Fake Plastic Rings For Bridal Shower Game (Party Games)

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If you are playing one of the fun ring games (like Ring Hunt or The Ring Game/Put a Ring On It) at your bridal shower or wedding shower, you are going to need some fake plastic rings for your party.

Here are a few of our favorite plastic rings for bridal shower games:

Plastic Diamond Rings For Bridal Shower Games

These plastic diamond rings from SisterNovelties on Etsy are perfect for games like The Ring Game (Put a Ring On It) and Ring Hunt.

They come in two colors, silver or rose gold.

diamond plastic rings for bridal shower games. This photos shows about 100 rings in silver and rose gold
These plastic bridal shower rings are adjustable so they will fit all size fingers.

Bridal Shower Rings for Games On Amazon

If you prefer to do your shopping on amazon, here are the top 3 places to get your bridal shower rings:

Bridal Shower Games That You Can Use Your Rings For

Here are two really fun games that you can use your plastic rings for:

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