77 He Said She Said Bridal Shower Game (Sample Questions)

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The he said, she said bridal shower game is our top choice for fun games to play at your bridal shower, bachelorette party, or lingerie party (free printable below).

It is a great way to get your guests laughing and having a great time!

You can download your free game card below

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Other variations/names for he said, she said (we cover the other games and ways to play below) are:

  • The nearly-wed game (how well do I know my spouse?)
  • Who said it?
  • How well do you know the bride?
  • How well does the groom know the bride?
  • How well does the bride know the groom?

Download Your Free Printable He Said She Said Bridal Shower Game Card Below

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He Said She Said is one of the most popular games to play at a bridal shower or couple’s wedding shower

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    Below you will find an explanation of each version (including sample questions and ideas)

    Please note: We use the terms bride and groom throughout this post, but we know that many weddings have two brides or two grooms. Mentioning all combinations every time would make the post cluttered, so please know that you can simply change out the word bride or groom for any of these questions. 

    How to Play He Said, She Said (The Basic Version)

    1. Someone involved with throwing the shower should sit down with the bride and groom a week or 2 before the party and record their responses to the questions/statements that you choose (many samples and ideas can be found below). This can be done via email if needed, but it is so much better when you record the couple together as they give their answers.
    2. As the couple gives their responses, you make an answer key. If they agree, you choose either the bride or groom. If they disagree on who said/did what, you mark the answer as both. You can download our free printable PDF below with 15 fun questions.
    3. At the party, you will pass out cards with the questions that the couple responded to (in order) and a pencil or pen for each.
    4. You will read each statement to the guests.
    5. They will circle either the bride, the groom, or both.
    6. Once all questions/statements have been read, you will start with #1 and read the questions and then give the correct answer.
    7. Guest will give themselves 1 point for each correct answer.
    8. Each person adds up their points. The person with the most points wins the chosen prize (you can also have 2nd and 3rd prizes as well)

    Note: We highly recommend recording the bride and groom together as they give their answers. The video responses are a huge hit with guests. At the very least you should have an audio recording of the couple giving their answers. You can display the video on tv, tablet, or computer.

    A bride making a funny face at the groom after hearing his answers to the he said she said bridal shower game.

    Sample Questions and Statements for the He Said, She Said Bridal Shower Game

    • I proposed to him/her.
    • I have more patience.
    • I am the one who takes care of a spider in the house.
    • I am a grumpy morning person.
    • I am the clumsy one.
    • I’m the better driver.
    • I’ll be the first one to cry at the wedding.
    • I am the better dancer.
    • I take the most selfies.
    • I steal the covers.
    • I’m the funny one.
    • I’m the most likely to get lost when driving.
    • I take the longer shower.
    • I’m the biggest baby when I’m sick.
    • I pass the most gas.
    • I’m the most likely to make an impulse buy/purchase.
    • I am spending more time on the wedding plans.
    • I snore the loudest.
    • I initiated the first kiss.
    • I said “I love you” first.
    • I’m the most stubborn.
    • I’m better at folding laundry.
    • I take up most of the bed.
    • I own the most shoes.
    • I’m the most romantic.
    • I take charge of the remote control.
    • I am the biggest flirt.
    • I have the most obnoxious friends.
    • I’m the best cook
    • I’m the most likely to run out of gas when driving.

    For even more ideas, check out our wedding shoe game questions article. There are about 150 question ideas that would work for the He Said; She Said game.

    A bride laughing after hearing the groom's he said she said bridal shower answers

    How Well Does the Groom Know the Bride?

    In our opinion, this version of the game gets the biggest laughs from bridal shower guests (it can also be used for a lingerie party or bachelorette party). We recommend playing this version along with the basic version above (2 separate games). This way, the bride-to-be gets to be completely surprised by the questions/answers below.

    How to play

    1. Ask the groom a series of questions to see how well he knows the bride-to-be. This can be done via email, audio, or video. Note: Audio or video responses are going to get you the best laughs since you can hear/see the groom’s personality as he answers each question.
    2. At the bridal shower, bachelorette party, or lingerie party, pass out cards (and pencils/pens) with a numbered list (One line for each question you asked the groom).
    3. Read each question out loud and have the bride give her answer.
    4. Have each guest write yes/no if they think the groom will get the matching answer/response (it just needs to be close for a match)
    5. Play the audio or video of the groom giving his answer (or read it aloud if he did it via email).
    6. Each guest who guessed correctly gets 1 point.
    7. At the end of the game, each person adds up their points.
    8. The guest with the most points wins the prize (if this is a large party, you can also do 2nd place and 3rd place prizes)
    A bride and bridesmaids playing the he said she said bridal shower game while drinking champagne

    Questions to ask the groom about the bride

    • What is her biggest celebrity crush?
    • Does she snore?
    • What was the first thing you noticed about her?
    • What is her favorite color?
    • What movie or tv character matches her personality the most?
    • Who is her celebrity doppelganger (lookalike)?
    • What is her biggest pet peeve?
    • What’s her favorite ice cream flavor?
    • What is her bra size?
    • What is her favorite movie?
    • What is the first thing she does when she gets out of bed?
    • What is her most prized possession?
    • What is something that you do that annoys her the most?
    • What do you think she noticed about you first?
    • What makes her laugh the most?
    • What is her favorite drink?
    • What do you love about her the most?

    Tip #1: When planning out these questions, make sure you consider your audience. If this bridal shower is going to have many older guests who might be a bit more conservative, you should stick to more of the innocent questions. On the other hand, if this is for a lingerie party or bachelorette party, anything goes!

    Tips #2: Another variation is to switch it around to “How Well Does The Bride Know the Groom?”. You would simply ask those same questions but change it to “him” and “his”

    A bride laughing after finding out what the groom said during the he said she said bridal shower game

    Who Said It? Couple Trivia Questions

    Here is another variation to try at your bridal shower or party.

    The rules are simple.

    1. Ask the couple a series of questions (samples and ideas below). We recommend recording the couple sitting together. You can simply use your phone to record the q&a session.
    2. Choose one of the answers to go into the game (we recommend choosing the answer that will get the most laughs or the one that is the most sentimental).
    3. Read the question and answer to the guests
    4. Family and friends try to guess who said it.
    5. Score 1 point for each correct answer.
    6. Add up the points. The person with the most points wins a prize.

    A quick example using the first question #1 from below:

    How many kids do you want?

    Bride’s answer: “3”

    Groom’s answer: “I’m not sure. but I know I want 2 dogs”

    The clear winning answer (because it’s funny) is from the groom. So you would put that answer for question #1. Then guests would have to guess which person gave that answer.

    A bride sneaking up on the groom to be funny

    Sample questions and funny ideas for ” Who Said It?”

    1. How many kids do you want?
    2. Favorite place you have vacationed together?
    3. What is your nickname for him/her?
    4. Something about you that might surprise the other person?
    5. The first thing that attracted me to her/him?
    6. What about you do you think he/she was attracted to first?
    7. If you could meet any celebrity, who would it be?
    8. So far, what has been your favorite date night with him/her?
    9. If being left on an island for 1 year, what is the one item that he/she owns that they would take with them?
    10. Then ask the same questions about themselves (on an island what is the one thing you would take for a year)
    11. One of my favorite things about him/her is…

    Prizes for He Said, She Said, and Other Bridal Shower Games

    Some great ideas for bridal shower game prizes include:

    • Candles
    • Gift baskets
    • Spa treatments (a great way to support a local business)
    • Gift cards
    • Wine gifts
    • Cozy socks

    We just put together this article: 50 great ideas for bridal shower games prizes

    If doing prizes for your couples bridal shower games, you want something for all the guests (Example: If you have non-drinkers, you would not want to have only wine gifts)

    A bride and groom making muscles to show off who did better at the he said she said bridal shower game.

    Bridal Shower Game Supplies

    Here are a few resources for your wedding shower games:

    Additional Wedding Planning Resources

    A pinterest photo for the he said she said bridal shower game post

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