of card games to give out as bridal shower game prizes
Goat Lords and Happy Salmon are our two favorites

These games will definitely keep everybody laughing. We personally own and have played all of the games listed below.

Bottle of wine with a custom label

A great bridal shower game prize idea would be the gift of wine!

Pick up a few bottles of your favorite wine and have cute custom labels put on them.

You can customize the label any way you want. You could put the name of the bride-to-be and the bridal shower date, or you can simply put a cute or funny saying on the bottle. Here are a few funny wine captions that you could add to your custom label.

We love these custom labels by LabelYourLife on Etsy.

wine bottle with custom bridal shower labels on them.
These custom wine bottles would make great bridal shower games prices, or you could simply give these out as favors to your guests.

Schitt’s Creek wine bottle labels

These custom Schitt’s Creek wine bottle labels would make a great gift or prize for your bridal shower (or any other occasion). Made and sold by AccordingToL on Etsy.

shitts creek custom label wine bottles
There are so many fun labels to choose from in their Etsy store.

Golden Girls custom wine bottle labels

We absolutely love these Golden Girls wine labels. Also made and sold by AccordingToL on Etsy.

wine bottles with custom made golden girls labels on them
Seriously, does it get any better than this!?

Hand-decorated shortbread cookies

These handmade and hand-decorated shortbread cookies are absolutely amazing! Made and sold by CarriageHouseCookies on Etsy.

A photo of hand decorated cookies on a tray. This is for the best game prizes for a bridal shower article.
These shortbread cookies are hand-decorated with edible flowers and herbs

Bridal Shower Prizes Under $10 (Inexpensive Game Prize Ideas)

Game prizes for the bridal shower do not have to cost a lot of money. Many times, people hear the words “cheap” or “affordable” and think that it has to mean poor quality. We have picked out a few items that prove that that’s not the case.

Here are a few awesome game prize ideas that are only $10 or under.

Mini spa gift set

This mini-spa pack makes the perfect game prize for your bridal shower. Each set includes your choice of lip balm Plus one single-use herbal facial steam, pink clay facial mask, or foot soak salts. Made and sold by GraceBloomCo on Etsy.

A mini spa gift set sitting on a table
Choose between 3 different combinations (mix and match) for your mini spa kit.

Handmade bath salts

These bath salts from GraceBloomCo on Etsy smell amazing!

bath salts in bags sitting on table
Fantastic scents to choose from. These make great prizes for your bridal shower games.

Funny novelty socks

These custom novelty socks are such a fun bridal shower game prize idea. Made and sold by CarlyAndCass on Etsy. Check out their store for many more options.

funny socks that say bring me wine of them
This store has so many fun options and colors to choose from.

Bridal Shower Prizes Under $5 (Cheap Prize Ideas)

If you are having a larger bridal shower or wedding shower, you might want to consider some of these under $5 game prizes. Don’t let the price fool you. These items and products are awesome!

These handmade soaps from FleurdeLysss on Etsy are amazing!

A few bars of handmade soap sitting on a table. This is for the article named bridal shower games prizes guests will love
These handmade bars of soap can be customized with 30 different scents.


These adorable succulents make a great game prize or favor for your bridal shower or wedding shower. Made and sold by AceHorticulturalinks on Etsy.

 a photo of succulents sitting in little pots on a table
Depending on the pack you get, these end up costing only $2 or $3 each.

Bath salts

These single-use packs of bath salts make great bridal shower game prizes at a very affordable price. Made and sold by GraceBloomCo on Etsy.

mini bags of bath salts on a table
Choose from 5 different scents. Perfect bridal shower game prizes that only cost $5.

These stylish diamond pens from WhiteConfettiBox on Etsy are a super cute and affordable game prize idea for your bridal shower.

A group of diamond writing pens on a table
There are so many fun options to choose from.

Organic fizzy bath bombs

These organic bath bombs are the perfect game prize for your wedding shower or bridal shower. Handmade and sold by NaturalAmor on Etsy.

little scented bath bombs on a table
Over 10 different scents to choose from. These smell amazing!

Unique lip balms

We love these fun and unique lip balms from BluePoppyBath on Etsy. Check out their store for over 15 different flavors.

Funny flavored lip balms in a dish
These unique lip balms make really fun game prizes for your shower (and for under $5)

Game prize ideas for Wedding Shower or Couples Shower (Co-ed) – Jack and Jill Party

Many of the items above are targeted at women, so what do you do if you are having a wedding shower or a couples shower (a shower where both partners and their families/friends are there)? Sometimes a coed party is referred to as a Jack and Jill party.

You can have game prizes specifically targeted towards winners who are female or male, or you can choose prizes that are a little more neutral.

Wedding shower game prizes that men would like

If you are having a coed wedding shower, you might want to pick up a few game prizes that would some of the guys might like too. Here are a few ideas:

a pocket knife, portable speaker, and wine bottle on a table. This is for the article called best game prize ideas for a bridal shower or wedding shower
A few game prize ideas for guys at a wedding shower
  • Wine
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Pocket knife (utility knife)
  • Beer
  • Funny socks
  • Bottle opener

Wedding or couple’s shower game prizes that are great for both men and women

Some great ideas for wedding shower game prizes are:

Gift cards

You honestly can’t go wrong with a gift card, and one of the great things about them is you can make them for almost any price you want.

You usually buy 3-packs for $30 (3x $10 gift cards)

You can buy gift cards that are pretty universal (like Visa, Amazon, Target, Walmart, etc.), or you can pick up gift cards from local shops and stores if your shower guests live locally.

Bottle of wine

You can buy your favorite wine and buy one of the labels from the stores listed above (Here are a bunch of options from Etsy), or you can skip the custom label and purchase a few bottles from a local winery in your area. Your guests might love getting something from your area.

Coffee gifts

You could put together a coffee gift box or just pick up a few bags of your favorite coffee.

Here are a few great coffee ideas from Etsy.

coffee beans in a box
Coffee gifts are a great game prize idea for a wedding shower

Card games

Check out the list of card games that we included towards the top of this article for some great ideas. Almost all of the games that we mentioned are appropriate for both adults and kids (there are a few that I would keep kids away from).


Puzzles are a great game prize. The awesome thing about puzzles is that you can do a search on any topic and find amazing puzzles. So if your wedding shower or bridal shower has a specific theme, you can get a puzzle to match the theme (beach/tropical, wine, coffee, etc.).

Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers are a great game prize that almost anyone could use (I have one for my bedroom/bathroom, and another that I take anywhere I go).

We love this model on Amazon, and this one too.

We hope that this article sparked a few fun ideas for your bridal shower or wedding shower.

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