Men’s Wedding Bands: Titanium vs. Tungsten (Best Ring)

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When it comes to shopping for the perfect wedding band for a man, you want to consider things like durability, cost, and comfort. Men’s wedding bands can be made from a big variety of materials; two popular options are titanium and tungsten.

So when it comes to titanium vs tungsten, which is best for men’s wedding rings?

Are titanium rings as strong as tungsten rings?

Both tungsten and titanium are durable and great options for men’s wedding bands, but tungsten is harder and heavier while titanium is less rigid and light. One material isn’t necessarily better than the other, and what makes the best wedding band depends on preference. 

This article will give more details about these popular materials that are used in men’s wedding bands. Find out which will be best for you. Let’s get started! 

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You can have your titanium or tungsten wedding ring designed in a variety of ways for a very customized look.

Which Is Better for Man’s Wedding Ring? Tungsten or Titanium?

Tungsten and titanium are both excellent choices for a wedding ring, and neither is better than the other. When choosing between the two, it is really about personal preference and your lifestyle. However, after talking with multiple couples, tungsten seems to be the preferred choice with real buyers.

When shopping for a wedding band, you will likely consider the following:

  • Durability
  • Weight
  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Option to engrave
  • Cost

Let’s explore each factor further.


Tungsten and titanium are excellent choices if you’re looking for a durable wedding band. They are harder than other popular precious metals like gold and platinum. However, on the MOH scale where metals are scored on their hardness, tungsten scores much higher. 

Tungsten is rated nine out of ten, whereas titanium sits at six out of ten. This makes tungsten far more scratch resistant as it can only be scratched by a harder material, like a diamond. 

While tungsten is less likely to get scratched, it can shatter if dropped or knocked against another hard surface since it is so hard. titanium, a softer metal, can withstand a drop or bump and won’t crack on impact. 

A tungsten wedding band for a man sitting on a table with the bride's wedding ring and engagement ring.


Often, people use the weight of a metal to determine its quality, but this is not an accurate measure, especially in the case of titanium. titanium is very light, so much so that you might not feel like you are wearing your titanium wedding band at all.

Tungsten, on the other hand, is heavy and feels weighty on your finger. This isn’t necessarily bad as you’re more likely to notice when you don’t have it on and, therefore, less likely to lose it. 


If you suffer from allergies and are worried about having allergic reactions, it’s important to find out what your ring is made of to prevent skin irritations.

In their natural state, tungsten and titanium are hypoallergenic. However, neither are used in their pure form to make jewelry, as they are incredibly difficult to work with while in their natural form.

Because of this, they are mixed with other materials and, in most cases, are typically between 70% – 90% pure. 

Tungsten is often mixed with nickel, carbon, and cobalt, and these compounds are known skin irritants for people with skin allergies. Titanium is commonly mixed with aluminum and vanadium and is considered hypoallergenic. Neither of these metals will turn your skin green. 

If you have a known allergy to any of the compounds above, you will want to pick a different option when picking out your wedding band.


You can engrave tungsten and titanium rings, but the engraving method for each is different. Since tungsten is extremely hard, you can’t engrave it using the traditional method. 

The traditional process involves utilizing a tool to make indents or etches in the metal. This works great on titanium since it is soft.

You will need to use a laser to engrave on a tungsten band. While laser engraving might be more expensive, it feels smoother and, for this reason, can be the better option (I actually prefer laser engraving over the traditional engraving method that uses a tool). 

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Which Is More Expensive? Titanium or Tungsten?

Titanium and tungsten are about the same price and are considered affordable metals to use in wedding bands. While not cheap, the cost varies depending on factors like craftsmanship and other materials used. 

Compared to precious metals like gold and silver, tungsten and titanium are pretty affordable. These metals are around the same price. You can get great quality titanium or tungsten rings for around $100-$300 (of course you can find designer rings that cost much more).

The prices of these wedding bands can vary depending on the following:

  • Quality
  • The design of the ring
  • Additional elements used
  • Skill and craftsmanship of the manufacturer

You can get tungsten or titanium wedding bands for an affordable price or upwards of $5000 for a more intricate, high-quality design. 

Titanium vs. Tungsten Rings: Pros and Cons

There are pros and cons to each of these rings, and knowing what they are will help you choose the ring that suits you best.

Pros of Titanium Rings

  • Titanium wedding bands are very lightweight
  • They are really strong
  • Titanium rings will last a long time
  • They are very easy to maintain

Titanium is light and comfortable to wear while also strong and durable. It won’t bend, stretch, rust, or fade, so it will last a lifetime. It is easy to maintain, but you need to wash it with soap and water every few months to keep it clean. 

A cool looking titanium wedding band for a man on a table with the bride's ring

Cons of Titanium Rings

  • They can’t be resized
  • They do not have a shine
  • Very difficult to remove in case of an emergency

Since titanium is a strong metal, it can’t be resized, so you must ensure you get the right size. Titanium contains a matt finish and won’t sparkle even in the light. 

Pros of Tungsten Rings

  • Tungsten wedding bands are very durable
  • They are scratch-resistant
  • Tungsten wedding rings are really heavy (this can be a pro or a con, depending on what you prefer)

Tungsten rings are strong, long-lasting, and durable. They’re scratch-resistant, making them a great option if you work with your hands. And since they feel heavy, you’re less likely to lose them, as you’ll notice when you’re not wearing them.

Cons of Tungsten Rings

  • Tungsten rings are brittle
  • They can’t be resized

Since tungsten is so hard, it is also brittle. Therefore, it can easily shatter if dropped or knocked against a hard surface. Similar to titanium rings, you can’t resize tungsten rings. 

What Do Real Couples Say About Tungsten and Titanium Rings?

We reached out to multiple couples who went with titanium or tungsten wedding bands. Here is what they had to say:

Tungsten Wedding Rings

“My husband went with a black tungsten ring with wood inlay from Manly Bands. He loves it. He works with his hands a lot so he also got a silicone band to wear while working”

“He was set on a tungsten ring so that’s what we did. It’s really heavy but he loves it!”

“My husband has a tungsten ring and he loves it! He is always bragging to people about how strong that metal is and how heavy the ring is. It definitely has some weight to it! Warning…if you go the tungsten route be careful of the weapon that is now on his hand lol. He has hurt my hand a couple of times on accident with his ring lol”

“We did tungsten because there were so many cool designs to pick from. He chose an awesome black plated tungsten band with a pattern in it”

“I feel tungsten looks nicer, my fiancé loves tungsten.”

“I prefer tungsten. Especially if he works with his hands. Tungsten will crack, crush, or fold like sliver and gold”

“My husband loves tungsten! His ring is super strong and heavy but the downside is it can’t be resized.”

“He really wanted a tungsten ring. My husband works around powerlines and tungsten is one of the approved metals he can wear at work. It’s a good sturdy ring so it should hold up through everything he puts it through.”

Titanium Wedding Rings

“My husband picked out a really cool titanium band with a whiskey barrel inside. It looks amazing!”

“He got a heavy-duty silicone band for work and the titanium band for weekend/vacation/events”

“My husband went with a titanium ring and really likes it, but it makes me really nervous. From what I have read, it’s almost impossible to get off if there is an emergency. He works with his hands a lot.”

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