50 Best Wedding Gift Ideas For Your Sister (2024)

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You might be asking yourself questions like, what is the best wedding gift for my sister? Should I buy her something that’s just for her? Should the wedding gift be to my sister and my future brother-in-law? Does the gift to my sister have to be expensive? There are so many questions and options!

Don’t worry, we have fantastic wedding gift ideas to cover all of those questions and more!

Here is what we cover below:

Gifts For Your Sister That She Can Use On Her Wedding Day

If you are having a hard time thinking of the perfect gift to give your sister for her big day, consider giving her something that she can use or wear on her wedding day. Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

A Personalized Wedding Dress Hanger

A personalized wedding dress hanger is a wonderful gift to give your sister for her wedding day. It is something that she will absolutely love. Your sister will be reminded of this beautiful gift every time she looks through her wedding album and sees the gorgeous photos of her wedding dress hanging up.

Our favorite wedding dress hanger

We love this personalized wedding dress hanger from TyuWeddingGifts on Etsy.

These are much more sturdy than the typical wire name hangers. Those are awesome, but these custom dress hangers are a step up in quality in our opinion.

A bride holding up her wedding dress on a personalized hanger. This is for the article called best wedding gifts for sister.
A custom wedding dress hanger makes a great gift for your sister.

Here are a few more wedding dress hanger options to choose from:

Bridal robe for the getting ready room (personalized with your sister’s name)

If your sister has not already purchased robes for herself and her bridesmaids, a personalized bridal robe would make a great gift for her special day. These are perfect to wear on the morning of the wedding while the bride is getting her hair and makeup done.

These lace robes are made and sold by ModParty on Etsy.

A bride posing a lace robe on her wedding day. This is for the article called wedding gifts for my sister.
A bridal robe is a great gift for your sister to wear on the morning of her wedding while she’s getting ready.

Jean jacket personalized with the bride’s name (for the denim lovers!)

Custom denim jackets are so fun to wear for parts of the reception. Definitely have your photographer get some photos of you once you put it on. Plus you can rock this look anywhere else you go!

These personalized jean jackets have amazing reviews! They do run a bit small so we recommend sizing up 1-2 sizes for a more relaxed fit (the seller also recommends this on their Etsy page).

Made and sold by ShopAtBash on Etsy. Definitely check out their shop for even more items.

A bride wearing a custom designed jean denim jacket under her wedding dress
A custom jean jacket is a great wedding gift to give your sister!

Bride joggers and slippers

Customize and personalize these super comfortable joggers. Plus grab a cute pair of slippers to complete the ensemble.

Made and sold by ModParty on Etsy.

a photo of a bride laying down with bride joggers and bride slippers on
These bridal joggers and slippers would be perfect for the bride on her wedding day while getting ready.

Bride sweatshirt

This sweatshirt is really comfortable and would go great by itself or paired with the jogger above.

Made and sold by ModParty on Etsy.

A bride wearing a sweatshirt that says bride
These bride sweatshirts go great with the bride joggers and slippers above.

Bride sweatpants and t-shirt

Get your sister something comfortable to wear while wedding planning or getting ready the morning of her special day!

Made and sold by Up2ournecksinfabric on Etsy.

A pair of bride sweatpants and a tshirt that says bride
You can order these sweatpants and t-shirt as a set, or you can purchase them separately

Personal vow books

These personal vow books are the perfect gift and keepsake.

Made by starboardpress on Etsy.

a close up photo of personal vow books for the wedding day that say his and hers
Personal vow books are a sweet gift for your sister.

Personalized Wedding Gifts For Your Sister

Here are a few great gift ideas if you are looking to have something a little more personalized. We absolutely love the recipe cutting board down below.

To my sister on her wedding day card

A simple yet beautiful wedding card to give your sister on her wedding day. These handmade cards are of amazing quality and the turnaround time is super fast.

Handmade and sold by LifesMemorableEvents on Etsy.

A greeting card that says to my sister on her wedding day

To my little sister on her wedding day

A simple handmade card for your little sister on her wedding day.

Made and sold by CCPaperDesigns on Etsy.

A wedding card that says to my little sister on her wedding day
A beautiful card that says “To My Little Sister On Her Wedding Day.

Handmade recipe cutting board (personalized with original handwriting)

These handmade cutting boards are such a wonderful idea for a wedding gift. You send a photo of any family recipe (from yourself, your mom, your grandma, etc.), and they engrave the board for you. The engraving is in the original handwriting of whoever wrote the recipe.

If you are looking for a top-notch handmade gift for your sister that costs less than $50, you should definitely check these out.

These high-quality cutting boards are made and sold by EnchantingPatina on Etsy.

A cutting board with a recipe printed on it. This is for the article called wedding gifts for your sister.
A handmade cutting board engraved with your mother or grandma’s recipe (in her original handwriting) is truly a thoughtful gift

Wedding dress sketch (a one-of-a-kind piece of art)

These one-of-a-kind original sketches are such thoughtful gifts to give your sister on her wedding day. There are so many options to choose from. You can have just the dress drawn, or you can add the following:

  • Both sides of the dress
  • The groom’s suit
  • A 2nd wedding dress if there are two brides
  • The veil
  • Shoes
  • Pets
  • The wedding party dresses
  • Scenery
  • And more!

If you are asking yourself, “how can I surprise my sister on her wedding day?”, this is the perfect gift for you. It’s also a great option if you are looking for a wedding gift idea that is under $100.

Made by Dreamlines on Etsy.

A wedding dress drawing in a picture frame. This is for the artice called wedding gifts for me sister.
These original wedding dress drawings are absolutely amazing!

Custom made vow wall art

Have your sister’s vows printed on these gorgeous wood signs (plus the couple’s name and wedding date). This is such an amazing wedding gift to give your sister and her new husband (or wife). The reviews for these signs have stellar reviews from so many happy customers.

Made and sold by TheKnottyGal on Etsy

a wooden piece of vow art hanging on the wall. This is for the article called wedding gifts for your sister
These custom-designed wooden vow art pieces are super high quality.

Personalized sweatshirt

These personalized sweatshirts are so comfortable! These sweatshirts can be worn by the bride on the morning of her wedding day, plus they will become her favorite thing to wear on the weekends.

Made and sold by Up2ournecksinfabric on Etsy.

A bride wearing a personalized sweatshirt while getting ready for her wedding
These personalized sweatshirts are so comfortable!

Personalized purse with your sister’s new last name

We love these personalized purses from ModParty on Etsy.

Each acrylic cross-body purse comes with a removable chain.

A bride holding up a purse

Gift Ideas For Sister’s Wedding (Under $20)

A nice gift for your sister does not need to be expensive. Here are a couple of wedding gift ideas that are under $20.

From your dog handkerchief

Well, it doesn’t get much more adorable than a personalized handkerchief with your sister’s dog and a cute message.

Send in a custom photo and the name of your sister’s dog.

Made and sold by The PolkaDottedBee on Etsy.

A handkerchief personalized with a photo of your dog with a cute message.
A wedding day handkerchief personalized with a photo of your dog and a sweet message.

Friends wedding themed wine glass and candle

These two items are perfect for any fan of Friends.

The Friends wine glass is sold by NaluPartyEssentials on Etsy, and the Friends candle is sold by BelleVieCandle on Etsy.

A close up photo of a wine glass and candle that have the Friends logo on them
These two Friends-themed wedding items are such a fun gift idea.

Funny wedding gifts for sister

A few fun gift ideas for a bride with a sense of humor.

Customized beer glass/wine glass

This is a really fun and inexpensive gift idea to give your sister and her new husband (your brother-in-law!) on their wedding day.

One glass says “I Do” with the wedding date, and the other glass says “I Do What She Says” and the wedding date. You can also add your names to the backside of the glasses.

Handmade and sold by 2CraftyChicks2 on Etsy.

 a beer and wine glass that says I do on it. This is for the article about the best wedding gifts for your sister and brother-in-law
Custom wine or beer glasses make a really fun and useful wedding gift for your sister and her new husband

No ugly crying handkerchief

Give your sister a funny present that she can use on her wedding day. This “No Ugly Crying, B*tch” handkerchief will make for a great photo on the wedding day.

You don’t actually have to use the B-word on the handkerchief. you can have it customized to say what you want 🙂

Made and sold by SchwankeDS on Etsy.

a handkerchief that says no ugly crying
You can have this custom-made handkerchief to say anything you want.

Unique Wedding Gifts To Give My Sister

This section is perfect for anyone looking for a fun or unique gift to give their sister for her wedding.

Handmade bathtub caddy & bed tray

This handmade bathtub caddy & bed tray would make such an amazing present to your sister.

Includes a wine glass holder, tablet/book rest, phone holder, and glass/candle/cup holder.

Made and sold by GoldenCreazione on Etsy.

A photo of a bride drinking wine in the bathtub with a bathtub caddy
A handmade bathtub caddy & bed tray (Amazing!)

A pre-wedding trip for just the two of you

If you or your sister are the types who prefer experiences over things, a long weekend trip to a special location might be the perfect idea for you.

Spending a long weekend with your sister (aka your best friend) eating good food, having a few drinks, and simply enjoying your relationship would be an amazing gift. And it would be an experience that neither of you would ever forget.

two sisters riding a bike at the beach and posing for a selfie.
Take a weekend trip to the beach (or your favorite location) with just you and your sister.

A few locations ideas to get you started:

  • A weekend trip to the beach
  • Las Vegas
  • New Orleans
  • Lake Tahoe
  • Disneyland or Disneyworld
  • Nashville
  • New York
  • San Francisco
  • Yosemite National Park
  • Napa/Sonoma (wine country)

Personalized photo album or memory book

We love the idea of putting together a book or photo album to give the bride on the morning of her wedding (you can also give this to her at the bachelorette party, bridal shower, or rehearsal dinner).

1. You can make this book/album from just you and include memories/photos of you and your sister. Make sure to include a really nice letter inside with photos of all of your favorite moments together.

2. Another option is to have all of the bridesmaids make copies of their favorite photos with the bride-to-be. Then each girl writes a letter to the bride. You put the entire thing together and give it to the bride as a group.

3. A third option would be if the bride has multiple siblings. You could make the book or album from all of the siblings. Each brother or sister would write a letter to be included. Then you would gather all of your favorite photos.

We guarantee that your sister is going to love any one of these options. This is something she will look at forever.

A bride looking a photo book that her sister and bridesmaids made for her.
A custom photo book of memories with the bride is such a thoughtful and personal gift to give.

A day at the spa for you and your sister

A great gift idea for your sister would be to treat her to a day at the spa.

You can do this at almost anytime but a great time would be just before the wedding (like 2-3 days before). Your sister will most likely be a little stressed since the big day is getting close. A spa day would be something that she could really use. Plus it will be an amazing memory for the two of you.

two sisters enjoying a day at the spa before the wedding day
Treat your sister to a day at the spa a few days before her wedding.

A custom wedding planning journey video

This gift idea will definitely take some planning and commitment from you, but the end result would be a gift that your sister will cherish forever!

Your sister is going to be doing so much wedding planning over the next 6-18 months (depending on how long her engagement is), and she is going to forget so many of those memories and moments (simply because there are so many of them).

How amazing would it be to take small little videos on your phone of as many of these moments as you can? Nothing fancy. Nothing that requires fancy cameras. Just your phone and a little planning.

Then after the wedding day, you put together a video (using free software like iMovie or VideoPad) of your sister’s entire wedding planning journey.

The finished video will be 5-10 minutes long (set to music, plus it will include audio of the moments)

Some of the key moments to get a few clips of are:

  • Your sister trying on her dress
  • Any bridal/wedding shows you attend with your sister
  • Bridal shower
  • Bachelorette party
  • Any little planning sessions that you are there for
  • Rehearsal dinner
  • Moments from the wedding day (getting ready, ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, etc.)

In our opinion, this would be the best gift to give your sister….like ever! You could still buy her a gift, but there is nothing that would mean more to her than having these little moments documented and put together.

We can put together an entire tutorial if interested. Send us a DM on Instagram. If we get a handful of people wanting a detailed tutorial, we will make a video and post it on our blog and Instagram. Here is our Instagram: PA Unveiled

Handmade Sister To Sister Wedding Gifts

We love a great handmade gift. There is no better place to shop for handmade gifts than Etsy.

Spa gift box

Treat your sister to this amazing 16 piece spa gift box (you can customize the soap scents and the candle scents)

This box includes luxurious soaps, candles, luscious lip balms, bath bombs, healing salves, sugar scrubs, body oils, and muscle rescue balm. Check out the Etsy listing below for everything that is included.

Handmade and sold by LittleFlowerSoapCo on Etsy.

A spa gift box which is a photo used for the best wedding gifts for sister article.
A beautifully packaged 16 piece spa gift box.

Custom birthstone bracelet with initial

This is a beautiful and thoughtful present to give your sister for her wedding.

Customize it with her birthstone and initial.

Handmade and sold by vivominimalist on Etsy.

A close up photo of a birthstone bracelet. This is for the article called wedding gifts for your sister
Customize this beautiful bracelet with your sister’s birthstone and initial

Personalized birthstone necklace, bangle, or keychain

Customize and personalize these gorgeous necklaces (or you can do a bangle or keychain) with your sister’s birthstone. You can add a variety of different charms (all options are in the link below). You also get to personalize the message that goes on the card.

Made and sold by WhiteCarnationDesign on Etsy.

A custom designed necklace that says sisters on it.
Personalize and customize these necklaces and cards for your sister’s wedding gift.

Wedding Gift Ideas For Sister From Brother

If you are looking for the perfect brother-to-sister wedding gift, we have a few wonderful ideas for you.

Personalized USA 50-state photo map

This is such a great gift idea! Your sister and brother-in-law can add a photo from each state they visit together. This is the perfect gift if your sister loves to travel. These maps can be personalized with names, established dates, etc.

Handmade and sold by ThunderBunnyLabs on Etsy.

A photo map that can be customized with photos.
These custom photo maps make the perfect gift for your sister and brother-in-law

Necklace with a personalized card from brother

This necklace and card make a really sweet gift from a brother to his sister.

All of the text on the card can be completely customized.

Made and sold by LePetitPendant on Etsy.

A neckalce with a note to a sister from her brother
All of the text on the card can be customized, so you can have it say anything you want.

Instax photo album

These albums are so perfect for all of your Instax prints. your sister (or one of her bridesmaids) will probably be taking a ton of these photos during the getting ready process. This is the perfect gift to make sure all of those candids have a special place.

Made and sold by OccasionalMotto on Etsy.

If you need one of the Instax cameras to include with your gift, we love this model from Amazon.

And if you need the film, you can buy it here on Amazon. Or you can buy the kit that includes the camera and film here on Amazon.

a close up a photo album
These handmade Instax print albums make an awesome gift!

Wedding Gift Ideas For Sister And Brother-In-Law

Here are a few wedding gift ideas for your sister and her new husband. These gifts are something that the happy couple can both enjoy.

Custom record song lyric art

Have your sister’s first dance song lyrics made into this amazing art piece (including names and the wedding date).

This is a really unique gift that your sister and brother-in-law will love.

Handmade and sold by SoleStudio on Etsy.

A framed photo that shows song lyrics printed in the shape of an old record.
Have the first dance song lyrics made into an original piece of art

Custom Mr. & Mrs. wine glasses

These handmade Mr./Mrs. wine glasses are a really fun gift idea (especially for wine lovers).

You can customize the wine glasses in 4 different ways (just hands, hands/date, hands/names, hands/names/date). You also get to choose from 35 different colors (for the hands and text).

Handmade and sold by thCrossCreations on Etsy.

two wine glasses that have hands and wedding rings on them. They also have the name of the couple and the wedding date.
Mr. & Mrs. custom made wine glasses are a great wedding gift for your sister and brother-in-law

Wine presentation board and caddy

These handmade wine presentation boards are absolutely gorgeous! Pair it up with a custom-designed wine caddy and you have yourself an amazing present to give your sister on her wedding day.

You are also able to personalize the board and caddy. This is the perfect wedding gift for wine lovers.

Handmade and sold by leftcoastoriginal on Etsy.

A photo of a bottle of wine on a wooden board. This is for the wedding gifts to sister article.
This handmade wine presentation board and caddy make a truly unique wedding gift for your sister and brother-in-law.

Milestone map for the newly married couple

We absolutely love this idea for a wedding gift!

This is a one-of-a-kind piece of art that showcases all of the locations that played a part in the couple’s relationship.

You send in 3-13 different locations to be included in the final art piece.

A few location ideas would be:

  • Where your sister and her husband met (college, work, etc).
  • Where they went on their first date.
  • Different places they lived together.
  • The location of your sister and brother-in-law’s wedding
  • The house where they are starting their new life together

Handmade and sold by CustomFamilyGifts on Etsy.

A photo of a framed milestone map wedding gift.
These milestone maps are a great wedding gift idea.

We will be adding new gift idea pages each week. In the meantime, check out our wedding day shopping list for essentials and accessories.

Follow us on Instagram to stay up to date with our newest articles. For now, you can check out our best gift ideas for the groomsmen (from the groom).

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