150 Funny Garter Removal and Bouquet Toss Songs (2024)

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What is a good garter toss song?

I asked hundreds of couples and DJs, and here is a complete list of every song that was mentioned. Some are more popular than others, but we included each song suggestion to give you a big variety to choose from.

In this post we will cover the following:

A bunch og guys diving to catch the garter that was tossed by the groom. The DJ was playing a funny garter removal and toss songs

The Best Songs To Use For the Garter Removal

Even though the songs listed in the section below say they are for the garter removal, feel free to use them for the garter toss as well.

We tried to organize it based on what we have seen over the years. But it’s your wedding day so please don’t feel like you have to follow a set of strict rules.

Definitely choose the song that best fits your personality, no matter which list it comes from. They are all fun choices!

A bunch of rowdy wedding guests diving for the garter after the groom tossed it to them. They removed the garter to a really funny song.
A groom removing the garter from the brides leg. The DJ is playing a funny song as he removes it.
A funny song is playing during the garter removal. This photo shows a groom removing the garter and a bunch of single guys trying to catch it after the groom tossed it to them.
A group of guys trying to catch the garter after the groom tossed it at the wedding reception.

Best Garter Toss Songs For The Wedding Reception

As mentioned in the section above, you can use these songs below for the garter removal or when the groom tosses the garter to the guys.

We have just seen these songs below as the more popular songs for the toss.

If you see a song from above that you want to use for the toss, go ahead and use it.

Your wedding day, your rules 🙂

A Few Country Songs For All You Cowboys and Cowgirls Out There

If you are looking for more country songs to use on your wedding day, check out our new article: The best country dance songs to use on your wedding day (over 400 songs!).

A bridesmaid jumping really high to catch the bouquet after the bride tossed it. The DJ was playing one of the bride's favorite songs

Fun Songs For The Bouquet Toss

You may be asking, what is a good bouquet toss song? Well, lucky for you, we have a few suggestions.

These are some of the most popular songs to use when tossing the bouquet:

A bride tossing the bouquet to a group of girls. The DJ was playing a funny song as the bride tossed the flowers.
A group of bridesmaids trying to catch the bridal bouquet after the bride tossed it during the wedding reception.

The Wedding Garter FAQ Section

We have planned and/or photographed over 450 weddings in the last 10 years and we have seen a lot of garter tosses. We are here to answer any questions that you might have. Below you will find the most common questions. If you have a question that you do not see below, leave a comment (or send us a DM on Instagram), and we will respond right away.

What leg does the garter go on?

The garter can go on either leg. Traditionally the bride wore garters on both legs to keep her stockings up.

Wear it on the leg that feels most comfortable. Which leg do you typically put your first sock on? This will probably be the same leg that you put your garter on.

Where on the bride’s leg does the garter get placed?

If only wearing one garter that will get tossed, it should go just above your knee (raise it up until it feels snug).

If you are wearing two garters (one to take home as a keepsake and another for the groom to throw), the garter that you are keeping should go on first, higher up on the leg. Then the toss garter will go on next (so it sits just below the keepsake garter). That way the groom can easily take off the toss garter without having to mess with the one you are taking home.

*Tip – Tell your partner which leg the garter is on just before they remove it.

A groom removing the garter from the bride's leg during the wedding reception.

How does the garter removal/toss work? Can we make up our own rules?

Let’s answer the second part of that question first.

Yes, you can make up your own rules. Many wedding day traditions are really outdated. you should only do things at your wedding that will make you and your partner happy. If the thought of your groom sticking his head under your dress in front of your parents and grandparents gives you an instant anxiety attack, you should probably leave that out of your reception timeline.

On the other hand, if the garter toss sounds like a great time, then definitely include it in your reception schedule.

  • For the removal of the garter, the bride typically sits in a chair in the middle of the dance floor.
  • As soon as your wedding DJ starts the song you picked out, the groom will make his way to the front of the bride.
  • The groom will take the garter off with his hand (or teeth) and show it to the crowd.
  • *A little tip – If you are uncomfortable with your groom going under your dress in front of your guests, have a talk beforehand. He can either reach up to get it with his hands, or you can simply hand him a garter to throw. Your wedding, your rules.

Once the garter has been removed, the DJ will ask all of the single guys to make their way to the dance floor.

The DJ will then play your requested song and give the groom a countdown for the toss.

When the groom tosses the garter, all of the single guests will do their best to get the garter.

The winner gets to keep the garter.

A guest just caught the garter that the groom threw to him

What does it mean if you catch the garter?

Just like the bouquet toss, the person who caught the garter was believed to be the next in line to be married.

Here in these modern times, it just means that you were the winner (and probably the most aggressive, haha!)

Who buys the wedding garter?

Anyone can buy a garter for the bride.

Here are a few ideas that people use for garters:

  • A garter that is passed down from a parent, grandparent, or another family member.
  • Design a garter with the logo of the college that the couple went to
  • The bridesmaids and/or mother-of-the-bride could go in on a gift to the bride
  • Maybe the bride wants to design something very specific. This is a great idea too!

Where did the garter toss/removal tradition come from? What does removing the garter represent?

Way back when it was believed that the bride’s wedding dress and accessories were good luck. Guests would actually fight and get really aggressive trying to rip pieces of clothing off of the bride. So the groom would “toss” a garter to them as they made a clean getaway. Yes, this wedding tradition is ridiculous!

Are there any good garter toss alternatives?

You can simply not do a garter toss. It’s an old tradition that is quickly going away. In the past few years, less than 50% of the couples that we have worked with have decided to do a garter toss.

If you are worried about losing your garter (maybe you want to keep it as a keepsake, or maybe it was passed down from another family member), you can simply keep yours on and hand your partner a toss garter to throw to the guys.

The wedding guest who caught the garter is now putting it on the leg of the girl who caught the bridal bouquet

Does the guy who caught the garter put it on the girl who caught the bouquet? Is that considered tacky?

You can do it either way. Some couples love embarrassing their guests. And some guests think that is a great time.

In the last few years, we have seen this less and less. We went back through the weddings that we planned and photographed over the past 3 years and only 40% of the weddings did a garter removal. Only 20% of the weddings had the guy who caught the garter put it on the leg of the girl who caught the bouquet.

You do whatever you think is the most fun.

The Bouquet Toss FAQ Section

What does tossing the bouquet mean? Why does a bride throw her bouquet?

Tossing the bouquet is a tradition that dates back to the 1800s (and possibly before). Other women thought that touching the bride (or even taking something that the bride was wearing) would bring them good luck. It’s pretty scary if you think about it.

The bride would toss her bouquet to the other women as a way to distract them as she made her getaway (better to lose your flowers than your dress, right?)

In these modern times, it’s simply a fun way to get all the single girls on the dance floor. Some people still think that catching the bouquet will bring them good luck.

How much does a toss bouquet cost?

This will depend on your total floral package. Ask your florist to make you a smaller (less expensive) bouquet to use for tossing. Or to keep costs down even further, go to your local grocery store and buy some flowers a few days before your wedding. You can make a simply toss bouquet for about $10.

Check out this video on how to make your own bouquet using store-bought flowers (you can also use fake flowers from a place like The Dollar Store):

Does the girl who catches the bouquet keep it?

Yes, the girl who catches the bouquet gets to keep it. If you want to keep your original bridal bouquet, make sure you get a toss bouquet to throw to the girls.

Is the bouquet toss necessary?

No, not at all. Just like any other wedding tradition, if you don’t want to do it, leave it out.

Guests will not care at all.

What are some alternatives to the bouquet toss?

If you want to replace the bouquet toss with a different tradition consider the anniversary dance.

If you love the idea of doing something with just the girls but don’t want to toss the bouquet, consider a dance where you invite only the girls to the dance floor and play something like “Love On Top” by Beyoncé or “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston.

A group of girls trying to catch the bouquet after the bride tossed it

Is it bad luck to catch the bouquet?

The tradition was that whoever caught the bouquet or garter would be the next to get married. So unless you are really against marriage, no, catching the bouquet is not considered bad luck.

More Fun Songs To Use On your Wedding Day

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