Complete Maid Of Honor Planner (Wedding Checklist)

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If you are looking for a Maid of Honor planner, you have come to the right place!

So, you just got asked to be the maid of honor at your BFF’s (or sister’s) wedding – how exciting is that?!

It’s a pretty big job but I know that you’re up for the challenge.

There are so many details that you are going to want to keep track of. That’s why you need a maid of honor planner to help you stay organized from start to finish.

It’ll be your go-to for planning the bachelorette party, keeping the bridesmaids in the loop, and helping out with the bridal shower.

Trust me, you don’t want to try and keep all of this in your head.

So, let’s get planning and make this the best wedding ever!

A green floral maid of honor planner laid out with a white background
A printable Maid of Honor planner will keep you organized while you help your BFF plan her wedding!

What Should Go Into A Maid of Honor or Matron of Honor Planner?

The Maid of Honor/Matron of Honor has a lot of different things to keep track of leading up to the big day.

Here are some of the most important items that should go into a MOH planner during the wedding planning process:

Bachelorette Party Planning Information

One of the most important Maid of Honor duties is typically planning a super fun bachelorette party.

Some of the things that you are going to need to plan and keep track of are:

  • Helping the bride find the perfect location for the party
  • Hotel room info
  • Finding flights
  • Planning fun activities, games, meals, etc.
  • Money paid and money owed
  • Making sure everyone brings everything they need to bring
  • And bonus points if you hire a local photographer to do a bachelorette party photoshoot while you are on your trip.

Helping The Bride-To-Be With Bridesmaid Dresses

Another important thing to add to your MOH Planner is a section for attire and accessories.

Typically the Maid of Honor is the point of contact for the other bridal party members when it comes to getting fitted and ordering bridesmaids dresses in a timely fashion.

You want to keep track of delivery times and dress fittings, and you want to make sure all accessories have been purchased and delivered.

You could even make a section in there for the bride’s dress just in case.

Typically the bride and the Mother of the Bride will have their own planner where this information will be kept, but it never hurts to have that info in your planner too.

And since you will most likely go wedding dress shopping with the bride-to-be, go ahead and include a section in your wedding binder for the bride’s dress and any accessories that she needs.

Day Of The Wedding Details

One of the major Maid of Honor duties on the wedding day is being the point person for vendors and anyone else who might have questions for the bride (especially if there is not a wedding planner).

You will want to have a mobile copy of the following items in your planner so that you can access them anytime you need them:

  • Contact information for anyone you might need to get in touch with at the wedding venue
  • Information for the makeup artist and hair stylist (contact info and a schedule of when each bridesmaid is getting hair/makeup)
  • Contact information for all of the vendors working on the wedding day (like the wedding planner, DJ, photographer, and videographer)
  • A way to reach the best man and important family members
  • A checklist that goes over all of the items needed in the bridal suite
  • Emergency wedding day kit items and checklist
  • A detailed wedding day timeline

Download Our Free Printable Bachelorette Party and Bridal Shower Planning Timeline

A pile of bachelorette party planner pages and bridal shower planner pages laid out on a gray background
Grab a free copy of the bridal shower and bachelorette party planning timeline below

Grab a free copy of our bridal shower planning timeline and bachelorette party planning timeline and put them in your Maid of Honor planner.

    A Bridesmaid Packing List For Each Event

    You will want to have a bridesmaid packing list checklist that you can send (or give a physical copy) to each bridesmaid before the bachelorette party, bridal shower, and wedding day weekend.

    This checklist will help everyone bring everything they need (clothes for each event, accessories, toiletries, chargers, money for tips, etc.).

    You can download our free printable bridesmaid packing list and checklist here.

    The Maid of Honor Speech

    One of the most important tasks on a Maid of Honor checklist is writing an amazing Maid of Honor speech for your best friend.

    Keep a few note pages in your planner so you can write down ideas as you think of them.

    Buying A Wedding Gift For The Bride-To-Be

    Typically the MOH and the other bridesmaids go in on a gift together to give to the bride-to-be.

    Have a section in your planner to keep track of ideas and expenses.


    If the bride wants help coming up with song playlists for the reception and pre-wedding events like the Bachelorette Party, Bridal Shower, and Engagement Party you can keep a section in your binder for all of these ideas.

    Side note on music: As the Maid of Honor, you should make sure that the reception dance floor stays busy. If you see the bride’s friends sitting at tables or hanging out by the bar, pull them out on the dance floor.

    The more that the guests dance, the more the bride will dance.

    Details For The Wedding Photographer

    On the morning of the wedding, the photographer is going to want to take photos of all of the little details like the bride’s bouquet, invitation, jewelry, shoes, etc.

    Have a checklist in your planner so you can hand it to the photographer with the items.

    This way the photographer knows everything that the bride wants to be photographed.

    A photo collage showing multiple pages of a maid of honor planner with a pink floral design
    You can get a copy of this printable 100-page Maid of Honor planner down below

    Bridal Shower or Couple’s Wedding Shower Planning Details

    Many times the Maid of Honor plans or helps the Mother of the Bride plan a bridal shower or a couple’s wedding shower.

    You will want to keep a section in your binder for all of these details.

    Some of the things you will want to keep organized are:

    • A complete planning timeline so you know what needs to be done and when you should take care of it
    • The shower guest list
    • A way to keep track of gifts that the bride-to-be received so she knows who to send thank you cards to.
    • A complete budget breakdown so you know what the expenses are, what deposits have been made, what money is still owed, and who is contributing.
    • A day of timeline and schedule for the shower
    • A list of games and activities
    • Details for food, drinks, and desserts
    • Vendors and rentals that need to be hired/booked
    • Music ideas
    • A shopping list
    • Gift registry details
    • Lots of calendar pages and weekly to-do/daily-to-do worksheets

    Budget and Money Details For Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids

    You will want to have a way to keep all of the money details organized and in one place for yourself and the other bridesmaids.

    There are so many things to pay for during the wedding planning process and by staying organized, you avoid being surprised by all of the little (and big) expenses.

    Here are some of the items you will want to keep track of when it comes to budgets and money:

    • Bachelorette party expenses
    • Bridal shower expenses
    • Bridesmaid dresses and alterations
    • Shoes
    • Jewelry and other accessories
    • Wedding day hair and makeup
    • A gift for the bride
    • Getting ready outfit for the morning of the wedding
    • Bridal shower expenses
    This is a collage of three different versions of a maid of honor planner. One has a green floral border, one has a pink floral border, and the other has simple black text.
    You can print our Maid of Honor planner as-is, or you can customize and personalize it using a FREE Canva account.

    Our Maid of Honor Planner (Printable)

    If the thought of making a Maid of Honor wedding planner yourself seems overwhelming, we have made one for you. It includes everything that we listed above.

    Right now our 100-page printable Maid of Honor planner is only $5!

    Not only can you print the planner as is and start using it today, but we also include all of the Canva files so you can completely personalize and customize your planner.

    Here is everything that’s included in our Maid of Honor planner:

    • A budget worksheet for the maid of honor and all of the bridesmaids
    • Bridal suite checklist
    • Bridesmaid packing list
    • Getting ready schedule worksheets for hair and makeup on the morning of the wedding
    • A getting-ready details list to give to the wedding photographer
    • An emergency kit checklist for the big day
    • Wedding timelines for the entire wedding day
    • Multiple calendars and notes so you can keep track of important dates (daily to-do list, weekly planner, monthly planner, etc.)
    • Contact information pages for wedding vendors, wedding party, and important family members
    • Wedding attire and accessory worksheets for the maid of honor and bridesmaids
    • A full bridal shower planner
    • A complete bachelorette party planner

    Our Bachelorette Party Planner (Included in the MOH Planner)

    Here is everything that we have included in our bachelorette party planner:

    • A planning timeline
    • Guest list
    • Budget planner
    • Location planner
    • Travel information (flights, hotel, and car rental)
    • Daily itinerary
    • Activities/excursions
    • Meals
    • Shopping list
    • Bachelorette party checklist (what to bring)
    • Playlist
    • And multiple notes, to-dos, and calendar templates

    Our Bridal Shower Planner (Included in the MOH Planner)

    Here is everything we have included in our bridal shower planner:

    • A bridal shower planning timeline (know what to do and when to do it)
    • Guest list planner
    • Gift tracker
    • Budget breakdown of all expenses
    • Games and activities
    • Meal planning worksheets for food, drinks, and desserts
    • Places to keep track of rentals
    • Vendors
    • Music playlist
    • Shopping list
    • Schedule for the day
    • Gift registry information
    • And lots of to-dos, notes, and calendar templates

    You can purchase our Maid of Honor planner in our online wedding shop.

    All of our planners and game cards can be printed as-is, or you can use the Canva files we include to customize and personalize your planner.

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