637 Best Wedding Songs For Ceremony And Reception

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Trying to choose the best wedding songs for each part of the wedding day can feel a bit overwhelming.

We have put together our favorite music for each part of the day. We update this every month with new songs and ideas.

A fu group of people dancing at a wedding reception. Everyone has their hands in the air.

Best Wedding Reception Dance Songs

Whether you are looking for upbeat party songs for your crazy friends or slow songs for the grandparents, you will find the perfect music in here.

A father and daugher dancing to the best wedding songs at a wedding ceremony and reception

Father-Daughter Wedding Dance Songs

Choosing the perfect song when it comes to the bride dancing with her dad can be difficult. We have so many great choice for you

A mother and son sharing a dance at a wedding reception. They are dancing to their favorite song

Best Mother-Son Wedding Dance Songs

When it’s time for the groom and his mom to share a dance at the wedding reception, you want to play the perfect song. We have a great collection to check out!

a mother and her son dancing at the wedding reception

Combined Parent Dance Songs For Reception

The best songs to use when couples want to do the father-daughter and mother-son dances at the same time.

The parents of the bride walking into the wedding reception to the best songs

Songs For The Parents Entrance At Wedding Reception

The best collection of wedding music for when the parents or grandparents walk into reception.

a bride and groom walking into wedding reception wearing rock and roll masks

Heavy Metal And Hard Rock Wedding Songs

A huge collection of hard rock and heavy metal wedding songs for those headbanger couples out there.

a girl dancing to pop punk songs at a wedding reception

Pop Punk Wedding Songs For Your Wedding Reception

Are you a fan of the American Pie movies? If so, you will love this collection of pop punk songs to use at your wedding reception.

a couple dancing at their wedding reception to the best ceremony and reception songs

Elvis Presley Songs For Your Wedding Day

The King of Rock and Roll has some amazing songs to use at your wedding. A must listen for any fan of Elvis!

A couple doing their first dance at a wedding reception.

Frank Sinatra Songs To Play At Wedding

If you are looking for the perfect song by the original crooner to play at your wedding ceremony or reception, we have the best Frank Sinatra songs to consider.

a brife and groom doing a first dance at a wedding reception

Michael Bublé Wedding Songs

Michael Bublé has so many songs that are perfect for your wedding day.

Two brides dancing their first dance together at a wedding reception

Wedding Songs By The Beatles

The Beatles are one of the most influential bands in the world, so it’s no surprise that they have so many amazing songs to play at a wedding ceremony or reception.

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