Free Wedding Activity Pages For Kids (Printable Book)

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These free wedding activity pages for kids are the perfect solution for entertaining your younger guests during the wedding reception.

I have photographed and helped plan over 500 weddings and witnessed my fair share of bored kids during the reception and in the getting-ready rooms.

I put together this free wedding activity book to help keep kids busy while you get ready for your wedding (it’s also perfect for that downtime between dinner and when the dance floor opens up).

Pring a copy of the free wedding activity pages below (print one for each child that will be attending your wedding).

A flower girl coloring in a wedding-themed-coloring book. This is for the article called Wedding Activity Pages For Kids
These wedding activity pages will keep your younger guests busy during the slower parts of the wedding day.

Here are some of the fun activities we have included in the free printable activity and coloring book for kids:

Wedding I Spy Game

The Wedding I Spy game is a great activity page that will keep kids busy during the early part of the reception (before the dance floor opens up).

There are eight different objects that the kids will try and find. They will see how many items they can find in the picture.

Coloring Pages

Some coloring pages included are a wedding cake, bride and groom, wedding rings, bridal bouquet, and more! We also included a page that asks the kids to draw a picture of their favorite memory from the wedding day.

Wedding Word Search

Kids love doing word searches, so we created a wedding-themed word search for your little guests.

Some of the words they will be searching for include cake, wedding, bride, groom, love, dress, and family.

Three custom designed wedding activity pages to keep kids busy on the wedding day. This photo shows the activity book cover, a maze, and a fun I spy game.

Tic Tac Toe

Each sheet has nine tic tac toe games (print as many copies as you want)

Wedding Word Scramble

Wedding Word Scramble is a fun activity where kids are given a page with a bunch of scrambled wedding-themed words. They will have to try and figure out what each word is.

Some of the scrambled words are flowers, party, bride, cake, wedding, reception, and more.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

I have photographed many weddings where kids were given disposable cameras or iPhones and asked to take a bunch of photos from a scavenger hunt game card.

This fun activity keeps kids busy all day and is a great way to get some unique photos that would normally not be taken.

Wedding Maze

This fun activity page is great for little kids. In the maze, they are helping the bride get to the groom.

Three wedding activity pages for kids to color on the wedding day. This photo shows a coloring page, a tic tac tow game, and a word search

How to Keep Kids Entertained On The Wedding Day

Keeping kids occupied on the wedding day sounds like a big task, but it is much easier than you think.

We have put together a great article called How Do You Entertain Children At A Wedding? Check it out for fun ideas for keeping kids entertained on your big day.

Some of the ideas we cover are wedding activity books, photo booth ideas, art tables, entertainment ideas, food stations, and more!

What You Need To Use Your Free Printable Wedding Activity Pages

All you need to use the free printable wedding activity book is a printer (or you upload the PDF to a print shop) and some art supplies.

Here is a list of art supplies we recommend picking up:

  • Colored pencils
  • Crayons
  • A few sticker sheets of whatever they love
  • Home printer (or send to a local print shop or friend who has a printer)

Download Our Free Printable Wedding Activity Book and Coloring Pages

You can download the free printable wedding activity book and coloring pages below. Once you have saved the pdf to your computer, print it out at home or send the file to a print shop like Staples.

You can print all the pages or pick and choose which pages you want and only print those. We have also included a front cover page so kids can write their names on their activity booklet.

Download Your Free Kid Activity Pages Booklet

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