135 Best Songs For The Anniversary Dance At Your Wedding

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The anniversary dance (or reverse anniversary dance) is a really fun way to celebrate your new marriage with all of your family and friends who are already married. It is the easiest way to include some of the older guests at your wedding.

We have put together an awesome list of the best anniversary dance songs to use at your wedding reception.

Here is what we cover in this article:

Wedding guests doing the anniversary dance at a wedding reception. This is for the article called best songs for the anniversary dance at your wedding.
The anniversary dance is a great way to fill your dance floor.

Best Anniversary Dance Songs (Wedding Songs For The Longest Married Couple)

Choosing music for your anniversary dance is a personal decision so make sure you pick something that you love (and that all of your guests will love).

If your wedding has a lot of older guests/couples, consider choosing something from the classics list. On the other hand, if your wedding guest list includes a lot of younger couples, you might want to look at the modern or upbeat song lists. Don’t worry, we have some great song ideas for everyone!

Here are the best songs to use for your wedding anniversary dance:

Top 10 (most requested) anniversary dance songs for a wedding reception

We talked with Adam Gingrich (A wedding DJ with Mixed-Up Productions) and he gave us their top 10, most requested songs for the wedding anniversary dance. Here they are:

  1. Through the Years” by Kenny Rogers
  2. Remember When” by Alan Jackson
  3. What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong
  4. Unchained Melody” by The Righteous Brothers
  5. At Last” by Etta James
  6. Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran
  7. All of Me” by John Legend
  8. Stand By Me” by Ben E. King
  9. I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz
  10. Perfect” by Ed Sheeran

Classic songs to play for your wedding anniversary dance (including the most popular oldies)

A wedding anniversary dance with all of the married couples on the dance floor. This is for the article called best songs for the anniversary dance.
The anniversary dance is a great way to include some of the older guests at your wedding.

Country songs for the anniversary dance at a wedding

If you are a fan of country music, or if you are having a rustic themed wedding, this is the list for you:

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Modern (new/newer) songs to use for the anniversary dance

Married couples dancing during the anniversary dance at a wedding reception.
Married couples dancing during the anniversary dance.

Upbeat anniversary dance songs

Here is another helpful article: The Best Wedding Reception Dance Songs Ever!

Frequently Asked Questions About The Wedding Anniversary Dance (FAQ)

In this faq, we will cover all of the common questions about the anniversary dance.

What is an anniversary dance at a wedding?

The anniversary dance at a wedding is a great way to celebrate longevity in marriage. It starts with all of the married couples dancing on the dance floor. The DJ then starts asking people who have been married for the least amount of time to leave the dance floor. By the end of the song, the goal is to have the couple who has been married the longest alone on the dance floor.

*We personally prefer the reverse anniversary dance (our reasons and how to do it can be found at the bottom of this article).

How to do the anniversary dance at a wedding reception?

The anniversary dance is very simple to do. Here are the steps:

  1. Your DJ invites all married couples to the dance floor.
  2. A few seconds after starting the song, the DJ will ask anyone who as only been married for 1 day to leave the dance floor (this is obviously the newly married couple).
  3. The DJ will then ask anyone who has been married 1 year or less to leave the dance floor.
  4. Your DJ will now start removing couples from the dance floor in incriments of 5 years (Anyone married 5 years or less, please leave the dance floor)
  5. Anyone married 10 years or less can please leave the dance floor (then 15 years, 20 years, 25 years, 30 years, etc.)
  6. Once you get to the point where there are only a two couples left, you can start making the years closer together (44 years or less, 45 years or less, 46 years or less, etc.)
  7. Once the second-to-last couple leaves the dance floor, you have your winning couple (the longest married couple).
  8. Everyone will cheer and your DJ will ask the longest married couple to offer the newly married couple some marriage advice.
  9. We recommend having your wedding photographer snap a photo of the two of you with longest married couple.
This is a photo of the last couple dancing for the anniversary dance at a wedding. This was the longest married couple.
Everyone cheering for the longest-married couple during the anniversary dance.

How long is the anniversary dance?

The anniversary dance typically lasts for 4-5 minutes (or 1-2 songs). This will depend on how many guests you are having at your wedding, and how many of those guests are married. Talk with your DJ ahead of time and let them know how many couples to expect for the anniversary dance.

Should we do an anniversary dance?

Yes, you should do an anniversary dance if you have a lot of older guests, especially married couples. The anniversary dance is a great way to get couples of all ages onto the dance floor. Many times, these older couples will not start dancing unless you give them a good reason. The anniversary dance also gives your single guests the chance to grab a drink from the bar.

Just remember, this is your wedding day and there are no set rules for what you do or do not do at your reception. If your guest list is mostly younger friends, you might want to skip the anniversary dance and tell your DJ to keep the party going.

What is the reverse anniversary dance?

The reverse anniversary dance is when you start with only the recently married couple in the middle of the dance floor. The DJ starts adding in more married couples by the number of years they have been married. By the end of the dance, all of the married couples will be on the dance floor together.

The main reason that we like the reverse anniversary dance more than the traditional anniversary dance is that it’s the perfect way to open up your dance floor.

By completely filling the dance floor with guests, the DJ can instantly go into the first song of the night as soon as the reverse anniversary dance is finished. We recommend playing a song that all ages and guests will love.

A few songs to consider are:

For even more awesome wedding reception dance songs, check out this article: 197 Best Wedding Reception Songs

When to do the anniversary dance at a wedding

When you do the anniversary dance will depend on if you are doing the traditional anniversary dance or the reverse anniversary dance.

If you are doing the reverse anniversary dance, the best time to do it is right when the DJ is opening the dance floor for the evening.

If you are doing the traditional anniversary dance, you can do it before the cake cutting, after the DJ has played a fun upbeat music set. This will ensure that all of the older guests are still around for the anniversary dance. Some of your older guests will leave the reception after the cake cutting, so you don’t want to do it too late in the evening.

If you would like to see a real anniversary dance in action, check the video out below. This will show you how it typically flows:

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