100 Wedding Dessert Table Ideas If You’re On A Budget (DIY)

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If you are looking for gorgeous wedding dessert table ideas on a budget, you have come to the right place!

I have photographed over 200 weddings where the couple went with a dessert table instead of a wedding cake, and I wanted to share some of the best DIY table setups I have seen.


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Wedding guests taking desserts from the dessert table at a wedding
By providing a variety of desserts like cupcakes and cookies, these wedding guests had so many delicious options to choose from.

DIY Wedding Dessert Table Ideas That Are Easy And Affordable

Some couples I have worked with impressed me with their DIY skills in creating a beautiful wedding dessert table.

Here are a few of my favorites from the past few years (all of the photos on this page were taken by me):

A cookie display on wooden rustic cake stands at a wedding. This is for the article called wedding dessert table ideas on a budget
This couple had their family make a bunch of cookies, and then they displayed them on DIY rustic wooden cake stands that they made themselves. They got the wood pieces from Temu. Simple and affordable!
Pink and blue wedding desserts with cute gnome figurines on the cake
My wife and sister-in-law made these desserts for my brother-in-law’s wedding. They made a simple cake for cutting, cake pops, cupcakes, and cookies. They bought the display stand at Walmart and painted it teal. This entire dessert table cost less than $60 to put together.
A beautiful wedding dessert table display featuring a variety of sweet treats
This couple made cupcakes and bought other desserts at stores like Walmart (the cannolis were 5 for $4). They displayed the desserts on stands borrowed from family/friends and purchased a few on Amazon.
Wedding dessert table display with a bunch of pies and mini pies
The bride’s mom and aunt put together this dessert table. They made all the pies themselves, but if you are not the baking type, you can purchase mini pies at Walmart for around $0.75 each (8 different flavors). They decorated this dessert table with succulents and decor from home.
A candy bar setup at a wedding reception
This couple set up a very inexpensive dessert table that included a variety of candy like Cow Tales, Peanut Butter Cups, KitKat bars, Fun Dip, lollipops, and Hershey Kisses. As a money-saving bonus, they provided bags so guests could take them home (dessert table + wedding favors for the win!)

Cheap Dessert Ideas For Your Wedding Reception

Here is a list of some of the desserts I often see at weddings that you can get for pretty cheap:

  • Cupcakes (Walmart or Sam’s Club)
  • Cookies (Homemade or warehouse stores)
  • Macaroons (Costco)
  • Mini cheesecake bites/squares (Sam’s Club)
  • Brownies
  • Mini pies (Walmart)
  • Cake pops
  • Chocolate-dipped pretzel sticks
  • Doughnuts (check your local bakery for bulk deals)
  • Bulk candy
  • Dessert shooters
  • Whoopie pies
  • Ice cream bar
  • Parfaits

And there are over a dozen flavors for each of those dessert ideas on the list.

If you are going to do a dessert table at your wedding, fill it with the stuff you love.

Put some personality into your dessert table.

We also put together a video giving 10 practical ways to save money on your wedding:

Ten practical ways to save money on your wedding

More Wedding Dessert Table Ideas

Here are a few more wedding dessert tables that I have photographed over the past few years:

A wedding doughnut wall
A wedding doughnut wall with five different flavors. The guests loved it, and the display looked amazing!
A beautiful wedding dessert table display with cupcakes
This couple served a variety of cupcakes and cookies at their wedding. And to save money on decor, they had all of the bridesmaids put their bouquets into lace-wrapped jars and displayed them on the ledge behind the dessert table.
A wedding dessert table that featured cupcakes and fruit
The dessert table at this wedding that I photographed was very unique. They served skewers of pineapple, strawberries, and cake pieces. They also had cupcakes and mini pudding cups (banana, vanilla, and chocolate).
A variety of wedding cakes on a table
The groom’s mom and grandma made six different cakes for this wedding. There was a big variety of flavors like carrot cake, chocolate, vanilla, etc.
A wedding dessert table filled with cake cookies and whoopie  pies
This rustic wedding had a dessert table filled with Whoopie Pies, homemade cookies, and a small wedding cake for the couple to cut together.
A wedding dessert table with pound cake, cookies, and brownies
Family members and the bride and groom made this entire dessert table. It included pound cake with strawberries, chocolate pound cake, brownies, apple cobbler, and a variety of cookies, including chocolate, pumpkin, sugar, and oatmeal raisin.

Simple and Affordable Wedding Dessert Table Ideas

Your wedding dessert table does not need to cost a lot of money or include big, elaborate setups.

Here are a few ideas that our readers have shared:

A simple wedding dessert display of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
“We put doughnut holes on a few trays and our guests loved them! They were a mix of Krispy Kreme and Walmart doughnuts. We spend about $40 to serve 110 people. We made a display sign on Canva and changed the word Krispy to our last name (Kriczky)” – Jennifer and Ryan
A candy apple dessert table at a wedding
“We treated our guests to candy apples with chocolate and caramel. We also provided a few trays of cupcakes for guests who didn’t want a candy apple. The entire setup was less than $50.” – Lisa and Geoff
A wedding dessert table that features stand of doughnuts
“We did doughnuts from Duck Donuts and a small cake for cutting that my sister made. Sweet and simple” – Lauren and Drew

Easy Ways To Make A Wedding Dessert Table Look More Expensive

Here are a few tips that our readers shared with us on how they made their wedding dessert table looked nice without spending a lot of money:

“We used upside-down bowls and trays to add height to our dessert display. It was super easy and made a huge difference.”

“I borrowed some fancy serving dishes from my grandma for our wedding desserts. They looked elegant and saved us money!”

A black and white striped Kate Spade inspired wedding dessert table
“We used these Kate Spade-inspired black and white tablecloths and straws. We made our own chocolate wedding cakes with a candy mold and the cake pops. We added a few bowls of colored M&Ms. Our dessert table looked fancy but the entire thing cost us less than $70 including the desserts and decor.” – Lauren and Wes

“We wrapped string lights around some branches for our dessert area. It looked like a fairytale and cost almost nothing.”

Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Dessert Tables

What is the cheapest dessert that you can serve at a wedding?

The cheapest dessert to serve at a wedding is mini cheesecake squares from Sam’s Club ($0.28 per serving) or homemade cookies.

Costco’s sheet cakes are delicious and affordable (around $0.41 per serving). The cakes that Costco makes are probably the best I have ever tasted. Amazing!

The mini pies from Walmart are also a cheap dessert option. They are marked at $0.75 each, but I often see them for $0.50 per pie. There are eight different flavors to choose from.

Where can you buy cheap desserts for a wedding?

The best places to find cheap desserts that still taste amazing are places like:

  • Costco: An excellent place for macaroons, cheap sheet cake, and other small desserts in bulk.
  • Sam’s Club: Cupcakes for as low as $0.53 each, delicious cakes, cheesecake bites ($0.28 each), bulk candy, and many other mini-desserts
  • Walmart: Their mini pies are a great dessert option ($0.50-$0.75 each)
  • BJ’s Wholesale Club: A great club to find mini desserts like cookies and brownies (bulk candy too)

Is a wedding dessert table cheaper than a cake?

A wedding dessert table is cheaper than a traditional wedding cake since you can make many of the desserts yourself (cookies, cupcakes, etc.). But if you don’t need a cake to display, a cake from Costco is just as cheap (or even cheaper) than an entire dessert table.

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