Would She Rather Bridal Shower Game (Free Printable)

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Would She Rather is one of those bridal shower games that your guests are sure to love (also a great game for bachelorette parties). How well do you know the bride-to-be? Which of the guests knows her the best? This is the perfect game to find that out!

Below you will find a list of everything you need to play this fun game, extra tips and ideas, and instructions on how to play. Plus we included a ton of questions to ask if you prefer making your own game cards. You can find those below.

A photo that shows three Would She Rather bridal shower game cards with a white background
Download a free Would She Rather printable game down below

Download A Free Would She Rather Printable Game Card For Your Bridal Shower

This PDF includes a full-page game card and a 5×7 game card. Print as many copies as you like.

Download A Free Would She Rather Printable Game Card

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    List of Things You Need To Play Would She Rather:

    • Game cards for “What Would She Rather” bridal game (we have a free printable/PDF that you can download below).
    • Pens or pencils for each player
    • A timer (the timer on your phone is perfect). Another fun way to time the games is to choose a song or 2 that is nostalgic to the bride and her friends. Make a playlist on your phone and use those songs as the timer. It takes away the awkward silence if you have a more reserved group.
    • A prize for the winner

    We put together a resource page that includes our favorite card stock and personalized mini pencils.

    How to Play Would She Rather?

    • Before the bridal shower starts, give the bride one of the game cards and have her mark her favorite answer out of the two choices given. This is your answer key.
    • Pass out a game card and something to write with to every player. Have each guest write their name on their card.
    • Start the timer (3-5 minutes)
    • Each guest will go through the questions and pick the answer that best fits the bride-to-be. (For a fun addition, ask the groom to pick his answers before the shower. Let’s see how well he knows his future wife)
    • The bridal shower host will read off the correct answers
    • Score 1 point for each correct answer
    • The player with the most point is the winner!
    • In case of a tie, you can choose to give all parties who tied a prize OR to make it more fun, have a bonus question with the answer ready. Read the bonus question and the two choices, whichever guest yells out the correct answer first, wins.

    Would She Rather Questions To Ask

    If you want to make your game more personal/specific for the bride-to-be, here is a list of questions and ideas to include on your game cards (we tried to include a variety of traditional, unique, and funny questions):

    • Backstreet Boys or ‘N Sync
    • Harry Potter or Star Wars
    • Grey’s Anatomy or Schitt’s Creek
    • Get up early or Sleep in late
    • Red wine or White wine
    • Cats or Dogs
    • Cook dinner or Eat out
    • A night in Las Vegas or A day at the beach
    • Chocolate or Vanilla
    • Heels or Flats
    • Coffee drinker or Loves her tea
    • Watch a movie or Read the book
    • Salty or Sweet
    • Brand new or Vintage/used
    • Country living or City life
    • Glass of wine or Bottle of beer
    • Jeans or Yoga pants
    • Facebook or Instagram
    • Mexican or Italian
    • Dressed in black or Bright and colorful
    • Grocery store or Farmers market
    • Target or Walmart
    • Coke or Pepsi
    • Scary movie or Romantic comedy
    • Party animal or Designated driver
    • Night club or Netflix and chill

    There are downloadable game card options that let you personalize your answers. You can find those on this page.

    Tips for more game interaction during bridal showers:

    • Have fun prizes! You only have one bridal shower, so make it fun! Get some really thoughtful prizes for your guests and they will want to play every game that is offered.
    • Play music at your party. It doesn’t have to be loud. Having some favorite tunes of the bride-to-be playing in the background can really make a difference.
    • Know your audience. Choose games that fit the personality of the bride and the other guests.

    Some other names that Would She Rather is sometimes called (It’s all the same game):

    • What Would She Rather?
    • What Would the Bride Choose?
    • What Would the Bride Rather Do?

    Would He Bridal Shower Game

    Another variation of this popular game is asking the groom-to-be the same questions (or a different set of questions) and seeing how well the bride-to-be and the other guests can do.

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