Ring Hunt Bridal Shower Game (Free Printable Sign)

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The Ring Hunt bridal shower game is an easy and fun game to play at your party.

Below you will find a list of what you need, instructions on how to play the game, and a free printable Ring Hunt printable sign.

Three ring hunt bridal shower game signs with a white background
Download 3 different ring hunt bridal shower game signs below (free PDF printables)

Download A Free Ring Hunt Bridal Shower Game Sign (3 To Choose From)

We include 3 different printable ring hunt bridal shower game signs in a PDF.

Download all 3 for free.

Grab Your Free Bridal Shower Ring Hunt Printable Sign

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    How To Play The Ring Hunt Game At A Bridal Shower Or Wedding Shower

    The Ring Hunt game is really easy to play and a lot of fun for guests.

    Before your guests arrive, hide a bunch of plastic diamond rings around the bridal shower.

    Put your Ring Hunt sign on a table near the entrance of your bridal shower or wedding shower.

    This way all of the guests will see the sign and know that they should be picking up the rings as they find them throughout the party.

    After the bride-to-be is finished opening gifts, the hostess of the shower should make an announcement for guests to count up their rings.

    The guest with the most rings wins a prize!

    Ideas on where you can hide your rings:

    • Near the guest book
    • Anywhere guests will be sitting
    • The gift table
    • Close to food and drink stations
    • Plus the hostess can stash a handful of rings away and sprinkle them around during the shower (that way guests can find rings in the same place over and over if they are looking)

    What You Will Need To Play The Game

    Here is what you will need to play the Ring Hunt bridal shower game:

    • A Ring Hunt sign (download our free printables above)
    • A stand-up frame to put your game sign in (Choose either an 8×10 frame or an 11×14 frame with an 8×10 cut mat)
    • A bunch of plastic rings to hide around the party (we recommend these inexpensive rings)
    • A prize for the guest who finds the most rings (consider having a 2nd prize in case there is a tie). We put together this awesome list of bridal shower game prizes.

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