109 Best Wedding Songs For Bridal Processional (2022)

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What is a good song to walk down the aisle to at your wedding ceremony?

That is the million-dollar question. We took a poll with over 400 brides and 25 DJs in early 2021 and again in early 2022 and this is the list we came up with for the entrance of the bride.

Obviously, you can use any song that you want for your wedding processional (you should definitely pick a song that you love or one that has meaning), but these are the songs that got the most mentions.

A bride and her father walking in to a good song for the wedding ceremony processional

Traditional And Classical Wedding Ceremony Songs To Walk Down The Aisle To

Instrumental Wedding Processional Songs

Check out our post of instrumental versions of popular and modern songs.

The bridal wedding ceremony processional to a great song. This photo is taken from above of the bride and her father walking down the aisle.
A photo taken from the back of the bride walking into the ceremony to an amazing song. This part of the wedding is called the processional

Songs From Movies and TV That Are Perfect for Walking Down The Aisle To

A bride doing the bridal processional at her wedding to one of her favorite songs.

Country Walking Down The Aisle Songs

For even more country song ideas (over 400 songs!), check out our new article: The best country wedding songs to use on your big day.

Rock Songs That Make A Great Walk-In Song for The Bride

A bride and her father walking down the aisle at the wedding ceremony processional

Acoustic Songs For Your Wedding Ceremony

Every single song on this list is from Music Travel Love. They do the best acoustic versions of all your favorite songs that are perfect for walking down the aisle.

We recommend checking out the following acoustic songs by Music Travel Love:

For even more acoustic music ideas, check out this article:

150 Best Acoustic Wedding Songs for your Special Day

Funny, Unique, and Non-Traditional Wedding Processional Songs

How Do I Choose A Wedding Processional Song?

If possible, try to pick a wedding processional song that has some meaning to you and your partner.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • A song that reminds you of your partner.
  • Maybe it’s a style of music that works for you.
  • Or specific lyrics in the song.
  • Maybe it’s a song that you loved in high school when you first thought about your future wedding.
  • If you can’t think of anything specific, we recommend choosing a song from this list that you love the sound of (or the name of). There are many to choose from in a big variety of styles.
A bride and her dad walking down the aisle at the wedding ceremony

How Many Songs Should Be In A Processional?

Typically there are at least two (sometimes more) songs in the wedding processional.

The bride (if this wedding has a bride) usually gets her own song, then another song is picked out for the groom and the wedding party.

If this is a wedding with a bride, groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, and ring bearer/flower girl, these are the two ways it typically goes:

Wedding processional music #1

  • Song #1 – Parents, grandparents enter
  • Song #2 – Groom and groomsmen enter
  • Song #3 – Bridesmaids, flower girl, and ring bearer enter.
  • Song #4 – Here comes the bride!

Wedding processional music #2

  • Song #1 – Parents, grandparents, groom, groomsmen, bridesmaids, flower girls, and ring bearer enter.
  • Song #2 – The bride enters the ceremony location.

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