105 Best Cake Cutting Songs For Your Wedding (2023)

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When it’s time to cut the cake at your wedding, pick out a song that fits your personality.

We have done some of the work for you and picked out the best (in our opinion) cake cutting songs for your wedding reception.

In this article we will cover the following:

A bride and groom cutting the cake at a wedding reception. This is the main photo for the article called best cake cutting songs at a wedding.

What is a good cake cutting song?

Funny Cake Cutting Songs

Rock & Roll Cake Cutting Songs

Country Cake cutting songs

Wedding Cake Cutting Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

What happens at the cake cutting?

The cake cutting can be a big event (with all of the guests gathering around to watch), or you can simply sneak over and cut it while guests are dancing and mingling. It’s totally up to you.

If you are doing the more traditional route with everyone watching, your DJ will announce the cake cutting once all dinner plates have been cleared from the tables.

All of the guests will gather around the cake table and watch you cut and feed each other a bite of cake. Make sure to give each other a big kiss afterwards. The cake cutting is one of those traditions that the older crowd loves. Give them a show!

Do you have to do cake cutting at a wedding?

No, you do not have to cut the cake at your wedding.

Many couples opt out of cutting the cake.

In fact many couples don’t even serve cake at the wedding.

Here are a few things to serve instead of wedding cake at the wedding:

  • Cupcakes
  • Italian cookie table
  • Mixed dessert table
  • Candy table
  • Donuts
  • Macarons
  • Pies

What does the cutting of the cake symbolize at a wedding?

There are a few different takes on this tradition.

As with many other wedding traditions, the origins of cake cutting date back to ancient Roman times.

Back then they used wheat in cakes to promote prosperity and fertility. The groom would also break bread over the bride’s head to increase fertility.

They started stacking the cakes up and would try to kiss over the top of the cake without knocking it over. This would bring the couple good luck.

In modern times, we just like to eat delicious cake and make them look as amazing as possible!

How do you cut the cake at a wedding?

Typically the venue coordinator or your wedding photographer/videographer will walk you through the process.

If they are not going to be around when you cut the cake, it’s very simple.

Just follow these steps:

  • Make sure you have a knife/cake cutter, a plate, 2 forks, and a napkin or two.
  • Ask your DJ to announce the cake cutting.
  • Both of you will hold the knife and make a triangle cut into the bottom tier or the middle tier (about 2-3 inches wide is great).
  • Using the cake cutter, slide the piece out and place it onto the plate.
  • Each of you can put a small piece onto the forks.
  • Feed each other a bite
  • Give each other a big kiss.
  • Use the napkin to clean up.
  • Alternative to using a plate and forks – Pick a piece of the cake up with your hands and feed each other a bit (or smash it into each-others face if that fits more with your personality).

When should the wedding cake cut be cut?

The cake cutting at a wedding typically takes place after dinner and before the dance floor opens up. Many couples do the parent dances right after dinner, then follow those up with the cake cutting. After the cutting of the cake, the DJ opens the dance floor to anyone who wants to dance.

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