Wedding Day Emergency Kit List For Bride (Must Have)

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A wedding day emergency kit is something that every bride should consider putting together.

We have been to so many weddings and watched the bride or bridesmaids scramble to find a simple item like scissors, safety pins, or stain remover.

By planning ahead and gathering up all of the items that you might need on the day of the wedding, you are setting yourself up for a very relaxing morning of getting ready with your girls.

A bride and bridesmaids talking about their wedding day emergency kit

What to put in a wedding day emergency kit

These are the must-haves when putting together your bridal emergency kit:

  1. A small sewing kit – A sewing kit is one of the most useful items you can include in your wedding day emergency kit. You never know when the bride or one of the bridesmaids will need a quick fix.
  2. Pain relievers – We recommend putting some Tylenol or Ibuprofen in your wedding survival kit. Someone in your wedding party or family will appreciate this even if you don’t end up needing it.
  3. Antacids (Tums, Pepto, etc.)
  4. Double stick fashion tape – Don’t let a wardrobe malfunction get the better of you on your wedding day.
  5. Hair ties
  6. Stain remover – A must-have for accidents
  7. White Chalk (dustless) – After using your stain remover, use dustless white chalk to finish the job and cover up that stain.
  8. Bobby pins – Grab a pack of black, brunette, and blonde pins so you are prepared for anyone needing one.
  9. Safety pins in a few different sizes
  10. Lint roller
  11. Deodorant
  12. Hand and face wipes
  13. Oil blotting tissues for your face
  14. Hairspray
  15. Extra makeup
  16. Tweezers
  17. Extra contact lenses
  18. Toothbrush and dental floss
  19. Q-tips
  20. Nail file
  21. Eyelash glue
  22. Scissors – I carry these in my wedding photography bag and have been asked dozens of times to borrow them. The only problem is I probably won’t be at your wedding, ha! Grab a pair!
  23. Tissues – You know someone is going to cry. I recommend grabbing a few of the individual packs.
  24. Eye drops – Something like Clear Eyes or Visine will do the trick.
  25. Mints or breath strips – Make sure your breath is perfect for that wedding day first kiss! I love Listerine breathe strips. If you prefer candy, something like Life Savers will be perfect. I recommend picking one of the bags that contain individually wrapped pieces. This way everyone in the wedding party can grab one when they need to freshen up their breath.
  26. Nail file
  27. Your favorite lotion
  28. A razor
  29. Wedding day snacks (nonmessy)
  30. Bottled water
  31. Static Guard
  32. Compact cosmetic mirror – I recommend one that has little built-in LED lights
  33. Extra Earring backs
  34. Tampons – Better safe than sorry
  35. Mosquito repellent – I highly recommend Avon Skin-So-Soft with Bug Guard. We always have a few packs of these at my house. My family has tried every mosquito repellent in the world and nothing has worked as well as these wipes (We also use and love the lotion version that contains SPF 30 sunscreen). It doesn’t have that bad chemical smell that most repellents do (it contains no DEET). If you are spending any amount of time outdoors, you will definitely want to grab one of these products above.
A bride getting dressed after putting together her wedding day emergency kit

We also recommend keeping these essential items in your wedding day bridal bag:

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must have items for bride on wedding day emergency kit list
A Pinterest graphic of a bride getting ready on her wedding day.

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