How to Save Money On Wedding Invitations (20 Tips)

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If you’re looking for practical ways to save money on your wedding invitations, this article is for you!

I reached out to a few wedding stationery designers, wedding planners, and couples who were recently married to get their thoughts and ideas on how to save couples money on their wedding invitations.

If you plan on buying wedding invitations online (from anywhere), the last tip will be a huge help!

Enjoy and happy savings!

A simple wedding invitation design in black and white. This is for the article called how to save money on wedding invitations.
We saved a lot of money on our wedding invitations by designing them for free in Canva and then having them printed by Canva. It was so easy! – Claudia and Gary

1. DIY Your Wedding Invitations In Canva

One of the easiest ways to save a lot of money on your wedding invitations is to get a free Canva account and DIY your wedding invitations and save-the-date cards.

Canva makes the process so easy.

Here is a quick video I made showing how to make your own wedding invitation using Canva in just a few minutes:

2. Download Our Free Wedding Invitation Templates

I have put together five free wedding invitation templates you can download and customize using a free Canva account.

I personally made these invitation templates, and you can grab them for free just for being one of our readers.

3. Use A Wedding Website To Keep Guests Informed

Creating a wedding website is a smart and budget-friendly way to manage the details of your wedding day.

It will save you money on printing and postage costs by reducing the information in your paper invitations. Simply include the essential details like names, date, and locations on your invites, and direct guests to your website for more information.

This allows you to send only a single invitation card to each household.

This online hub can host everything from updates to RSVPs, helping you keep everything organized without sacrificing the elegance of traditional invitations.

Plus, by matching the designs between your website and paper invites, you can maintain a cohesive and stylish look for all of your wedding communications.

A beautiful wedding invitation suite with greenery and flowers

Choose Digital Invitations And Save The Date Cards

Digital wedding invitations and save-the-dates are becoming a lot more popular these days.

Going digital with your wedding invitations and save-the-date cards is a great way to save money (a saving of $400-$1,000 per 100 invitations).

Using digital wedding invitations cuts out the costs of printing and postage.

If you have your heart set on seeing a beautiful invitation suite printed with fancy envelopes, you can still have a few copies printed for yourself, your parents, and your grandparents.

We made five different digital wedding invitation templates that you can download and customize for free. Grab a copy here.

4. Check Out Ann’s Bridal Bargains

Some of our readers have recommended Ann’s Bridal Bargains for wedding invitations, save-the-dates, and other products like favor stickers, cocktail napkins, programs, address stamps, etc.

They often run sales, and even if they are currently not running a sale, you can get a 20% off coupon on your entire order just by signing up for their email list.

Here are a few of their listed prices:

  • Wedding invitations (including envelopes with your return address printed on them): $80 for 100 (using their 20% off coupon) – $0.80 per invite/envelope
  • Save-the-date postcards (only requires postcard postage) – $71 for 100 (using their 20% off coupon) – $0.71 each
  • Wedding programs – $80 for 100 using the 20$ coupon. That is $0.80 per program.

One pro of Ann’s Bridal Bargains is you pay the same amount even if you only need a small amount of product. So you pay $0.80 per invite whether you order 200 or 25 invitations.

One con of Ann’s Bridal Bargains is that you can only order products in groups of 25. So, if you only need 85 invitations, you would need to order 100.

It’s not a huge deal, but it’s something to consider.

A diy wedding invitation with sunflowers on it

5. Use Honey To Find Online Coupons

Honey is a free internet browser extension that looks for coupons in real time before you check out when shopping online.

You can use it with Chrome, Safari, or whatever internet browser you use.

My wife and I use it to save money when we order food online.

It’s free to use and will often get you the best deal online.

You can sign up for free using my referral link here: Honey Online Coupons

From one of our readers:

$30 off coupon from VistaPrint

We ordered $260 worth of wedding invitations from VistaPrint and got an extra $30 off coupon using Honey. It’s a no-brainer since it’s free to use. – Sarah and Evan

6. Have Your Wedding Guests RSVP Online

An easy way to cut down the cost of your wedding invitations is to have your guests RSVP online instead of mailing in the RSVP cards.

Not only will you save money on the printing cost, you will save money on the postage that would go on the return envelopes.

The online RSVP has become much more popular in the last few years.

Zola and WithJoy websites will both track your RSVPs for you.

7. Opt For Simple Designs

There are a few ways that a more simple design can save you money on your wedding invitations:

  • Cut Printing Costs: Less ink and fewer colors = more savings.
  • Affordable Paper Choices: Simple designs = more paper options that won’t cost a fortune.
  • Low Design Fees: Minimalist designs = lower or no designer fees.
  • Save on Postage: Smaller, lighter invites = cheaper to mail.
  • Skip the Extras: There is no need for costly ribbons or inserts.
A beautiful gold lace wedding invitation

8. Shop Around For Wedding Invitation Discounts

When shopping for online wedding invitations, price out all options for the best deal.

And if you really want to go all out, once you get the best deal, reach out to others and let them know about the deal you found. See if anyone is willing to beat it.

Here are a few companies that you can check out when looking for online wedding invitations:

Places that do the wedding invitation design and printing:

  • Canva (you design for free in Canva, and then you can print directly through them)
  • VistaPrint (Upload your own design or customize one of their designs)
  • Ann’s Bridal Bargains (premade templates that you can customize)
  • Zazzle (premade templates that you can customize)
  • Truly Engaging (Upload your own design or customize one of their templates)
  • CatPrint (Upload your design or customize one of their templates)
  • Zola (Upload your own design or customize one of theirs)
  • Costco (deals through Shutterfly)
  • Minted (Customize their templates)

Places to print your DIY wedding invitations:

  • Canva
  • Sam’s Club Photo Center
  • GotPrint
  • Staples
  • UPS Store
  • Walmart
  • VistaPrint

From one of our readers:

$30 For 100 Wedding Invites!

We designed our own wedding invitations in Canva, saved them as 5×7 photos, and then had them printed as postcards from GotPrint for $30. We bought envelopes from Amazon for another $10. – Emily and Sean

9. Order In Bulk And Order Extra Invitations

You will often save an extra 5-15% by bulk ordering your invitations at the same time and from the same supplier. Typically, you need to order 100 or more to get the bulk pricing, but I have also seen specials that give discounts for 50 or 75.

Another way to save money is to order a few extra invitations when you do your main order in case you need one to send to someone you recently invited.

By doing this, you cut out the expense of having to pay full price for a single invitation (plus having it rushed).

10. Choose Smaller and Lighter Invitations Suites

This one goes with a few above, but we will say it again…

Smaller and lighter invitations (fewer inserts) will cost less to design, print, and ship. It really is that simple.

11. Book Your Invitation Designer Early

If you are hiring a professional wedding stationery designer to make and print your wedding invitations, I recommend hiring that person earlier in the planning process rather than later.

If you wait too long to start making a plan with a professional, you could spend more than expected on rush fees.

Depending on their busy schedule, a designer might need 2-4 months to complete a design.

Save money by booking with them early. This way, your invitation design is ready to go when it’s time to print them out.

12. Only Send One Invitation Per Household

Many couples that I talk to automatically assume that if they invite 110 people to their wedding, they need 110 invitations.

You only need to send one invitation per household.

A simple diy wedding invitation
We designed our invitations in Canva and then had them printed at VistaPrint. – Kate and Eric

13. Proofread And Then Proofread Again

If you are going the DIY route with your wedding invitations, you really want to make sure you proofread all of your details.

The last thing you want to do is pay $50-$150 to print all your invitations only to find you had a typo, wrong address, date, time, etc.

We have seen it happen more than once.

I recommend proofreading your final design, then giving it to your Maid of Honor or mom to proofread, then giving it to your partner to proofread…and then proofreading it one more time yourself.

Then you can send it off to the printer.

14. Abandon Your Shopping Cart For Bigger Savings

If you are buying your invitations online, one money-saving hack is to put all of your items into your shopping cart (make sure you are signed into your account and have provided an email address) and then abandon the cart. Just log out of your account and ignore it for a few days.

Many (most) of these companies will send you an offer that contains their best deal.

So if you could only find a 10% coupon online but you heard from others that they got a 20%-30% coupon last year, abandon the cart, and you will most likely get the bigger coupon within days.

It’s a strategy that most companies use. They figure they would rather lose a few more dollars on the sale than not get the sale at all.

A Few Common Questions That Get Asked About The Cost Of Wedding Invitations

Here are a few questions that you might have when pricing out your wedding invitations:

How much does it cost to make 100 wedding invitations?

On average, 100 wedding invitations will cost between $400-800 if you are having them done by a professional. The number of inserts, paper quality, and design factors can make a big difference in the final cost.

Why are wedding invitations so expensive?

If you have your wedding invitations done by a professional, a big part of the cost is the designer’s time and talent. Professional designers typically use the best quality inks and papers, which will raise the price of your invitation suite.

If hiring a professional does not work for your wedding budget, going the DIY route using Canva is a fantastic option (or you can download our free templates and customize them in Canva).

How much does it cost to mail a wedding invitation suite?

Mailing a wedding invitation costs between $0.68 to $2 per invite, depending on weight and size. However, the $0.68 price is for a standard stamp, and your invitation would have to be very light to get it down to that price. If mailing a typical wedding invitation suite, you can expect to pay between $1.50-$2.00 per invitation.

Do you have other ideas on how to save money on wedding invitations?

If so, please leave a comment below and help our readers out.

Thanks for reading!

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