Right Left Bridal Shower Game (2 Free Printable Poem Cards)

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The right left bridal shower game is one of the most fun and interactive games to play with almost any size group.

It is a classic game for a shower and guests love it!

In this article we will cover the following:

  • How to play the right left game
  • What items are needed
  • A free printable story card (poem) to use at your game.
Two Right Left bridal shower game cards with a poem written on them. These two cards have a white background
Download two free right left bridal shower game cards below. Both of these 8.5×11 printable cards include one of the fun poems below.

Download A Free Right Left Story Card For Your Shower Game

Download these two free left right story cards for your bridal shower game. The downloadable PDF includes two different style cards.

Grab Your Right-Left Bridal Shower Printable Poem Card

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    Items Needed For The Right Left Bridal Shower Game

    You do not need much to play this super fun bridal shower game.

    Here is what you’ll need:

    • 2-3 gifts to pass around (here are a bunch of gift and prize ideas)
    • A circle of chairs for the guests who are playing the left right game
    • A Right Left Bridal Shower Game poem or story card

    And that’s it!

    How to Play The Right Left Bridal Shower Game

    This is one of the easiest bridal games to play.

    The guests who are playing sit in a circle.

    The shower hostess passes out a couple of different gifts (if it’s a really small group, you can use one gift. If it is a larger shower, you can use two gifts. If it’s a really big shower, feel free to use three gifts).

    As the bridal shower hostess reads the right left story, guests pass the gifts around in the direction that the story mentions (every time you hear the word RIGHT, you pass the gift to the person on your right. Every time you hear the word LEFT, you pass the present to the guest on your left.)

    When the hostess finishes reading the bridal shower poem, the guest who is holding the gift gets to keep it as their prize.

    It’s like a game of musical chairs with a twist.

    Note: Another name that is commonly used for this fun game is “Pass The Gift

    A Right Left Poem For The Game

    Read this left right poem and have guests pass the gifts in the direction that the story says:

    Miss LEFT and Mr. RIGHT met at a dance, where they accidentally bumped into each other RIGHT in the center of the dance floor.

    Miss LEFT was shy and almost LEFT the party, but Mr. RIGHT persuaded her to stay. 

    As they danced together, they knew they were so RIGHT for each other. 

    They began to date and fell in love, always holding hands (sometimes with their LEFT, and sometimes with their RIGHT)

    When Mr. RIGHT proposed, he got down on his LEFT knee. Miss LEFT happily accepted and they began planning their wedding day.

    On the big day, Miss LEFT wore a stunning white gown with a RIGHT shoulder strap, while Mr. RIGHT wore a black tuxedo with a boutonniere on his LEFT lapel.

    The wedding ceremony was perfect, with Miss LEFT standing on the RIGHT side of the altar and Mr. RIGHT on the LEFT. 

    They exchanged vows and sealed their love with a kiss. 

    At the reception, Mr. RIGHT and Mrs. LEFT danced the night away even though they both had two LEFT feet. 

    It was the best day of their lives.

    Everything felt RIGHT.

    Mrs. LEFT and Mr. RIGHT LEFT for the honeymoon the next morning.

    This was a great story, am I RIGHT?

    A Fun Left Right Wedding Day Story

    Read this hilarious left-right story and tell the guests to pass the gifts in the RIGHT direction (see what I did there?).

    The Wedding Day of Mr. RIGHT and Mrs. LEFT

    Mrs. LEFT and Mr. RIGHT’s wedding day was the best day of their lives. 

    Mrs. LEFT woke up early and excited, knowing that she had made the RIGHT decision to marry Mr. RIGHT.

    Mr. RIGHT woke up so excited that he LEFT for the wedding venue without the RIGHT tie.

    When he arrived he was so happy to see the groomsmen because he knew he had driven to the RIGHT place. And when he was handed his tie, Mr. RIGHT knew that he had chosen the RIGHT best man!

    Miss LEFT got ready in the bridal suite on the left side of the venue, while Mr. RIGHT waited in the groom’s room on the right.

    During the ceremony, Mrs. Left stood with the bridesmaids on the LEFT while Mr. Right stood with the groomsmen on the RIGHT.

    Everything looked RIGHT.

    As they walked down the aisle as husband and wife (Mrs. Left on the RIGHT and MR. Right on the LEFT), they held hands, smiled, and kissed one more time as they LEFT the ceremony site.

    Mrs. LEFT and Mr. RIGHT danced together at the reception, swaying left and right under the twinkling lights. When the night ended, they LEFT the venue with Mrs. LEFT on the left side of the car and Mr. RIGHT on the right.

    They were off to their honeymoon on the LEFT side of the country.

    But first, they needed to stop at the hotel to pick up their luggage.

    Good thing it was RIGHT around the corner.

    The End!

    More Bridal Shower Games and Planning Tips

    Here are a few more game ideas, as well as some bridal shower planning tips:

    Let us know if you have ever played the Right Left bridal shower game. As a guest, did you love it?

    Of all of the games and activities that you have played at a bridal shower, do you have a personal favorite?

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