50 Wedding Photo Scavenger Hunt Ideas (Free Printable)

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A wedding photo scavenger hunt is a great way to keep kids entertained at your wedding, but it’s also an excellent game for adult guests.

Another benefit of doing a wedding photo scavenger hunt on your special day is getting so many fun and unique photos that your wedding photographer isn’t around for.

Two wedding photo scavenger hunt game cards on a pink and blue background

What is a Wedding Photo Scavenger Hunt, and how do you play?

A wedding photo scavenger hunt is an interactive game that your guests can play on your special day.

At previous weddings I have photographed, I have seen some couples make this a game to keep the kids busy during/after dinner.

At other weddings, I have seen couples print out a game card for each table so that all of the guests could play.

The best way to do a wedding photo scavenger hunt is to place a few disposable cameras on each table and print out a scavenger hunt game card (you can download ours for free below).

You can pick up a nice sign stand/frame to display the card or print out smaller 5×7 cards and include them as part of the menu card.

Guests use the cameras throughout the wedding reception and capture as many photos as possible from the list.

Have someone collect all of the cameras at the end of the reception (this is an excellent job for a few members of the wedding party)

Wedding Photo Scavenger Hunt Questions and Ideas To Include In Your Game

We have included two free printable PDF game cards that you can download below, but here are a bunch of ideas in case you want to make your own game cards:

  • Group shot of everyone at your table
  • Someone signing the guest book
  • A great dancer
  • A bad dancer
  • The first dance view from your table
  • Father-daughter dance view from your table
  • Mother-son dance view from your table
  • The couple sharing a kiss
  • Your favorite wedding decoration
  • Something sweet
  • Something cute
  • Three or more groomsmen
  • Three or more bridesmaids
  • The parents of the bride
  • Parents of the groom
  • A great photo of any grandparents at the wedding
  • The bride and groom laughing
  • A happy family
  • The bride with all of the bridesmaids
  • The groom with all of the groomsmen
  • The best-dressed guest
  • You with your wedding date (or your favorite person in the room)
  • A photo of the photographer taking a photo
  • A picture of the DJ playing music
  • The bride striking a pose
  • The groom posing for the camera
  • Bride dancing on the dance floor
  • Groom dancing
  • Three or more people getting goofy in the photo booth
Three different wedding photo scavenger hunt printable cards on a colorful background

Funny Wedding Scavenger Hunt Ideas

If you want to add some humor to the scavenger hunt, here are some funny ideas:

  • Someone with cake smeared on their face
  • Funny selfie with the bride
  • Funny selfie with the groom
  • Bride and groom making funny faces
  • Three or more bridesmaids making funny faces
  • Three or more groomsmen making funny faces
  • Someone doing the Dirty Dancing lift
  • A brave dancer in the middle of a dance circle
  • A photo of yourself dancing in the middle of a dance circle
  • The flower girl or ring bearer making a silly face
  • Selfie with a few members of the wedding party
  • A goofy group shot of the people at your table
  • A selfie of you in the middle of the dance floor
  • Start a conga line and then take a photo
A kids version of the wedding photo scavenger hunt. This shows a printable game card on a clipboard with a bundle of crayons.

Free Printable Wedding Scavenger Hunt Template

Download two different wedding photo scavenger hunt cards below. One is excellent for kids, and the other is great for adults and kids.

Get Your Free Wedding Photo Scavenger Hunt Cards

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