Over or Under Bridal Shower Game (Free Printable)

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Over or Under is a really fun bridal shower game that will test how well guests know the bride-to-be. Below you can download a free printable and learn how to play the game.

Download A Free Over or Under Printable Game Card

Three Over or Under Bridal Shower Game Cards with a white background
Download your free Over or Under bridal shower game card below!

We included a full-page game card and a 5×7 printable game card in the free PDF.

Grab Your Over or Under Free Printable Game Card

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    How To Play Over or Under

    Playing Over or Under is very easy. It’s a quick game that can be played at any time during the bridal shower.

    The object of the game is to guess whether the statement on the game card is over or under the correct answer (or an exact match)

    Before the bridal shower, have the bride answer each question on the card. This is your answer key for the game.


    #1 For the statement that reads, “The bride wears a size 7 shoe”, the bride writes that she actually wears a size 8.

    This would mean that anyone choosing “over” would be correct. Anyone guessing “under” or “exact match” would get it wrong.

    #2 For the statement that reads, “The bride tried on 6 wedding dresses before choosing her favorite”, the bride writes that she actually tried on 3.

    That would mean anyone choosing “under” scores a point. Anyone choosing “over” or “exact match” scores no points for that question.

    What you need to play the game:

    • A game card for each player (you can download a free printable below)
    • A pen/pencil for each player
    • A timer (try using 2 songs from the bride’s music playlist as the timer. Music always makes the game more fun)
    • A prize for the player with the most points

    We have put together two great resources for you:

    Sample Questions for Over or Under:

    If you are making and customizing your own game cards, here are some Over or Under samples questions/statements to get you started:

    • The bride has 3 siblings
    • The couple met 3 years ago
    • The bride wears a size 7 shoe
    • There are 49 days until the wedding
    • The bride owns 19 pairs of shoes
    • There are 4 bridesmaids in the bridal party
    • The age gap between the couples is 4 years
    • The bride’s new name will have 11 letters
    • There are 130 guests attending the wedding
    • The bride tried on 6 dresses before saying yes to the dress
    • The bride has had 5 jobs in her life
    • The bride has been to 10 concerts
    • The bride wants 3 kids
    • The honeymoon will last 8 days
    • The couple has been on 5 vacations together
    • The bride has 500 friends on Facebook
    • The couple visited 5 wedding venues before choosing their favorite.

    A few ideas for game prizes:

    • Gift cards to everyday stores and online shops like Target or Amazon.
    • Wine and coffee themed gifts
    • Gift certificates for local restaurants and businesses (what a great way to support a local business!)
    • Candles
    • Spa items
    • Chocolates and other sweets.
    • Adult games (so many games to choose from these days)

    Additional Bridal Shower & Wedding Planning Resources:

    A free printable for the bridal shower game over or under. There is greenery at the top of the page.

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