How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost (Prices For 2024)

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How much do wedding flowers cost?

According to this article on The Knot, the average cost of wedding flowers is $2,400, but we did our own research and found that the average cost was a little more than that.

We contacted over 100 florists on the East Coast (PA, NJ, and MD) and asked for prices for various floral items and the average spend for an entire wedding.

We also took a poll through our email list and received over 1,000 responses from couples who are currently planning a wedding or have recently married.

A wedding reception floral design that has a tropical theme. This is for the article called how much do wedding flowers cost
This was one of my favorite wedding flower displays to photograph. I love the tropical theme.

The Average Cost of Wedding Flowers

Based on our research, here is what we found (these are the averages and do not include any DIY):

How much do wedding flowers cost for an entire wedding?

Total wedding flower spend: $3,800 (lowest was $1,800 and highest was $15,200)

Personal Flower Pricing

  • Bridal bouquet: $250 (lowest was $120 and highest was $350)
  • Bridesmaid bouquet: $90 (lowest was $55 and highest was $150)
  • Boutonnière: $15 (lowest was $10 and highest was $25)
  • Corsage: $20 (lowest was $10 and highest was $30)
  • Flower crowns (adult or flower girl): $60 (price ranges were $30-$100)
  • Flower girl petals: $10

Ceremony Flower Pricing

  • Aisle arrangements: $50 (Most of the prices we found were between $25-$75)
  • Entryway arrangements: $200 (price ranges were between $75-$500 depending on size and flower types)
  • Altar/archway arrangements (small): $200 (price ranges were between $125-400)
  • Altar/archway arrangements (large): $700 (price ranges were between $300-$1,500)

Reception Flower Pricing

  • Low/small table arrangement/centerpiece: $100 (lowest was $45 and highest was $200)
  • High/large table arrangement/centerpiece: $250 (lowest was $100 and highest was $395)
  • Small arrangement for cocktail hour, gift table, cake table, etc: $15-75 (depending on the size and flower type)
  • Installation pieces (hanging arrangements and other): $250-$1,500+
  • Cake flowers: $10-$100

It is possible that the info from The Knot was gathered before flower prices went up due to inflation, or maybe they also included couples who were doing DIY flowers.

Doing DIY flowers can save you a lot of money, but you will have to be willing to trade some of your time to save that money.

We just made a video showing how we made 5 bouquets (1 bridal bouquet, 4 bridesmaid bouquets, and 4 boutonierres) for a total of $36, and it only took a little over an hour to make all of them.

You can check out the quick video on YouTube or watch it below:

Remember…many factors go into the price of a wedding floral package (size of wedding, location, time of year, types of flowers, size of wedding party, etc.).

A purple bridal  bouquet in the window
I photographed this pink, purple, green, and white bridal bouquet while the bride started her makeup.

How Much To Budget For Wedding Flowers

Many wedding planning websites say to plan on spending 7-10% of your wedding budget on flowers.

So if you are having a $25,000 wedding, plan on spending $1,750-$2,500 on your wedding flowers.

Remember…those percentages are just the industry average according to big wedding planning websites (I don’t think they have the correct numbers). I think they are including couples who are doing their own flowers for much less money in their averages.

If you don’t care about flowers, you don’t have to spend that much money.

But if you love flowers and want them to be a huge part of your wedding, spend as much as you can afford.

A purple, blush, and white bridal bouquet being held by the bride
I took this photo of the bride holding her bouquet after we were finished taking her bridal portraits.

How Much Does A Bridal Bouquet Cost?

The average bridal bouquet costs about $250.

The cheapest price for a bridal bouquet we found was $120

The most expensive bridal bouquet we saw was $350

If you would like to trade time for money, you can make a gorgeous bridal bouquet for as cheap as $20 using DIY.

How Much Does A Bridesmaid Bouquet Cost?

The average bridesmaid bouquet costs about $90.

The cheapest price for a bridesmaid bouquet that we saw was $55.

The most expensive bridesmaid bouquet we saw was $150.

You can make your own bridesmaid bouquets for as little as $10-15 using DIY.

A bride and bridesmaids holding their wildflower bouquets.
I loved photographing this bride and her bridesmaids with these gorgeous wildflower bouquets.

How Much Do Wedding Centerpieces Cost?

The average cost of wedding reception centerpieces is $100 for low or small arrangements and $250 for high or large arrangements.

The cheapest price we found was $45 for small centerpiece arrangements and $100 for large centerpiece arrangements.

The most expensive prices we found were $200 for centerpieces and $395 for large centerpieces.

You can make your own reception centerpieces for a fraction of the costs listed above if you don’t mind doing them yourself.

I have worked with many couples who diy’d their flowers and I have been so impressed with the results.

Check back here soon for a series of DIY tutorials on making your own wedding reception centerpieces.

How To Save Money On Your Wedding Flowers

We put together a full article filled with more than 20 ways to save money on your wedding flowers.

Here are a few of the tips included in that article:

  • Repurpose ceremony flowers for the reception (plus you can use all of the bridesmaid bouquets for the sweetheart table, cake table, gift table, bar, etc.)
  • Only use flowers in a few places (bouquets, ceremony, sweetheart table). Go with non-floral centerpieces for the reception.
  • DIY your flowers using fake flowers from places like Hobby Lobby, Michaels, SHEIN, etc.
  • Choose flowers that are in season for the time of year you are getting married.
  • Ask a local florist for advice on how to cut costs. They will be able to recommend cheaper flowers that match your vision.

Check out the entire blog post here: How to save money on your wedding flowers

Wedding ceremony altar flowers in a wildflower design. This is for the article called how much do wedding flowers cost
This was one of the most amazing wedding ceremony flower displays I have ever photographed. This one display took hours to create.

FAQ For Wedding Flower Pricing

Here are a few common questions that we have seen regarding the cost and expenses associated with wedding flowers:

How much do you tip your wedding florist?

It’s nice to leave a $50-$150 tip for your wedding florist (depending on how much work they did for you).

Many of the florists I spoke with say they never expect a tip, but it’s always nice to get one (especially if they went above and beyond).

Who typically pays for the wedding flowers?

Whoever is paying for the wedding pays for the flowers.

10+ years ago, the bride’s family typically paid for the flowers and most of the other costs associated with a wedding.

But nowadays, weddings are paid for by a mix of people. Some weddings are paid for by the couple, some weddings are paid for by both families, and some weddings are paid for by everyone who wants to chip in.

There are no rules.

To get some helpful advice on figuring out who is paying for what, check out this article we wrote: How to plan a wedding from start to finish

Who pays for the bridesmaid bouquets?

Whoever is paying for the wedding pays for the bridesmaid bouquets.

Bridesmaids do not typically pay for flowers that you are asking them to carry.

Is it cheaper to buy your own flowers for a wedding?

Ah…the DIY route! Buying your own flowers can be cheaper, especially if you score some deals at local markets or use fake flowers.

But remember…there’s a trade-off.

Time, effort, and arranging skills. Florists bring expertise, design skills, and convenience. So…weigh the savings against the potential stress!

But if you love DIY, doing your own flowers can save you a boatload of money.

Why are wedding flowers so expensive?

If you choose to work with a professional wedding florist, the flowers are only a small part of the cost. Here are a few of the things you are paying for:

  • Quality & Freshness: Florists typically source the best flowers for your big day.
  • Labor: Arrangements take lots of time and skill!
  • Custom Designs: Tailored to your taste and theme.
  • Delivery & Setup: Getting those arrangements and bouquets to your getting-ready location, wedding venue, and reception.

When working with a professional wedding florist, you’re not just paying for flowers but the whole package and experience!

A bride holding her bouquet and a wedding reception centerpiece with pink and purple flowers
I photographed this bride holding her wine, purple, and pink bouquet once we finished taking bridal party photos.

Is $1,500 enough for wedding flowers?

$1,500 is enough for wedding flowers if you are doing a minimal order with smaller arrangements.

For example, $1,500 could easily pay for a bridal bouquet, a few bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnières, a few small ceremony arrangements, and a few small arrangements for the reception.

But $1,500 would probably not be enough if you were requesting large altar arches, tall centerpieces for each dinner table, bouquets for big bridal parties, flowers for accent tables, etc.

Something to keep in mind if you are planning on working with a professional wedding florist is that many wedding florists have a minimum order. Many of the wedding florists in my area (Central PA) have a minimum order of $3000-$4000. So you might have to shop around to find a florist who is willing to work with a $1,500 budget (but it can be done).

One way to have beautiful wedding flowers for under $1,500 is to DIY them. You can make gorgeous florals using fake flowers for a fraction of the cost. You just have to be willing to spend the time it takes to do them yourself. 

More Wedding Planning Tips and Money Saving Advice

Here are a few more blog posts that will save you money when planning your wedding:

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