Wedding Day Essentials List (Shopping Ideas For Bride)

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You may be asking yourself, “What little things do I need for my wedding?”

This wedding day essentials list will go over everything you need for your special day.

We reached out to thousands of married couples and readers of our blog and asked them for some advice and tips on what wedding day purchases they were most happy with.

We got so many amazing recommendations for things to buy for your wedding day.

We put together these shopping ideas to get you started.

A bride and groom posing. This is for the article called wedding day essentials list. A shopping list for the bride.
This page contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase after clicking a link, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

Here is what we cover (feel free to browse the entire article, or use the links below to skip to your favorite section):

Getting Ready For Wedding Essentials and Must-Haves

The getting-ready part of the wedding day can result in so many amazing photos. Here are some of the fun items that can make those photos look even better

Wedding day robes for the bride and bridal party

If you want really cute photos of you and the bridal party getting ready, matching robes always look fantastic!

One of our favorite shops for bride and bridesmaid robes is LLDgiftsByLaurenLash on Etsy.

  • Their robes are very highly rated.
  • Available colors are: White, rose gold, champagne, black, navy, light gray, wine, and blush.
  • All sizes are available including child and plus-size.
A bride and bridesmaids sitting on a bed wearing silk robes
These robes would look great in wedding day getting-ready photos.

These silk-satin robes can be purchased with or without personalization.

You can order the robes with the following titles:

  • Bride
  • Maid of honor
  • Matron of honor
  • Bridesmaid
  • Mother of the bride
  • Mother of the groom
  • Sister of the bride
  • Sister of the groom
  • Jr. Bridesmaid
  • Flower girl

Or you can customize the front/back of the robes with first names or “Mrs. (name of bride)”.

We love these silk floral robes from GlamBridalGifts on Etsy.

  • These robes are available in sizes ranging from child-size to plus-size.
  • Available floral colors: White, champagne, navy, slate blue, and burgundy.
  • These gorgeous getting-ready robes can be ordered with or without personalization (front or back)
A group of bridesmaids wearing matching robes while getting for a wedding.
These floral bridal robes come in 5 different colors.

Our favorite Etsy stores for bridal party robes

Here are a few more of our favorite Etsy shops that sell bridal party robes (these stores all have fantastic reputations)

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Pajama sets for the bride and bridesmaids

We put together an entire article that features the best bride and bridal party pajamas.
Check it out here:
50 Best Bride and Bridal Party Pajama Sets

We love these flannel pajama sets for the bride and bridal party from SelineLounge on Etsy.

Bridesmaids wearing red and black flannel pajamas while getting ready for a wedding
These amazing flannel PJs come in 4 styles (something for everyone!)
  • Choose from 15 different flannel patterns/colors.
  • You can mix and match between long pants, shorts, long sleeve tops, and short sleeve tops.

These personalized bridal party pajama sets by SSWeddings on Etsy are gorgeous!

A bride and bridesmaids posing for photos in matching pajamas
These pajama sets are perfect to wear while getting ready with your bridesmaids
  • They are available in multiple sizes (infant up to XL)
  • Available in multiple colors and styles

Our favorite Etsy stores for bridal party pajamas

Here are a few more of our favorite Etsy shops that sell pajamas for the bride and bridesmaids (these stores all have fantastic reputations)

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Button-down shirts for the bride and bridal party

Check out this article for all of our favorite button-shirts for the bride and bridal party:
50 Bridesmaid Button-Down Shirts

We love these denim button-down bridesmaid shirts from OpaStitch on Etsy.

  • Available sizes: XS-4XL
  • Colors: White, faded blue, and dark ink blue.
  • You can purchase these awesome oversized denim shirts with or without personalization.
A bride and bridesmaids wearing denim button down shirts while getting ready for a wedding
These denim button-down shirts are amazing!

Check out these super comfortable button-down flannel shirts made by BlushBridesCo on Etsy.

These button-down flannel shirts are available in 18 different patterns and colors

A bride and bridesmaids posing for photos in button down red and black flannel shirts. This is for the wedding essentials article that goes items a bride might want to include on her wedding day shopping list.
These oversized button-down bridal party shirts are perfect for winter weddings

We love these stylish button-down “boyfriend” style shirts from SelineLounge on Etsy.

  • Available sizes: XS-XL
  • Colors: White, burgundy, dusty blue, soft gray, blush, lilac, navy, black, and soft pink
A bride and bridesmaids posing in long shirts on the wedding day.

Our favorite Etsy stores for bridal party button-down shirts

Here are a few more of our favorite Etsy shops that sell button-down shirts for the bride and bridesmaids (these stores all have perfect reputations)

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Dress Hangers for the bridal gown and bridesmaid dresses

We love these custom-designed wedding dresses and bridesmaid dress hangers. Handmade and sold by WeddingsDecorStudio on Etsy.

Close up photos of personalized bride and bridesmaid dress hangers
You can personalize these beautiful dress hangers any way you like.
  • These amazing dress hangers come in white, natural wood, or walnut.
  • You can order them for adult dresses (with or without a bar) or for flower girl dresses.

Check out these awesome wire name hangers from FoxBlossomCo on Etsy.

close up photo os a wedding dress hanger with a wire name on it
These custom wedding dress hangers look fantastic in photos.

Choose from 4 different hanger wood colors and 18 different wire colors.

Our favorite Etsy stores that sell wedding dress hangers (and bridesmaid dress hangers)

Here are a few of our favorite Etsy shops that sell dress hangers for the bride and bridesmaids (these stores all have fantastic reputations)

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Slippers, socks, and flip flops for the bride and bridal party

Socks for the bride and bridal party

We love these custom bridal party socks from BlissfulSocks on Etsy.

A bride and bridesmaids wearing personalized socks on the wedding day
You can personalize these cozy socks any way you like.

These socks come in white, black, charcoal, and gray.

Here are a few of our favorite Etsy shops that sell socks for the bride and bridesmaids (stores with great reputations):

Slippers for the bride and bridesmaids

These comfortable slippers from ModParty on Etsy look so amazing in your getting-ready photos.

A cloe up of bride and bridesmaid slippers on feet
Slippers are such a cute accessory to add to your wedding day getting-ready outfit

Etsy shops with great reputations that sell slippers for the bride and bridesmaids:

Flip-flops for the bride and bridal party

Custom flip flops are a perfect getting-ready accessory. They look really cute and keep your feet clean if getting ready in a salon or hotel room.

A close up photo of wedding flip flops
These wedding flip-flops can be personalized any way you like.

We love these flip-flops from FAVOURGRAM on Etsy.

More Etsy shops that sell flip-flops for the bride and bridal party (shops with perfect reputations):

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Tumblers and glasses for the bride and bridesmaids

Matching glasses for the bride and bridal party look great in wedding day getting-ready photos.

We love these travel cups (tumblers) from DestinationPineapple on Etsy.

They are available in 23 different colors (glitter, glossy, or matte)

A close up of bridesmaid travel cups
You can personalize these cups any way you like (or you can order them plain)

Check out these stainless steel wine glasses and tumblers from WeddingsByLeann on Etsy.

A close up photos of wine glasses for bridesmaids
Available in 17 different colors!

Highly rated Etsy shops that sell tumblers, wine glasses, champagne glasses, and travel cups (these are our favorites):

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Wedding day emergency kit for the bride

One of the most important (but often overlooked) items that you can put together for your wedding day is the wedding day emergency kit.

Some of the more common items included in these kits are mini scissors, stain remover, bobby pins, safety pins, mints, etc.

We put together an entire article on items that you might want to include in your wedding day emergency kit.
So even if you purchase a done-for-you kit from Amazon or Etsy, you can use this list to customize your wedding day emergency bag.

We love these pre-made emergency kits from AmandaMaeStudio on Etsy:

A close of up wedding day emergency items
These pre-made wedding emergency kits are awesome and can save you a ton of time putting one together yourself.

We also love these “Oh Sh*t Kits” from FavorBagsAR on Etsy:

A close up photo of personal items for the wedding day
Every bride needs an “Oh Sh*t Kit” for her wedding day

Here are a few Etsy shops that sell these awesome wedding day emergency kits:

Here are a few highly rated wedding-day kits from Amazon:

Don’t forget to check out our article on must-have items for your wedding day emergency kit.

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Bridal Wardrobe Essentials

Your resource for wedding day wearables (we will add to this section each week)

Bridal veils and hair accessories

These handmade wedding veils from BlancaVeils on Etsy are absolutely gorgeous!

Prices range from $25-$85 (depending on veil length)

Three photos of a wedding veil on a bride.

These veils for the bride are available in the following sizes:

  • Elbow (25″)
  • Waist (30″)
  • Mid-hip (33″)
  • Hip (36″)
  • Fingertip (45″)
  • Waltz (54″)
  • 6ft floor length
  • 7.5ft chapel veil
  • 9ft cathedral veil
  • 10ft
  • 12ft royal cathedral
  • 15ft

We also love these handmade bridal veils from LordandGreyBridal on Etsy.

Prices range from $23-$100 (depending on veil length)

A bride wearing a catherdral length veil. She is posing in the woods.

Available wedding veil sizes:

  • Shoulder (20″)
  • Elbow (25″)
  • Waist (30″)
  • Hip (33″)
  • Fingertip (38″)
  • Knee (45″)
  • Waltz (54″)
  • Floor (72″)
  • Chapel (90″)
  • Church (100″)
  • Cathedral (108″)
  • Royal (10ft)
  • Regal (12ft)
  • Empress (14ft)

More wedding veils and shops to check out (with fantastic reputations):

Our favorite Etsy shops that sell wedding veils (amazing customer service and products)

If you prefer shopping on Amazon, here are a few highly rated bridal veils to check out:

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Bridal jacket and wraps for the bride (and bridesmaids)

We absolutely love these bridal denim jean jackets from BrideBikini on Etsy.

  • These bedazzled denim jackets look so amazing in wedding-day photos.
  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL, and 4XL
A close up of a bridal denim jean jacket with white pearls
Order one of these denim jackets for the bride, or get one for each of your bridesmaids

How amazing are these white fringe denim jackets for the bride from ModParty on Etsy?

A bride wearing a white fringe jacket on her wedding day
These amazing denim jackets would be the perfect wedding day accessory for some awesome photos.
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Groom and Groomsmen Accessories and Essentials

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Personalized socks for the groom and groomsmen

We love these stylish groom/groomsmen socks from NoColdFeetCo on Etsy.

  • Choose from 40 different colors/patterns.
  • Personalized label for each groomsman
close up of matching groom and groomsmen socks for wedding
Get matching pairs of socks for your wedding party of mix and match.

We love these Marvel/Superhero socks from MrGandCo on Etsy.

  • Perfect for the groom and groomsmen.
  • Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Incredible Hulk, Flash, Black Panther, Iron Man, Captain America, Groot, Thor, and DeadPool
close up of marvel socks for a groom and groomsmen on wedding day
These Marvel and Superhero socks would be perfect for your wedding day!

Check out these awesome groom and groomsmen socks by NewWindsorCustoms on Etsy.

  • Choose from 6 different styles.
  • Perfect for the groom, groomsmen, best man, ushers, fathers, and anyone else.
Close up photo of socks fro groom and groomsmen. These socks have little tuxedos on them
These wedding party socks look awesome in photos.

We love these personalized face socks from PersonalizationLab on Etsy.

  • 20 different awesome styles to choose from.
  • Each groomsman can have their own face on their socks, or everyone can have the groom’s face.
  • You can even put your dog or cat on the socks.
Funny socks with faces on them for a wedding
These funny wedding socks are perfect for the groom and groomsmen (father of the bride and father of the groom too!)
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Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Accessories and Essentials

Check out these ring bearer and flower girl items to include on your wedding day.

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Ring bearer sign

We love these adorable custom ring bearer signs from TheRitzyRose on Etsy.

  • You can use one of the common ring bearer sign saying, or you can have the sign customized with anything words you want.
cute photos of ring bearers with signs that say here comes the bride.
These signs are so cute and look amazing in photos!

Here are a few of the funny ring bearer sign sayings available:

  • Here comes the bride
  • They didn’t trust me with the rings
  • Don’t worry ladies, I’m still single!
  • Think I’m cute? Just wait for the bride!
  • Ring security
  • Has anyone seen the rings?
  • Uncle (name), here comes your bride!
  • I’m just here for the cake!
  • Last chance to run!

These wood ring bearer signs from PaperAndPineCo on Etsy are awesome!

  • You can purchase the sign as shown, or you can customize the text to say anything you want.
ring bearer walking down the wedding aisle with a wooden sign that says here comes the bride
These wood ring bearer signs are so adorable!
pa unveiled border

Flower girl basket

How cute are these wood-willow flower girl baskets from AlexEmotions on Etsy!

  • Choose between a small basket (perfect little two-year-old flower girls), medium basket, or large basket.
  • The beautiful artificial flowers and ribbon are included with the flower girl baskets.
Close up photos of flower girls baskets for a wedding ceremony
These flower girl baskets are perfect for flower girls of any age.

This awesome Etsy shop also sells handmade ring pillows, flower crowns, and lots of other wedding day accessories.

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Wedding Gifts (Bridal Party, Parents, Bride, Groom, Etc.)

We will be adding to this section shortly (we are currently reviewing products)

In the meantime, you can check out these two articles that we put together for wedding gifts:

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Wedding Ceremony Essentials (Decor, Accessories, Etc.)

Vow books

We love these handmade marriage vow books from TheCozyComfyHome on Etsy.

  • Choose between his/hers, hers/hers, or his/his.
  • For personalization, choose between rose gold foil, silver foil, gold foil, or no foil (white or black text)
A close up photo of personal wedding vow books.
These handmade wedding vow books are of fantastic quality

These handmade vow books are perfect for your wedding ceremony.

Made and sold by BlushPrintables on Etsy.

  • Choose from 20 different book colors and 3 foil colors for the personalized text.
Close up photo of wedding vow books on a table
Custom marriage vow books make the perfect wedding day keepsake

Top-rated Etsy shops that sell wedding vow books:

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Wedding welcome sign for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception

We love these custom handmade wooden welcome signs from TimelessAccessoryInc on Etsy.

  • The laser-cut 3-D lettering on these wedding signs really makes them eye-catching.
  • Multiple sizes and stain/finishes to choose from.
close up photos of different wedding welcome signs
These wedding welcome signs are super high quality.

We love these custom name signs from Time4Wedding on Etsy.

  • Laser-cut and available in white, gold, rose gold, black, and unfinished.
A close up photo of wedding welcome signs at a wedding reception
These name signs will wow your guests and really elevate your wedding reception detail photos.

Check out these awesome frosted acrylic wedding welcome signs by ArtofAffairs on Etsy.

  • Sizes: 12″x18″ up to 36″x44″
  • Lettering: Mirror gold, mirror silver, mirror rose gold, mirror copper, black, and white.
A wedding welcome sign
The mirrored lettering really makes these signs look amazing!

We love these wedding welcome signs from LilyAndRoeCo on Etsy.

  • Perfect to use for the wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, and wedding reception
  • So many amazing designs to choose from
  • Personalize the signs to reflect the look and feel of your wedding day
wedding welcome signs for ceremony and reception
These wedding welcome signs are gorgeous!
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Unity ceremony items (candles, sand, etc.)

A Cord of Three Strands (handmade round unity sign)

We love these handmade wedding ceremony unity signs from LoveCraftedDecor on Etsy.

  • This is an Etsy shop with a fantastic reputation.
  • You can choose between a white rope, a brown rope, or both a white and brown rope.
A close up wooden wedding ceremony unity sign. This is A Cord with Three Strands
These handmade unity ceremony signs are absolutely beautiful

We love this unity ceremony idea from TwistedGroveDesigns on Etsy.

  • A Cord of Three Strands
  • Choose from 35 different stain colors
Close up photos of the cord of three strands wedding unity ceremony
Personalize and choose from 35 different stain colors

These monogram unity sand sets from TheDreamWeddingShop on Etsy are perfect for your wedding unity ceremony.

sand ceremony for unity wedding displays
Choose from 38 different colors of sand!

We love these blended family sand unity ceremony sets from TheDreamWeddingShop on Etsy.

  • Choose from 38 different colors of sand
  • Includes 5 pounds of sand
  • Personalize the blended family sand ceremony sets however you like
unity ceremony sand ceremony displays for a blended family at wedding
Choose the favorite sand color for each member of your family
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Cocktail Hour Essentials

Bar signs

We love these modern bar menus and signs from PartyWithJennaTaylor on Etsy.

close up photo of wedding bar sign for cocktail hour
These wedding reception bar sign menus are awesome!
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Wedding Reception Essentials (Decor, Entertainment, Etc.)

Everything you need to decorate your wedding reception space (we will be adding to this section each week as we review different shops and products)

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Wedding place names for table

We love these wedding place names (wooden table cards) from Time4Wedding on Etsy.

  • Available in white, black, gold, rose gold, and unfinished.
  • These amazing table cards are laser cut with smooth edges and colored on both sides.
wedding place names
These handmade place cards will make your wedding reception detail photos look amazing!
pa unveiled border

Wood wedding reception signs (table numbers, guestbook, Mr. & Mrs., gifts, cards, favors, reserved, etc.)

We love these rustic wood wedding reception signs from WeddingsDecorStudio on Etsy.

  • You can order the table numbers for the number of tables you need.
  • All signs can be made single side or double-sided.
Close up photos of wooden wedding reception signs
These wood/rustic table numbers and wedding reception signage look amazing in wedding photos!
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Guest book ideas for your wedding

CreanlyGifts on Etsy has the most amazing guest books. The quality is outstanding!

  • Choose between a big variety of cover styles.
  • Receive a digital proof in 24 hours
  • Sizes: 9×6, 10×8, and 12×12 (all hardcover)
  • Lettering: Rose gold foil, silver foil, gold foil, or flat ink
A close up of 4 different wedding guest books
These hardcover guest books are beautiful!

We love this custom 3-D guest book alternative idea from OHCgifts on Etsy.

  • Sizes: 18×24 or 20×30
  • Stain colors: Caramel, mocha, or slate
  • Choose from 9 different layouts
A close up of a wedding guest book alternative. Board with 3-d letters
These guest book alternatives are very high quality

This wedding guest book alternative is such a unique idea. Handmade and sold by GladPaper on Etsy.

  • Choose from 6 different sizes ranging between 8×10 and 24×36 (there is a size chart in their listing so you can see the best size for your number of wedding guests).
  • A gorgeous pencil drawing of trees where each guest signs along the branches.
  • Choose between museum-quality art paper or museum-quality art canvas.
A wedding guest book that has a tree with branches for guests to sign
These amazing drawings are a true work of art.

These custom wedding guest books with foil personalization from KismetPress on Etsy are of amazing quality!

  • Choose between gold foil, rose gold foil, silver foil, white ink, or black ink.
  • Order the guest book by itself or add matching custom vow books.
  • Multiple book/font styles to choose from (and cover colors).
Close up photo a wedding guest book with the name of the couple on the front cover
These guest books are gorgeous and very high quality

We love these handmade wood guest books from WillieAndDollyDesign on Etsy.

These are made of high-quality pine wood (not cheap plywood).

Choose between 15 different wood stains!

A close up photo of a wooden guest book at a wedding.
These guest books are one of our favorite wedding day items. Absolutely gorgeous work!
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Wedding cake toppers

These modern LED light wedding cake toppers from LilyCraftAU on Etsy are amazing!

A true work of art is the best way to describe these cake toppers.

They run for 12 hours and are battery-operated (no wires or anything).

A close up photo an led light wedding cake topper
These LED light cake toppers are definitely one-of-a-kind

We love these wedding cake toppers from ItsTheSeasonShop on Etsy.

These cake toppers come in your choice of gold, silver, black, or natural birch wood.

A close up of a bride and groom cutting the wedding cake with a custom wedding cake topper
These gorgeous wood cake toppers are so stylish and look amazing in photos.

We are in love with these handmade bobblehead wedding cake toppers from HelloMiniMe on Etsy.

The customized detail is absolutely amazing! What a cake topper!

A close up photo of a wedding cake topper bobblehead
These awesome cake toppers can be customized in so many ways.

You have to check out these gorgeous wedding cake toppers from APKweddings on Etsy.

Choose between gold, silver, rose gold, or natural wood.

A close up photo of wedding cake toppers
These wood cake toppers look so elegant and stylish
pa unveiled border

Neon sign for wedding reception

Neon signs look so amazing in wedding reception photos.

Here are a few different presentation ideas for your neon sign:

  • Hang your neon sign over the sweetheart table. This way it will be lots of your wedding reception photos.
  • Have it mounted and set on a stand or easel (this way you can use it at your ceremony, cocktail hour, and again at your reception).
  • Make it a focal point for your photo booth (guests can take their photos under your custom neon sign).

Here are our favorite neo signs from Etsy (these 3 shops are highly-rated and have amazing customer reviews):

We love these custom neon signs from NeonArtisans on Etsy.

Sizes range between 26″ and 60″

A bride and groom standing under a wedding neon sign with their names on it
These wedding neon signs look amazing in photos!

These neon signs from NeonDecorLovers on Etsy are amazing!

Available colors: natural white, pink, warm white, red, cold white, purple, baby blue, blue, green, orange, and yellow.

A bride and groom cutting the cake under a neon sign at their wedding
Customize your neon sign with a name or your favorite saying

We love these handmade neon signs from NeonCustom on Etsy.

Available in multiple fonts and colors.

A close up photo of tgreee different wedding neon signs
So many colors and font styles to choose from
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Helpful Wedding Planning Resources

Here are a few articles that you might find helpful when planning your wedding day:

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