97 Practical Groomsmen Gifts (Unique Ideas for 2024)

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If you are looking for fun and unique gifts to give your best man and groomsmen on the wedding day (or at the rehearsal dinner), we have the perfect collection!

Your wedding party is filled with friends and family who are some of the most important people in your life. We have found gift ideas for all personalities (and all price ranges, so you don’t have to worry about breaking your wedding budget).

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Top 10 Most Popular Groomsmen Gift Ideas From The Groom

Out of the 400+ groomsmen and grooms that we polled, these 10 gift ideas were the most popular with the guys:

Beer Cooler Bag

a beer cooler sitting on the ground. This is for a groomsmen gift

This was the most popular groomsmen gift out of the entire list. It holds 12 beers and comes with a beer bottle opener. This beer cooler bag is fully lined with waterproof insulation. You can have it personalized with initials or name (or you can order it without any personalization). Such a cool gift for your best man and groomsmen. Sold by Confetti Momma on Etsy.

Humidor Gift Box

A photo of a gift box containing a flask, lighter, corkscrew, and knife for the groomsmen at a wedding.

This awesome humidor gift box makes the perfect groomsmen gift. You can order just the cedar box, or you can choose to include the flask, lighter, corkscrew, and/or knife. Sold by TimelessTreasuresUSA on Etsy.

Decanter Set

a decanter and 2 glasses filled with whiskey

We love this personalized decanter set. You can order the decanter by itself, or you can choose to include 2, 4, or 6 glasses to go with it. Perfect for groomsmen or dads. Sold by TimelessTreasuresUSA on Etsy.

Frosted Mug

2 frosted mugs with cartoon drawings of the groomsmen on the front

These frosted mugs are amazing! The cartoon caricatures are so lifelike and detailed. They would make the perfect present to hand out on the wedding day. Sold by ToonedUpGifts on Etsy.

Travel Mug

2 travel mugs with groomsmen cartoon drawings on the front. These are a gift from the groom.

Check out these awesome travel mugs. They are similar to the Yeti Rambler. These are perfect for anyone in your wedding party or family. Sold by ToonedUpGifts on Etsy.

Groom & Groomsmen Shirts

6 shirts with nicknames on them for the groom and groomsmen

The groom and groomsmen will love these shirts! They are perfect for the bachelor party, for wearing under a suit for cool photos, or simply as an everyday t-shirt. Sold by PrintFanaticShop on Etsy.

Buffalo Horn Mug

a buffaloe horn mug with engraving on bottom

You and your groomsmen will be toasting like Vikings and Game Of Thrones with these authentic buffalo horn mugs. Sold by donebetter on Etsy.

Poker Set

a poker set with case, cards, chips, and dice.

This personalized poker set is a fantastic gift for anyone. Includes the engraved case, cards, chips, and dice. Sold by DesignstheLimit on Etsy.

Whiskey Barrel

a personalized whiskey barrel product photo

This mini-oak whiskey barrel makes a gift for groomsmen, dads, or brothers. This item is fully functional. Sold by MyPersonalMemories on Etsy.

Gift Ideas (Under $100)

Baseball Bat Mugs

a photo of groomsmen holding baseball bat mugs that were given to them as a gift from the groom.

These handmade baseball bat mugs are one of the coolest and most unique groomsmen gifts we have seen. Add up to 3 lines of personalized text. 4 different stains to choose from. Have each bat mug engraved with the name of the groomsmen. Sold by Lumberland on Etsy.

Personalized Cigar Set

a box of cigars that are meant as a gift from the groom to his groomsmen.

This travel cigar humidor is one of the best groomsmen gift ideas out there. Includes an ostrich-style leather case, a flip-top refillable butane torch lighter, and a guillotine cigar cutter. The quality of this case is outstanding! Definitely a fan favorite. Sold by InfinityStudioCo on Etsy

Groomsmen Bobbleheads


Check out these handmade groomsmen bobbleheads. They are truly a one-of-a-kind gift to give your friends and family. The superhero shirts are the ones we recommend for the groomsmen. Sold by Kikihandmadedolls on Etsy

Bobblehead Groomsmen

A group of groomsmen bobbleheads

These groomsmen bobbleheads are handmade one at a time using polymer clay. They are such an awesome gift for your wedding party. There are over 60 body styles to choose from so we know you find the perfect fit for your friends. Sold by Uniqueminime on Etsy.

Gift Ideas (Under $50)

Wooden Beer Mug

cool wooden beer mug used for groom or groomsmen gift. The photo shows 3 of them.

These handcrafted oak beer mugs are of incredible quality. They make the perfect gift for groomsmen, the father of the bride, the father of the groom, or anyone else who loves cool gifts. Sold by UsefulFromWood on Etsy.

Flask With Caricature

a flask with a caricature on the front

Check out these stainless steel groomsmen flasks! Such a fun and unique gift to give the guys. You also get the digital file of each caricature to share on social media. These are amazing! Sold by ToonedUpGifts on Etsy.

Yeti Colster

A yeti colster can cooler with personalization

This is the perfect gift for almost anyone. It’s great for junior groomsmen as well since they can use the Yeti can cooler to keep soda in. Sold by EngraveIt on Etsy.

Pocket Knife

a pocket knife that is engraved with a name and date

These handmade pocket knives are of outstanding quality. The handle is wood and the blade is stainless steel. Sold by HisCorner on Etsy.

Beer Bottle Opener

4 beer bottle openers

Your groomsmen will love these personalized beer bottle openers with a built-in cap catcher. Perfect for your deck or man cave. Sold by IntraSStudio on Etsy.

Cartoon Caricature Beer Stein

beer stein with cartoon face on it

These custom-designed beer steins make the best groomsmen gift. Simply send in a photo of each of your groomsmen and place your order. As a bonus, they send you digital copies of each cartoon to use on social media. Sold by ToonedUpGifts on Etsy.

Leather Dopp Kit

A personalized leather dopp kit sitting on a table

These leather shave kit travel bags are such an awesome gift. The personalization for each groomsmen adds a nice touch. Handmade in the USA. Sold by NorthwindSupply on Etsy

Handmade Beer Mug

Wooden beer stein sitting on a table. This one has engraving on the side because it was a gift from the groom to his groomsmen

The quality of these handmade wooden beer mugs is outstanding! These would make the perfect gift for your groomsmen and father (of the bride or groom). Sold by WeddingIsComing on Etsy.

Decanter Set & Whiskey Stones

a decanter set on a table

This amazing gift set includes an engraved box, a decanter, 2 glasses, 9 whiskey stones, tongs for ice, and a bag for the stones. Sold by GiftIdeasUA on Etsy.

Handmade Beer Mug

A green beer cooler gift for groomsmen

The quality of these handmade wooden beer mugs is outstanding! These would make the perfect gift for your groomsmen and father (of the bride or groom). Sold by EverlyGrayce on Etsy.

Gift Ideas (Under $20)

Purchasing an awesome gift for your groomsmen does not have to break the bank. We found a bunch of awesome choices for under $20 to hand out on the big day.

Engraved Beer Mug

3 engraved beer mugs sitting on a table

These custom-engraved beer mugs are a really great gift for your wedding party. The cost is barely over $10 each (and you can order only 1 if that’s all you need). Sold by BlueRidgeMountainCo on Etsy.

Wood Watch

A watch and box sitting on a table

Check out these handmade wood watches. The perfect idea for someone looking for a gift idea that is a little different and unique. Sold by ShpByAnna on Etsy.

Can Cooler

a stack of can coolers with American flags on them

Personalized can coolers for each groomsman, the groom, father-of-the-groom. Multiple designs to choose from. Sold by ThirstyRhinoDesigns on Etsy.

Pocket Knife

3 pocket knives that are gifts for groomsmen. They are engraved.

These handmade pocket knives are of excellent quality and would make a very nice gift for the groom or groomsmen. Sold by EngraveMyMemories on Etsy.

Engraved Hatchet

a hatchet in a tree

Check out these handmade steel hatchets. The quality is amazing! These are a great present idea for your groomsmen and dad. Sold by YourWeddingPlace on Etsy.

Money Clip

4 money clips sitting on a table

These personalized money clips are a good choice for an inexpensive gift. Choose from 18 different styles. Sold by CaddyBayCollection on Etsy.

Leather Shave Bag

a brown leather shaving kit sitting on a table

This leather Dopp kit makes a great gift for just about anyone. Choose from 11 different colors and add personalization. Sold by SoGoodSoWood on Etsy.

Buy On Etsy

Custom Poker Chips

orange poker chips

We love these custom-designed poker chips. Upload your own photo and text. Handmade and high quality (not stickers) Sold by DeckedOutPublishing on Etsy.


cufflinks sitting on a table

The perfect practical gift for groomsmen that is nice and affordable. Choose from 5 different finishes. Sold by TheBlueAgaveStudio on Etsy.

Personalized Football

3 footballs that are personalized from the groom to the ring bearers at a wedding

If you are looking for a fun gift to give the ring-bearer, these handmade footballs are perfect! Sizes are Small, youth, and regular. Sold by JCSDesigns2017 on Etsy.

Cigar Box

a cigar box on a table

These afforable handmade cigar boxes will be a nice gift for members of your wedding party. Includes engraving for each box. Sold by SuncoastLaser on Etsy.

Funny and Unique Gift Ideas For your Best Man and Groomsmen

Depending on the personality of your friends and family members, sometimes a traditional wedding gift simply won’t cut it.

We found some amazing gift ideas for those who have a sense of humor. We think you’re going to love them!

Rocks Glasses

2 whiskey glasses

These whiskey rocks glasses are the perfect gift for anyone who loves Step Brothers. “You Have To Call Me Nighthawk” “You Have To Call Me Dragon”. Sold by West7thDesignandCo on Etsy.

Bourbon Glasses

whiskey glasses filled with whiskey

An awesome set (2) of bar glasses (whiskey/scotch/bourbon) that say Boats N Hoes and Prestige Worldwide. Amazing quality barware. Sold by LoneStarEtch on Etsy.

Boats & Hoes Socks

A close up of a guy wearing socks that have a photo of boats and hoes on them.

These boats n hoes socks would be the perfect groomsmen gift for any fan of Step Brothers (that would be everyone!). Wear them on the wedding day! Sold by AwkoSockCo on Etsy.

Custom Face Socks

socks with a face on them

These custom groomsmen face socks are just the right gift for your special day. Have a pair made for each member of the wedding party. Sold by ZeekCreativeShop on Etsy.

Custom Golf Balls

golf ball with a face on it

A great idea if your groomsmen are into golf. Simply upload a photo and order 1, 3, 6, or 12 custom face golf balls. Sold by GiftsWithLuv on Etsy.

Funny Face Socks

funny socks with a mans face on them

Your groomsmen are going to love these funny-face socks. Grab a pair for the ring bearer and dads too! Sold by ZeekCreativeShop on Etsy.

Groomsmen Gift Ideas for $10 or Less

All of the items in our $10 or less category are handmade items made and sold by small businesses on Etsy (same with all of the items above in the $20, $50, and $100 categories). All of the items that are listed on this page are of outstanding quality. We spent a lot of time picking out the perfect gift ideas.

Here are some of our favorite gifts that are $10 or less:

Some additional gift ideas to get you started:

  • A six-pack of local beers (you can put them in a nice custom box like this one from Amazon).
  • Something from his favorite sports team.
  • A funny shirt from a favorite movie that you share (like Step Brothers, The Hangover, or Dumb and Dumber).
  • A nerdy gift from Star Wars, Star Trek, or Lord of The Rings.
  • Video Games or something interactive that you can do together.
  • We love these Swiss Army Knives from Amazon. They also have a smaller/less expensive version here.
  • Check out these Bluetooth speakers on Amazon. We love this one and this one.
  • We love Etsy because the items are handmade and really high quality. Plus it’s really nice to support small businesses. There are so many cool gift ideas for groomsmen.
  • If you need gift bags for your purchases, Amazon has these cool-looking black bags that are very inexpensive.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Should I Get My Groomsmen (A Gift)?

If you are going to buy your best man and groomsmen something, it should be a practical gift. They will appreciate something that they can actually use. That’s why we love the idea of engraving items like toiletry bags, shot glasses, money clips, knives, beer mugs, and other cool items.

Try to think of something that would be a great addition to their man cave, house, or garage.

The best groomsmen gifts are the ones that you put some thought into.

We recommend going for something high-quality (this does not have to be expensive). The handmade items that we listed above are all high quality and some of those prices are only $10-$20.

Who Else Does The Groom Buy A Gift For?

It all depends if you are the gift-giving type of person. If you are, you could get something for the ring bearer, junior groomsmen, fathers, grandfathers, brothers, and of course your wife-to-be (or husband-to-be).

How much should you spend on your groomsmen gifts?

You should only spend what you can afford. This amount of going to be different for everyone.

As you can see from the list above, there are great gift ideas no matter what amount of money you want to spend.

Your best man and groomsmen are not expecting expensive gifts from you. They are simply going to be happy spending the day hanging out with you and the rest of the guys.

Are you supposed to give groomsmen gifts?

This is your wedding day and you make the rules. If you want to know what’s normal, about 75% of the weddings we are involved with include gifts for the wedding party. These do not have to be fancy or cost you a lot of money. Just a simple “thank you for being here on my wedding day” gift will do.

The old saying “It’s the thought that counts” really fits well here.

What gift do you give your best man (Should it be different than the other groomsmen gifts)?

Out of all the weddings that we have been involved with (over 450), the best man typically gets the same gift as the rest of the groomsmen. On a few different occasions, we have seen the groom get the best man a little something extra (this is usually if the best man is also the groom’s brother). It’s totally up to you but normal practice is getting everyone the same gift.

Should We Engrave The Gifts?

This will be different for everybody. There are no rules.

We personally think engraved practical gifts are awesome since they add a personal touch. It is something that each person can use, but it also has a personal note/message on the gift that reminds them of you, your wedding, and your friendship. It’s the perfect way to say thank you to the important men in your life.

When engraving your gift you can do it in a few different ways. Here are a couple of common ideas to get you started:

  • The groomsman’s name
  • His initials
  • The couple’s name
  • The wedding date (we don’t love putting the wedding date on gifts, but some other people love it).
  • A nickname
  • A funny or sentimental saying or quote that means something between the two of you.

When should you give the best man and groomsmen their gifts?

The best time to give the best man and groomsmen their gift is either at the bachelor party, rehearsal dinner, or when you first meet up to get ready on the day of the wedding. We personally recommend doing it at the rehearsal dinner. This way they do not have to find a place to store it at the hotel or wedding venue.

Additional Wedding Planning Resources and Tips

If you have a gift that you think belongs on this list, send us a quick message and let us know. We are always looking for new ideas.

*This post contains affiliate links, so we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through the links on our site at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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