Mother-Son Wedding Dance Photos (Ideas And Inspiration)

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Here are a bunch of mother-son wedding dance photos I have taken over the past few years.

Feel free to use them in your blog posts (please credit the PA Unveiled website).

I have photographed over 500 weddings, so I have seen a lot of mother-son wedding dances.

Here are a few of these unforgettable moments that I have photographed:

A mother and son doing a funny dance together. They are doing the chicken dance. This is for the article called mother-son wedding dance photos
This groom and his mom did the chicken dance for their dance together. This was definitely one of the funniest monther-son wedding dances that I have ever photographed.
A proud mom smiling at her son during the mother-son wedding dance
This mom was so proud of her son. I loved how she smiled at him during the entire mother-son wedding dance.
A mother and her son having a fun dance to an upbeat song at a wedding reception
I love it when a mother-son dance goes from a slow song into a faster, more upbeat song. The guests love it, and it always puts a smile on everybody’s face.
A mother and son sharing a dance at the son's wedding. The groom is wearing a white jacket.
I loved capturing this mother-son dance photo.
A proud mom hugging her son after the mother-son dance at a wedding
A mom hugging her son after the mother-son dance
A photo collage of a mother and son dancing together at a wedding reception
Justin’s mom was so happy to share this dance with her son.
A mom dancing with her son at his wedding
Chris and his mom dancing together at this wedding
A mom smiling at her son as they share a mother-son dance at his wedding
Such a happy mom
A mother her son doing a fun wedding dance at the reception.
This mom and her son danced to a fun, upbeat song (“We Are Family” by Sister Sledge)
A mom smiling at her son as they dance together at this wedding
Robert and his mom had so much together during the mother-son dance.
A mom having fun with her son as they do a mother-son dance together at a wedding
A groom showing how much he loves his mom as they dance together.
A groom dancing with his mom at a wedding reception
A mom getting emotional during the mother-son dance at a wedding
When photographing a wedding, I am always looking to capture emotional moments. I captured this sweet moment when the groom’s mom cried for a second while dancing with her son.
A groom and his mom dancing together at the groom's wedding
A mom proudly looking at her son as they dance together at the groom's wedding. This is for the article called mother-son wedding dance photos
I was able to photograph this emotional moment during the mother-son wedding dance.
A mother and son dancing to a fun upbeat song as the groom's wedding reception
I loved photographing this upbeat mother-son wedding dance
A mom dancing with her son at his wedding

Tips For Getting Amazing Mother-Son Wedding Dance Photos

Here are a few tips on getting the best photos of the mother & son dance during the wedding reception:

Keep your wedding photographer in the loop

Sometimes at weddings, the groom and his mom tell the DJ to cut the mother-dance song after about a minute or so.

If you plan on doing this, let your photographer know beforehand so they know about the shorter time. This will allow them to get all the needed photos without being caught off guard.

Don’t worry about posing for the photographer the entire time

Chances are, your wedding photographer will be taking photos during the entire mother-son dance.

They want to capture some great candid photos of the two of you dancing and sharing this special moment together.

Sometimes, we see moms and sons looking at and posing for the photographer. This is fine for a few quick shots, but once the photographer gets a few posed photos, enjoy the dance and let your photographer get those awesome candids that you will cherish later on.

Do a fun mashup-style dance

If it fits your personality, do a mashup-style mother-son dance.

This is when you start off with a nice slow song and then go into a fun, upbeat song about a minute into the song.

You can even have your DJ create a fun mix of upbeat songs.

Here is an example of a fun mashup-style mother-son dance:

You can see many more fun examples here

When should you do the mother-son dance at a wedding?

Typically, the mother-son dance takes place right after the father-daughter dance.

Sometimes, these dances all take place right after the wedding party is introduced.

After the couple is announced, they go right into the first dance, followed by the father-daughter dance and the mother-son dance.

We have also seen many weddings where the parent dances get their own spot shortly after dinner.

Talk with your partner to see what makes the most sense for your day. There are no set rules.

I made a quick video showing you how to use ChatGPT and other free AI tools to come up with a personalized song list that you can use for the mother-son dance at a wedding…

Watch this quick video to learn how to come up with an endless list of dance song ideas in seconds.

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