49 Instrumental (Modern) Songs To Walk Down The Aisle To

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When choosing a song for the wedding processional, sometimes we want to pick a popular song that we love (like a favorite song we listen to on Spotify or Apple Music). The main problem is that some of these songs don’t feel like they belong in a wedding ceremony.

We have put together an awesome list of music that are instrumental covers of the original songs (featuring piano, violin, cello, and acoustic guitar). These would be perfect for the bride(s), the groom(s), wedding party, and parents to walk down the aisle to. They would also work really well for the wedding recessional when it’s time to walk back up the aisle.

If you are looking for non-instrumental wedding processional songs, you’re in luck! We just put together a list of the top 109 songs to use for your walk down the aisle.

A bride walking down the aisle to a modern instrumental song on her wedding day. The photo is taken from the back of the aisle.

Popular Wedding Processional Songs (Instrumental Versions)

Walking Down The Aisle Songs from the 70s, 80s, and 90s

If you love songs from the 80s, check out these awesome 80s songs to use for your wedding.

A bride walking down the aisle with her father. They are walking down to a modern instrumental song. This photo was taken from the back of the aisle.

Instrumental Rock Songs To Use For your Wedding Ceremony

These are definitely great choice for couples who are looking for songs that are a little more unique and non-traditional.

Additional Wedding Music Ideas to Use at Your Wedding:

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