77 Best Lancaster PA Wedding Photographers (2023)

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If you are getting married in Central PA, you are in luck because Lancaster has some of the best wedding photographers in the entire state of Pennsylvania to choose from.

Choosing a wedding photographer is one of the biggest decisions of the entire wedding planning process. After all, your wedding photos (and video) are going to be the things that you will be sharing with your kids and grandkids someday. You want your day captured perfectly so you can show off those memories.

Here is a list of wedding photographers who specialize in photographing weddings in and around the Lancaster, PA area.

MG Photography

A bride and groom sitting on a couch in the middle of a field. This is one of the cover photos for the lancaster wedding photographers article.

MG Photography has photographed over 300 weddings in the Central PA area. Megan specializes in capturing relaxed portraits and real moments on the wedding day. See more of her work here.

Lauren E Bliss Photography

A groom kissing the bride on the cheek

Lauren E. Bliss Photography serves the entire Central PA area.

Jessica Lynn Photography

A bride and groom kissing near a car

Check out Jessica Lynn Photography’s work here.

Carrie Kizuka Photography

A bride and groom looking at each other

Carrie Kizuka Photography serves the entire Central PA area.

Additional Lancaster, PA Wedding Photographers

Should we hire a photographer from Lancaster or is it okay to bring in a wedding photographer from another area?

If you have a photographer you love that lives outside of the Lancaster, PA area, then you should definitely hire whoever will make you happy.

One of the things that makes photographers in Lancaster (and the rest of PA) so special is that they are used to photographing weddings in all different kinds of weather.

One weekend a photographer in PA might find herself/himself at a venue photographing an outdoor wedding ceremony in 90% humidity. The next weekend, it could be windy with huge thunderstorms happening right at photo time.

Wedding photographers in the Lancaster, PA area are used to adapting to the environment. We are not saying that photographers in places like CA are not talented. We are simply saying that photographers in PA are extra special 🙂

If we are getting married in Lancaster, should we also take our engagement photos in this area?

That depends on what you want to get out of your engagement session. Some couples use the engagement session as a way to try out their venue before the wedding.

There might be multiple areas around your wedding venue that you love, but with limited time on the day, you might only be able to get to 1 or 2 of them. If you take your engagement photos at the same place you are getting married, it will allow you to use more of the photo spots at your venue.

But if the above info does not apply to you, you can take your photos anywhere you like. If you want some more information on choosing a great location for engagement photos, and a ton of other helpful information about your engagement session, check out this article we put together (#7 talks about choosing the perfect location).

How many hours should we book our wedding photographer for?

Wedding photographer packages typically start between 6-8 hours of coverage (8 hours is the most common).

Most wedding photographers will have options to add as many hours as you want. Some photographers even offer unlimited wedding day coverage.

If you want photos of the wedding party getting ready and all of the main reception events (including some dance floor photos), you will want to book your wedding photographer for 8-10 hours.

We should mention that if you plan on doing a first look (where the couple sees each other and does a portion of the photos before the ceremony), you will most likely need your photographer there a little longer than if you were not doing a first look. This is because everyone will need to be ready a few hours before the start of the ceremony.

Of all of the couples we have worked with, 10 hours of coverage seems to be the favorite and most requested for couples who want “full wedding day coverage.”

Additional wedding planning resources for weddings taking place in Pennsylvania

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