Free Printable Wedding Planner (Best DIY Planning Idea)

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In this article, we offer a free printable wedding planner (20 pages) as well as our Minimalistic Wedding Planner and our Ultimate Wedding Planner.

Both of the planners that we sell are 50% off to our blog readers (On sale for $6 and $10)

If you are simply looking for the free 20-page wedding planner, you can download the PDF using the link down below, however, we definitely recommend checking out the other 2 planners as well before you go. They are amazing!

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A printable wedding planner sitting on a table with a yellow and blue background
This is the best printable wedding planner ever!

Here is the link to our awesome printable wedding planners:

Printable Wedding Planner (Minimalistic)

We designed this minimalistic wedding planner for couples who are looking to print their planners at home with a printer.

These planners are perfect for couples looking to DIY their own wedding planning binder.

We purposely did not use bright colors or photos in this planner (a major ink saver).

This minimalistic wedding planner is absolutely amazing and will keep you very organized between now and your big day.

You can print the wedding planner as-is, or you can customize it for free in Canva.

Here is everything that’s included in the minimalistic wedding planner:

  • Wedding Planning Timeline (What to do from the time you get engaged until your wedding date)
  • Post Wedding checklist (Things to take care of after you get married)
  • Wedding Priority Worksheets
  • Overview of All Wedding Events
  • Detailed Budget Worksheets For Every Vendor and Event
  • Guest List Templates
  • Vendor Contact Info Worksheets
  • Wedding Party and Family Contact Info Worksheets
  • Vendor Worksheets For Every Vendor With Payment Trackers (Keep track of deposits, payments made, and balances still due)
  • Vendor Comparison Worksheets (Stay organized when meeting with multiple vendors)
  • Pros/Cons Worksheet For Vendor Meetings
  • Getting Ready Worksheets (hair and makeup schedule for wedding party)
  • Bridal Suite Checklist (What should the girls have with them in the getting-ready room)
  • Groom’s Room Checklist (What should the guys have with them in the getting-ready room)
  • Packing List/Checklist For The Bridesmaids
  • Getting Ready Details Checklist For Your Photographer
  • Emergency Kit Checklist For The Wedding Day
  • Stationary Checklist
  • Wedding Signage Checklist
  • Wedding Decor Checklist
  • Blank Checklist Worksheets
  • Floral Checklist
  • Bridal Attire Worksheet
  • Bridesmaid Attire Worksheets
  • Groom Attire Worksheet
  • Groomsmen Attire Worksheets
  • Transportation Schedule Worksheet (for the wedding party and your hotel guests)
  • Wedding Day Timeline Worksheets
  • To-Do Worksheets (Daily, weekly, and monthly)
  • Calendar Templates (Single page and double page)
  • Packing Lists (Worksheets to keep your decor boxes/tubs organized)
  • Who’s Helping With What Worksheet
  • Ceremony Planner Worksheets (Location, contact, officiant, readers/readings, items needed at the location, etc.)
  • Ceremony Order Of Events Worksheets
  • Wedding Ceremony Song Planner (Guest seating music, parents entrance, groom/groomsmen entrance, bridal party entrance, bride entrance, unity ceremony, wedding recessional)
  • Ceremony Processional Order and Recessional Order Worksheets
  • Vows Worksheets (Final and rough draft)
  • Family Photo Worksheets 
  • Important Wedding Day Photo Worksheet
  • Photography Shot List
  • Cocktail Hour Planner
  • Reception Planner (Location, contacts, schedule, items needed, etc.)
  • Introductions Template (Order of intros and songs needed)
  • Reception Song Selection Worksheet (First dance, father-daughter dance, mother-son dance, special dances, cake cutting, bouquet toss, garter toss, anniversary dance, dollar dance, and final song of the night)
  • Blank Song Selection Template
  • Do Not Play/Must Play Worksheet For DJ
  • Menu Tasting Worksheets (Hors d’oeuvres, entrees, and desserts)
  • Final Menu Template
  • Bar/Drinks Worksheet
  • Cake/Cupcake Worksheet
  • Rental Item Checklist and Worksheets
  • Seating Diagrams and Worksheets (All table sizes)
  • Gift Registry
  • Gift Tracker (Remember who sent what and keep track of who you sent thank you cards too)
  • Gift Idea Worksheets (Keep track of the gifts you are getting for family members and wedding parties)
  • Blank Notes and To-Do List Templates
a collage of printable wedding planning budget worksheets with a blue background
Our printable wedding planners include budget worksheets for every sings vendor plus blank templates in case you have something really unique you need to add.

The Ultimate Printable Wedding Planner

Our Ultimate Printable Wedding Planner includes everything listed in the planner above plus the following planner add-ons:

Note – All of our printable planners can be printed as-is or you can edit them using a free Canva account. Everything is customizable!

  • 26-Page Bridal Shower Planner
  • 25-Page Honeymoon Planner
  • 20-Page Bachelorette Party Planner
  • 27-Page Engagement Party Planner
  • 9-Page Rehearsal Dinner Planner
  • 26-Page Couple’s Wedding Shower Planner
  • 20-Page Bachelor Party Planner

Edit The Wedding Planners In Canva

You can print out the Minimalistic Wedding Planner or the Ultimate Wedding Planner as-is using your home printer or a print shop like Staples, or you can completely customize the planners using the free version of Canva

Free Printable Wedding Planner

If you are simply looking for the free printable wedding planner mentioned above, you can download the PDF below.

This free planner includes the following:

  • A 12-month wedding planning timeline
  • An overview of wedding-related events
  • Wedding budget worksheets
  • Guest list template
  • Vendor contact information worksheet
  • Emergency kit printable wedding checklist for your special day
  • Wedding signage checklist
  • Wedding day timeline from morning until the end of the reception
  • Ceremony song and music planner
  • Ceremony processional order template
  • Wedding reception introduction worksheet
  • Reception song and music planner
  • Seating chart worksheet for your guests
  • Gift registry information
  • To-do lists (daily, weekly, and monthly)

Grab the free 40-page wedding planner worksheets here: Free Wedding Planner

A mock up photo of a printable wedding planner. This photo shows the printable being edited in different ways using Canva
Our paid printable wedding planners include all of the Canva links so you can completely customize the planners before printing them out.

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